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Carl Mannion
Champion Business Park, The Administration Building
Arrowebrook Road
CH49 0AB
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About Better Safety

Our Vision
To supply professional health and safety information, advice and guidance to business throughout England and Wales.

Our Mission
Provide health and safety expert advice and guidance as a trusted business partner to our clients throughout England and Wales.

Our Values
Time | Cost | Quality
We believe in delivering a service on time to support your needs. We believe in delivering a service to meet your budget requirements. We believe that our service should be the same as if you employed a health and safety professional to your company.

Our Service Offer
We support organisations who require a range of occupational health and safety needs. This can be one off accident and incident investigations, to ongoing retained advisor to your business. Even if we cannot help, we will always comb our networks and see if we can find you a suitable organisation to support your needs.

CDM Services
We have four aspects of our service for CDM Services. These are:
  • CDM: Client Advisor
    The role of Client has changed since the introduction of CDM 2015. Many of the duties previously completed by the CDM Co-ordinator now fall under Client duties.

  • CDM Principal Design Advisor
    CDM 2015 introduced the role of Principal Designer, which partly replaces the previous CDM Co-ordinator duties. The Principal Designer is responsible for the planning, monitoring and co-ordination aspects of designing health and safety into a construction project. This includes considerations of the principles of prevention for: Design | Construction | Handover | In use | Demolition.

  • CDM Site Health Safety Advisor
    CDM 2015 has no specific duty for a health and safety advisor. However, this role is often critical in identifying potential hazardous operations and working on site, supporting site workforce with concerns, being proactive in ensuring compliance and helping site management teams to drive safety standards upwards throughout the build.

  • CDM Contractor Support
    Whether it is a review of Risk Assessments and Method Statements, or you need general site safety advice, guidance and support. We can help small builders right through to 1st tier Contractors on major projects. Our experience covers all scopes of work within the construction industry. We can help your construction business to remain compliant and develop your safety management systems to the next level.
Strategic Safety Services
Whether you are experiencing a period of significant growth, planing the sale of the business, looking to reduce your insurance premiums, or simply need an experienced C-level advisor who understands the complexities of running a business from a range of broader perspectives than just health and safety alone: we can help.

Some of the strategic services we offer include:
  • Critical Incident Planning
  • Governance and Risk
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Post-Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Tendering and Procurement Gateway Creation
  • Sickness and Absence Reduction Strategies
Bespoke Training
We are able to provide a range of bespoke training packages for senior leaders to better understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to health and safety. This includes:
  • Construction: CDM Duties of the Client | Duties of the Principal Designer | Duties of the Principal Contractor
  • CITB: Site Safety Plus | SMSTS | SSSTS
  • Safety Leadership: Safety for Directors | Safety for Senior Managers | Safety for Managers
  • Behavioural Safety: Implementing BBS | Learning from BBS | Next steps from BBS
  • Safety Management Systems: Design | Deliver | Audit | Improve
We have delivered bespoke training to C-Managers, senior managers and first line managers all around the world. We do not believe in sheep-dip 'one size fits all' training programmes when you want to truly deliver a safety message to your workforce. Sure, they are useful and can tick a box to say they have been completed.

Competent Person
Small business or just need an additional resource for a specific project? Not only a legal requirement for organisations, but a sensible precaution too. If your business is not yet grown to the point where you need a full time health and safety service, we can fill the gap for you and keep you compliant.

If you have recognised there is additional scope for further competence such as undertaking a construction project in a school, this is exactly where an additional layer of protection can mean the difference between compliance and prosecution, or worse, an accident.

Coaching and Mentoring
We provide this service as a direct result of the work we have completed with C-Managers across the UK and Europe.

Our coaching philosophy is based firmly in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This service is not fixed to health and safety. Rather, this service is aimed at the overall effectiveness of the decision makers in a business who sometimes need a trusted and impartial sounding board.

For more information, please Contact Us!



Do I need a Construction Phase Plan

What is a Construction Phase Plan?

A Construction Phase Plan is a legal document that outlines how you will manage the safety and health of people during the construction phase of a project.

Many people believe that only large design and build projects are required to have a Construction Phase Plan, but this is not true at all.

The complexity of a construction project will determine the level of detail you need to have in this essential and legally required document.

If a sole trader plasterer was to plaster a wall in a domestic property, they would still need a formal Construction Phase Plan. However, this could be a single page of paper without too much technical information.

When should you create your Construction Phase Plan?

The Construction Phase Plan is created before any construction work is carried out. If the project has multiple contractors and is considered large enough, there may be a principal designer who provides another document called “Pre-Construction Information” to the contractor carrying out the construction project.

By setting out the health and safety arrangements and requirements for the project, every worker involved in the development can work together to reach high safety standards and project safety goals.

So, I just need to create it once, right?

The Construction Phase Plan MUST be prepared before any construction work begins on site. However, as important as the Construction Phase Plan is, it’s not a one-off document that can be left aside throughout your development until the project is finished. The Construction Phase Plan needs to be constantly revisited as work progresses and develops, making note of any changes in plans or arrangements.

For larger projects, items to consider such as fire management, traffic and pedestrian segregation or even first aid arrangements may need to change.
For smaller projects this may not always be the case, but the fact you have a Construction Phase Plan in place in the first instance is a good start.

I am the client. Do I have to be involved in the Construction Phase Plan?

As the client, it is typical that you have significant influence on a project. Afterall, you control the finances, project timescales and appointments. You may also have knowledge of any planning restrictions, local services, that you should make available to the contractor.

Prior to the construction phase of the project starting, you must make sure the contractor you have appointed has created the Construction Phase Plan, and that it is sufficient to meet the needs of the project. You may want to bring in an experienced professional to support you with this.

I am the architect / designer. Do I have to be involved in the Construction Phase Plan?

As a designer on the project, you may have critical information that the contractor needs to create an effective Construction Phase Plan. This may include locations of utilities, detailed ground surveys, engineer reports. All of these documents are likely to contain critical information that can influence the management of health and safety on site.
In some circumstances, you may be appointed as the Principal Designer.

This is a specific duty under CDM regulations that require you to provide Pre-Construction Information to the contractor before any construction works commence. You may want to consult with an experienced professional on the duties of a Principal Designer.

I am the contractor. Where can I find an example Construction Phase Plan?

If you are completing only small works such as plastering, plumbing, brickwork for domestic clients (a house that the client lives in as their main residence) then there is a CDM Wizard tool you can download for free here:
Apple devices here
Android devices here
Laptop / Computer here

For more technical projects that require multiple trades and a principal contractor (the single contractor who is responsible for managing health and safety on the project) then you can find specific information here and go to page 77.

If you are unsure you may want to speak with an experienced professional on how to manage site safety as a contractor.

If you would like to know more about managing construction health and safety then please feel free to drop us a line for an informal chat. We are always happy to discuss projects with property developers, facilities managers, architects and contractors.

For more information on the Construction Phase Plan, call 0330 0948 848 (Option 1).
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