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Fireproof Drainage

Why do we need fire insulation in drainage technology?
Within the context of preventive fire insulation, plastic floor drains with vertical outlets are regarded as pipe/ceiling feed-throughs that require sealing off. This is because if a fire breaks out, flames, smoke and heat can spread very quickly via the wastewater pipe and set fire to further floors of a building. The same applies to flat roofs. In this case, the fire can jump to the roof via the roof drains. In order to prevent this, it must be possible to professionally seal all feed-throughs of this type in compliance with the pertinent standards.

Preventative fire insulation
The term for all organisational, construction and technical measures designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of fires. This includes the standard-compliant sealing of pipes and ceiling feed-throughs.

Pipe bushings
Fire insulating elements fitted with a swelling agent ensure that plastic pipes, drainage pipes, floor drains and roof drains are sealed in the event of fire.

Fire resistance class
The fire resistance class of a component provides information on how long it can withstand a fire. The classification is defined in the standards DIN 4102-2 and DIN EN 13501-2. The resistance class must be verified by means of a suitable fire resistance test, which must be performed in accordance with the specifications of the standard DIN 4102 or DIN EN 1363 ff.

Fire insulation for flat roofs
Specially designed fire insulating elements are available for concrete roofs and steel trapezoidal-profiled roofs. However, the basic operating principle is always the same.

Flat roof drainage

Drainage of flat roofs
The drainage of flat roofs is essential to drain off rain water and to protect the roof against moisture damage and warping. Dallmer products are available for flat roofs of solid or lightweight construction and with a single or double-ply membrane. These days, the most common roof structure in Germany is the single-ply, non-ventilated flat roof
(warm roof). This can also be converted to an inverted roof. Unlike a conventional non-ventilated flat roof, in an inverted roof construction the waterproofing is located beneath the thermal insulation. Different countries, different customs: in other countries, such as Switzerland, flat roof drains are often embedded in the concrete surface, while Germany primarily uses lightweight constructions. Technical details of the drainage solutions will always need to be tailored to the particular features of the building. Generally speaking, when dealing with flat roofs, a distinction is made between non-utilised surfaces, i.e. foot traffic only occurs for the purpose of maintenance, and utilised flat roofs, which can withstand the weight and impact of pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic.

The need for flat roof drainage
In order to prevent water accumulation and moisture damage, flat roofs need to be equipped with special drainage systems.

Type of flat roof drainage
Each drainage low point (roof sub-area) is allocated a roof drain and an overflow drain.

Overflow drains
Overflow drains are mandatory and ensure reliable drainage even in the event of extremely heavy rainfall.

Active mechanisms
Methods of flat roof drainage: Gravity drainage
(gravity principle) and siphonic drainage (negative pressure)

Green roofs
Green roofs make a contribution towards climate control and, in cities, offer additional areas that enable the return of water to the natural water cycle.

DIN 1986-100:2016-12
The most important standard for the regulation of roof drainage in Germany.

Our Prodcuts

New Bathroom Landscapes
  • Shower channel systems
  • Shower & bath drains, complete
  • Shower & bath drains, modular system
  • Designer cover plates
  • Shower underlays
  • Drains for natural stone shower trays
  • Aktiv! drainage
  • Fire insulation for floor drains

House and property Interiors
  • Floor drains
  • Shower traps
  • Traps
  • Pipe technology – accessories
  • Air-admittance valves
  • Anti-flooding valves & cellar drains
  • Electronic urinal control

House and property Exterior
  • Floor drains
  • Roof drains
  • Balcony drains
  • Fire insulation systems

BIM – Building Information Modelling

Now available: BIM data for selected products – and we keep expanding our offering. Our data are compatible with ArchiCAD, Revit and IFC.

Three letters that have revolutionised the building industry: BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. BIM represents a new, software-aided method of object planning. BIM itself is not a software, but rather an object-oriented modelling strategy that is implemented using BIM-compatible planning and construction software.

Find your ideal drainage system


Drainage specialist Dallmer unveils its new Individual shower channels

Individual is better – that could be the motto for modern bathroom landscaping. When it comes to level-access showers, the personal requirements and tastes of customers are very wide-ranging – which means a huge range of products is required in order to fulfil everyone's wishes. In response to this growing demand, Dallmer has added two more new flush-in-floor shower channels to its DallFlex system, which means it now offers a total of more than 100 combination options. Its new shower channels for flush-in-floor installation are CeraFloor Individual and CeraFrame Individual. This brings the number of Dallmer shower channels that can be combined with a single drain body to an impressive nine! So when it comes to designing your bathroom, the sky now really is the limit!

Invisible and still aesthetic

CeraFloor Individual is the elegant shower channel for flush-in-floor installation that boasts outstanding design and leading-edge technology. The shower channel comes in a length of 1500 mm and can be shortened to suit the specific shower area. Used in combination with the DallFlex drain body, the system complies with DIN 18534 and, thanks to the removable trap insert, is very easy to clean.

CeraFrame Individual is a compact, short shower channel for flush-in-floor installation. The only thing you can see is a discreet 300 x 50 mm rectangle. The short shower channel is the perfect frame for a minimalist cover plate.

The covers of both shower channels can be individually tiled enabling them to blend harmoniously with the bathroom landscape. As well as the tileable version, these new products are also available in stainless steel and with a matt PVD coating in the colours anthracite, rose gold and brass.
Trendy shower channel family adds highlights with a range of colours

Metal shades are the new trend colours in modern bathrooms. The sanitary ware manufacturer Dallmer has responded to this trend, and supplies its designer shower channels for level-access showers in the colours red-gold, anthracite and brass. Whether CeraFloor, CeraWall, Zentrix or CeraNiveau – all variants of the designer shower channels up to a length of 1200 mm can be finished with the matte PVD coating. This means that the colour of the shower channel can be selected based
on personal taste and preference to match the flooring, blend in with it, or provide a strong contrast. In combination with the DallFlex drain body, this guarantees maximum flexibility for both, visual appearance and positioning in the shower.

A shower channel for every installation
Individuality in bathrooms is in greater demand than ever before. With its seven different designer shower channels, Dallmer has established a remarkable product portfolio that offers an enormous choice of colours, shapes and options for shower channel positioning.
CeraFloor Select is a 6 mm strong shower channel made from stainless steel with milled camber. It is suitable for floor-level installations. In the classical matte or polished stainless steel version, as well as the colours red-gold, anthracite and brass, it creates exciting highlights in sophisticated bathrooms.
CeraWall Select is the most succinct design shower channel. It places a clear emphasis in level-access showers. The new colours facilitate an even stronger focus on the aesthetic drain.
The short shower channels CeraNiveau and Zentrix are impressive with their rectangular covers which are usually positioned in the centre of the shower base. The short channels are equally available in both the matte and polished stainless steel look, as well as the new red-gold, anthracite and brass colours.
The coloured PVD coating adds an attractive optical touch while also enhancing resistance. Thanks to the removable odour trap, all shower channels are extremely easy and quick to clean.
Dallmer launches BIM files

The German manufacturer of shower drainage has expanded its offering by launching BIM data for their DallFlex system and CeraLine product ranges. This revolutionary object-oriented modelling strategy allows architects, specifiers and designers to see a visual 3D representation of their projects from the floor plan to individual sanitary ware objects and includes dimensions, material data, specifications and image files. The data is continuously updated and made simultaneously available to all those involved in the project.
The BIM data is compatible with ArchiCAD, Revit and IFC and can be found on the website of Dallmer and BIMobject.
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