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Mrs Patricia Collins
Suite 8
Great Western House

About Collins Chartered Surveyors

Collins Chartered Surveyors - Who we are
We are a small practice of Chartered Surveyors giving national coverage from our base just outside Taunton in Somerset. The practice has a specialist chartered surveyor offering a professional service but without the restraints or overheads of a larger company.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Chartered Surveyors are the only surveyors entitled to use the designation MRICS. This is only awarded after about 4 years of study and rigorous training. Chartered Surveyors are renowned for their professionalism, honesty and integrity. They are governed by the rules of the RICS.

Our Services
  • We are able to conduct both Asbestos Management Surveys and Refurbishment & Demolition surveys in accordance with the requirements of HSG264 and provide you with a survey report. Our survey reports are unique to our company. We have written our own software which enables us to tailor our report’s to our clients’ needs. The reports are clear concise and jargon free, being written in plain English. All incidences of asbestos containing materials have easy to follow references and risk assessments are colour coded.

  • Once you have your survey report which incorporates the Asbestos Register a Management Plan must be drawn up. We can assist you to fulfil this function by the compilation of Management Plans setting out an appropriate inspection programme of the asbestos containing materials.

  • The Control Of Asbestos Regulations require that the condition of the asbestos containing materials must be reviewed at intervals of no longer than a year. We are able to offer re-inspections to review the condition of asbestos containing materials where they have been identified by an earlier asbestos Management Survey.
We have considerable experience in conducting surveys in a variety of properties including Listed Buildings where professional knowledge of structures is required. Our experience includes complex and varied sites such as airports, hospitals, schools, listed buildings etc.

Working with Asbestos
When working with asbestos materials, they are divided into three categories. The legislation is different for each category.
  • Licensed Materials
  • Notifiable Non-licensed materials
  • Non Notifiable Non Licensed materials
Do you know which is which?

We are able to offer our clients’ appropriate advice on how to deal with any asbestos containing materials found within their buildings.

Residential Property Changes to the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 means that any building contracts and building projects are subject to the regulations, this includes most domestic projects.

Once works are subject to Construction Design Management Regulations it is necessary for a Refurbishment & Demolition Survey to be carried out prior to any commencement of works.

We are able to offer Refurbishment & Demolition surveys for residential properties to comply with these requirements.

Asbestos Management Survey
The purpose of the Management Survey is to enable the duty holder to manage Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) found in a building during the normal occupation and use of it.

A Management Survey aims to ensure that:
  • 1. nobody is harmed by the continuing presence of Asbestos Containing Materials in the premises or equipment;
  • 2. that the Asbestos Containing Materials remain in good condition; and
  • 3. that nobody disturbs it accidentally
The Survey must locate Asbestos Containing Materials that could be damaged or disturbed by normal activities, by foreseeable maintenance, or by installing new equipment. It involves minor intrusion and minor asbestos disturbance to make a Materials Assessment. This shows the ability of Asbestos Containing Materials, if disturbed, to release fibres into the air. It guides the client, for example, in prioritising any remedial work.

Refurbishment / Demolition Survey
The Refurbishment / Demolition survey is required where the premises, or part of it, is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished and is carried out before any works begin. Refurbishment and Demolition surveys are intended to locate all the asbestos in the building (or the relevant part), as far as is reasonably practicable.

A Refurbishment / Demolition survey aims to ensure that:
  • nobody will be harmed by work on Asbestos Containing Material in the premises or equipment;
  • such work will be done by the right contractor in the right way
Refurbishment and Demolition surveys are fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection, as necessary. Therefore, they should only be carried out in specific locations where Refurbishment or Demolition is planned. A Refurbishment and Demolition survey can be conducted in targeted areas of a building can be undertaken in conjunction with a management survey.

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Collins Chartered Surveyors General Description

Asbestos Survey Specialists based in Somerset covering Nationwide asbestos survey services
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