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Peter Moore
Westfield, Touchstone Close

About FDT Services

FDT Services was established to provide a complete high-quality Fire & Smoke Damper testing and ventilation cleaning service. We aim to deliver a professional & first-class quality service to Hospitals, Schools, Factories, Offices & Commercial Kitchens.

With strict testing and cleaning requirements now required by law, FDT Services can be of service to all sizes of organisations. From the smallest restaurants to major UK businesses, we can clean, refurbish and maintain all types of fire dampers and ventilation extract systems.

Fire and Smoke Damper Testing & Inspection

Is Fire Damper Testing required?
Yes:- Fire dampers are installed to prevent the spread of fire through the ductwork from one area of a building into another. Maintenance and testing of fore dampers essential to ensure correct operation of the fire dampers are functioning correctly with no faults.

Our service includes:
  • 1. Full written electronic reports for log book records - Includes notification of all faults
  • 2. Complete inspection of fire damper with photographic evidence
  • 3. Visual inspection of surrounding area of ductwork for cleansiness
  • 4. Damper locactions on customer drawings
  • 5. Fire damper replacement and installation service
  • 6. Full asset checking and location identification
FDT Services
Technicians are fully trained who can provide a professional service, supported with full compliance documentation. Including photographic evidence before and after. We can also, remove and install new dampers as required. Regular maintenance is important to ensure fire dampers will operate correctly in a fire situation.

Ductwork Cleaning

Why Should we clean ductwork?
Ductwork in all shapes and sizes is used to ventilate and condition numerous types of premises such as hospitals, offices, cinemas, kitchens and museums. Almost always the ductwork is hidden from view and the accumulation of debris is not apparent. If left this debris may propagate unwanted allergens or provide a breeding/feeding ground for insects and vermin. This can seriously effect staff productivity and pose a health risk to visitors and customers.

To address these problems access must be gained to the system. Even though current ductwork specifications, DW 144, call for access doors at pre-determined locations and distances it is likely that additional doors will be required to clean the ductwork to H.V.C.A. TR19, HTM03-1 & C.I.B.S.E. TM26 standards. Once access is gained a variety of techniques can be used to dislodge debris from the internal surfaces of the ductwork prior to vacuum removal. Most common, in ductwork up to 800mm diameter, is the rotary brush system, which can be worked at long distances and orientated around bends. This reduces access door requirements to a minimum.

Kitchen extract cleaning
A regular maintenance schedule of the Kitchen canopy, filters and ductwork and extract fan are important.

It is important to not only to consider the hygiene and continued business considerations, but the legal implications if the system is not cleaned and maintained then the building owner could be guilty of potential legal implications hygiene and continued business considerations there are potential legal implications to consider.

If for example fire investigators found that there were no access doors in the ductwork, making it impossible to clean, then the building owner could be guilty of negligence and face prosecution under the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2009. Whilst the canopies and filters are easily accessible for regular cleaning by catering staff. The ductwork is not always be as easily accessible.

Ventilation Air Quality Risk Assessment
A site survey is the best way to fully understand the project so that all aspects can be taken into consideration.
  • 1. This will enable us to determine the duct type, size and length of the system and any access equipment etc that may be required.
  • 2. We can provide a cost to determine the fire damper locations they are not known. (provided drawings can make this a simple exercise) If not we can reference locations on drawings.
  • 3. Air quality tests can be provided to determine air quality through the supply ductwork. Using the Preferred Vacuum Test (PVT) Dust Vacuum Test.
  • 3a. Air Pump: A high Volume air sampling pump.
  • 3b. Filter media: 37mm mixed cellulose ester (MCE) matched weight filters in three piece cassette.
  • 3c. Filter cassettes are sent to the laboratory for the results.
  • 3d. The laboratory results are assessed to comprise the report to the client. Full details can be discussed at the survey.
  • 4. We can provide quotations for new build from your detailed scaled drawings free of charge.
  • 5. We can print your drawings from your emailed PDF files.

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