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Mr John Butcher
C P House
Otterspool Way
WD25 8HR

About City Remedial Ltd

City Remedial Limited was set up by John Butcher, and provides over 25 years of experience in the waterproofing, damproofing and timber-preservation industry.

Our surveyors are CSRT and CSSW accredited, offering an excellent service and sensible advice, for the smallest to larger projects.

Our aim is to provide both a comprehensive and bespoke service to our clients. Tailoring for all individual requirements whereever possible, and completing works on time and budget. Most importantly, to the highest standard.

Our core values: innovation – quality – honesty – reliability – and moral values.

We cover London, the Home Counties and the South East.

City Remedial Services

At City Remedial we have great expertise in the following services, with over 25 years' experience.

Basement/cellar waterproofing
Frequently referred to as tanking (more recently referred to as structural waterproofing) can often be one of the biggest and best decisions our clients have ever made.

Converting unused space, whether for commercial or domestic benefit, or creating a healthier environment to work or live in, can also add great value to your property, financially.

Our comprehensive survey of your property will identify and advise upon which method of waterproofing should be utilised, giving the most appropriate solution to your problem. Certain circumstances may dictate both systems being utilised.

Damp Proofing
Rising damp has been a major problem in our homes and properties for numerous years. This has created decorative spoiling to internal surfaces, deterioration of the fabric of the building, health-related problems and unwanted obstacles when trying to sell or buy a property.

A damp proof course is a physical or chemical barrier, generally inserted to the base of foundation walls, designed to prevent ground water from rising up through the masonry of the building through capillary action. Over many years, such damp-proof courses would have deteriorated and become ineffective. In some cases, in particular to much older buildings, damp proof courses were never installed.

Timber preservation
  • Woodworm
  • Fungal Decay
  • Wet Rot
  • Dry Rot

Timber engineering/resin repair
Epoxy resin repairs are frequently used for the repair of structural timbers, such as beam ends, joist ends, wall plates, bressemers, posts and lintels, affected by attack from wood rotting fungi or infestation of wood-boring insect. Use of the system can also be applied for the strengthening/upgrading of structural timbers.

The resin repair system often applies to timbers bedded into damp masonry, and can incorporate the introduction of a timber splice to match existing remaining timbers, or a complete poured epoxy resin grout replacement. Both alternatives involve the introduction of reinforcement bars/connectors, either of steel or carbon fibre, leaving the client with timbers of equal or improved strength.

Condensation solutions
Over the last few decades, the emphasis for property owners has been to conserve energy. As a direct result of which, properties have become vastly improved with varying methods of insulation, leaving the property virtually air tight. The problem this has now brought is that moisture vapour has little means of escaping our properties.

City Remedial’s experienced surveyors will carry out a survey for you to identify the presence of the mould, along with the cause. This will be either the absence of correct ventilation or lifestyle issues or, most commonly, a combination of both. We will then produce a solution to the situation, ranging from:
    1. Removal of the mould utilising anti-fungicidal solutions
    2. Recommending decorative finishes, inclusive of anti-fungicidal paints
    3. Introduction of appropriate ventilation, ranging from venting ducts to mechanical-extractor units and positive-ventilation units
    4. Listing lifestyle issues and the good practices required

Our surveyors from City Remedial are well trained and fully qualified surveyors with a wealth of experience, and CSRT and CSSW accreditations. These are recognised by the PCA (Property Care Association), formerly known as the BWPDA (British Wood Preservation & Damproofing Association), and the BSWA (British Structural Waterproofing Association).

We are pleased to be able to carry out surveys for you on either or all of the following subjects:
  • Basement/Cellar Waterproofing
  • Damproofing
  • Timber Preservation (Wet Rot/Dry Rot/Wood Boring Beetle Infestation)
  • Timber Engineering/Resin Repair
  • Condensation Solutions

Our works are backed up with either our 20 year guarantee for timber and damp-proofing works, or our 10 year guarantee for waterproofing works, all of which can be insurance backed upon request.

For any other questions or enquiries, please contact us!


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Timber Preservation

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