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Alan Blay
6 Thames Trading Estate,
Woodrow Way
M44 6BP
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09:00 am-05:00 pm
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09:00 am-05:00 pm

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About Floortech Industries UK Ltd

Super Clean, Pinhole Free, Resin Flooring
As a trusted provider to the food and drink sector, FloorTech® offers the most hygienic flooring solution available in the UK, with clients such as Hilton Foods, Cranswick, Pepsico, Danone and Morrisons. Our patented one-hour cure time formula offers the fastest possible installation, minimising production and business downtime.

Resin Flooring Solutions
For industries that require super-clean, low-maintenance and long-lasting floors. Across the UK, industries such as food and drink, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and healthcare are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs whilst ensuring their facilities are up-to-date with the latest health and safety standards, such as BRC, HSA and FSAI.

For the past 30 years, FloorTech® has worked closely with industry to develop and provide a patented super-durable flooring system, Trazcon®, which is 100% pinhole-free, extremely hygienic and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.

What’s Truly Unique About A Floortech® Resin Floor?
  • 100% Pinhole-Free:
    A seamless finish for an impenetrable surface, zero pinholes for bacteria or dirt build up. Independent tests have verified that FloorTech® floors are 98% cleaner than standard PU floors.

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:
    The toughest and longest-lasting flooring solution available. No costly replacements, we simply refurbish the flooring when needed.

  • Super-Fast 1 Hour Cure Time:
    Our patented Trazcon® formula has the fastest possible installation, minimising production and business downtime.
Industrial Resin Flooring
Trazcon® Décor delivers the heavy-duty, high-performance flooring required for industrial environments across the UK. Noted for its longevity, ease of maintenance, and hygienic qualities, it’s the market leader in fit-for-purpose industrial flooring.

Trazcon® Décor is the number-one choice for top food and beverage processing facilities in the UK because its performance is outstanding, exceeding BRC global requirements and meeting all relevant certification standards, such as food conformity and slip resistance.

Commercial Flooring Systems
Trazcon® RS is the UK’s most durable commercial resin flooring solution, specifically engineered to deliver a rich, bright, long-lasting finish. Our commercial-flooring solution gives you complete freedom to implement your own designs, with endless options in colours, design, graphics and patterns.

Trazcon® RS floors are tough, durable, safe, hygienic, attractive, seamless and easy to clean. For commercial floors that have to support high-traffic volumes without compromise on visual appeal, there’s no better solution.

Anti-Static Flooring Systems
Trazcon® Anti-Static systems are a PMMA-based static dissipative floor finish which offer electrical resistance of 1×106Ω < RE < 1×108Ω.

Conventional anti-static flooring in the UK is made up of a primer, copper strips, independent wiring and an epoxy coating, which requires seven days for a full chemical cure. Like all our resin systems, the Trazcon® Anti-Static system incorporates an anti-static powder into the seal coat, which gives it a one-hour cure time after installation, so it’s ready for foot and vehicular traffic faster than the competition.

Concrete Sealing Systems
FloorTech® offer a range of low viscosity primers, which help protect your substrate from absorbing contaminants such as oils, fluids and lubricants.

Trazcon® priming resins achieve superb substrate penetration, which acts as a permanent sealant. Our resins are typically used for keeping dust down and maintaining a more hygienic finish in UK warehousing, garages and low-care areas.

Wall Coating Systems
With our Trazcon® floor and wall system, environments can be kept sterile and hygienic to the ultimate standard. That’s why it’s the chosen solution for veterinary practices and medical industries in the UK. The defining feature of our floor and wall systems is their ability to create a seamless, closed-pore structure that blocks bacteria. Trazcon® is deemed ‘microscopically clean’ by independent auditors and UK industry experts, making it the ideal solution for hygiene-critical environments.

Flood Defensive Systems
FloorTech® developed the Trazcon® “Flood-Proof” Flooring System by incorporating a flexible membrane into our patented Trazcon® RS System. By installing it horizontally and vertically to the required height, you can stop harmful bacteria from penetrating your floor and walls.

Conductive Floors
Conductive Epoxy Coating for high electrically conductive environments. The choice of which type of industrial flooring to use (whether conductive or static dissipative) is generally covered by UK legislation or specified by the owner’s ESD co-ordinator.

Car Park Systems
Tough, tried and tested car-park flooring. Our FloorTech® solution is specifically developed to deal with the thermal stresses experienced outdoors and the toughest weather conditions in the UK. It has a high UV resistance and can be installed in just one hour, thanks to its quick cure time.

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