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Michael Harland
Victoria Terminal
Albert Road
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About Collett & Sons Ltd

Experts in general transport, and the specialist transport of heavy and abnormal loads, Collett are your global professional partner for specialist logistics, heavy haulage, heavy lift, marine and transport consulting services.

Our extensive knowledge, skill and years of experience allows us to provide bespoke heavy haulage logistics, heavy lift, transport consulting and marine services for the movement of abnormal loads throughout Europe.

Our dedicated heavy transport fleet of trucks, specialist trailers and self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) operate across our strategically placed depots in Halifax, Goole, Grangemouth and Ireland, positioning us perfectly to provide the ideal solution for your project’s requirements.

From single unit projects and one off deliveries to the transport and heavy lift of multiple oversized cargoes, the relocation of machinery or specialist logistics for complete breakbulk contracts, Collett are ideally placed to quickly and efficiently undertake your project.

Heavy Transport & Abnormal Loads, SPMTs, Specialist Logistics and General Haulage

Heavy Lift
Crane Hire & Contract Lift, Engineering & Industrial Services, Jacking & Skidding

Marine Services
Ship's Agency, Port Operation & Stevedoring Services, Vessel Chartering, Barges & Pontoons

Transport Consulting
Route & Site Access Studies, Traffic Management Planning, 2D & 3D Swept Path Analysis

  • Specialist wind turbine component transport

  • Highly Valuable Aerospace and Aviation Cargoes

  • Transformers, Generators and Components

  • Vessels, Tanks & Specialist Structures

  • Steel castings, Forged Steel & Abnormal Loads

  • Construction Developments, Steel Bridges and TBMs

Dust Extraction, Noise Reduction, Air Quality & Cooling Systems

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100 Tonne Gantry from Goole to Gatwick

100 Tonne Gantry from Goole to Gatwick

Busy weekend in Goole as our Mercedes-Benz 8x4 Arocs SLT heads out with a 100 Tonne gantry destined for the M23 Smart Motorway Upgrade Programme.

Motorway Delivery for Mercedes Arocs

This 54.8m long gantry is the second, and the largest, of the four to head out of our Goole Heavy Lift Depot.  Accompanied by our Code of Practice Escort Vehicles, the double bogie trailers set off on the 250 mile trip to the development site.

Scheduled for evening delivery, and with motorway closures in place, the 100 Tonne gantry will be lifted by 500 Tonne mobile crane for installation over the carriageway.

The M23 is a crucial part of the UK strategic road network connecting Crawley and Gatwick Airport to the M25 motorway, routes into London and the rest of the UK. This stage of the project sees the upgrade of an 11 mile stretch of the M23 near Gatwick Airport, between junction 8 and 10, to an all-lane running smart motorway

New state of the Art 8x8 Crane Vehicle

New state of the Art 8x8 Crane Vehicle

Check out our latest addition to the fleet; a new MAN TGS 41.480 8x8 Tractor Unit fitted with a Fassi F1150RA.2.26 115 Tonne/Meter Crane.

Once again, Collett Transport is providing industry leading equipment with an impressive 115 Tonne/Meter crane mounted on an 8x8 tractor unit. The crane features 6 boom extensions, with a lift capacity of 22 Tonnes at 4.15 Meters and 5.62 Tonnes at 15.45 Meters. The lorry loader has a gross vehicle weight of 90 Tonnes and is capable of self-loading and off-loading, eliminating the need for a mobile crane.

As previously mentioned, the tractor unit has an 8x8 chassis which allows all eight wheels to work as driven axles. This provides the lorry loader with added traction making it a perfect piece of equipment for heavy duty site work. The vehicle has the ability to be used as a heavy haulage tractor unit to pull trailers however, it has the additional option to be used as a ballast tractor to push or pull heavy payloads. Crane vehicles have become are a prominent feature across our diverse fleet and with the addition of this 115 Tonne/Meter crane, we continue to provide heavy lift and transport solutions.

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Collett & Sons Ltd General Description

Nationwide Heavy Transport Specialists Bespoke heavy haulage for the UK construction sector Transport and Crane Hire for the construction sector Nationwide
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