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ProLux Carpet Cleaning

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Mitko Gochev
5 Shepperton Close
England UK

About ProLux Carpet Cleaning

Are you looking for Carpet Cleaning London? Prolux Cleaning is the solution! Based in North London with more than 8 years of experience, ProLux’s professional carpet cleaners cover all London areas, always ready to cope with any kind of carpet whether it's domestic cleaning, commercial or tenancy cleaning!

The Carpet Cleaning London Service is never the same with ProLux’s trained and qualified professional cleaners, our first class equipment and completely harmless and eco-friendly products, affordable pricelist, special discounts and even emergency services!

Every now and then accidents happen leading to spoiled carpet. A lot of people try to remove all types of stains by themselves hoping that they could manage the situation, but unfortunately end up with damaged carpet. Little do they know, however, that each stain is caused by different factors and, respectively, requires the exact deep cleaning solution! This is the point where people should be looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning.


We are cleaning company specialized in Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning! Based in North London, with more than 8 years of hard work, gathering knowledge and experience in the fields of professional cleaning, Prolux has established the most advanced ways of delivering domestic and commercial cleaning services to numerous customers from all over London.

No matter which London area you live in, our cleaning teams are always ready to cope with any kind of a spoiled carpet! You don’t believe that? Just call us and you will instantly get in touch with our competent mobile operators who will be more than happy to answer all your questions – from the smallest details of the cleaning process to helping you get the most suitable slot for you in our schedule.

Our teams of carpet cleaners are completely insured and highly trained. They have successfully completed several carpet cleaning courses which comprise carpet cleaners who follow Code of Practice and are recommended for a wide variety of services in relation with professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and stain protection.

Moreover, the years of hard work and experience has won them plenty of prestigious certificates, recognizing the professional attitude of our carpet cleaners and sustaining them to perform cleaning services with skills, honesty and integrity in order to provide our customers with the highest degree of professionalism possible.


  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Single bedroom
  • Double bedroom
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Lounge (from)
  • Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing
  • Landing (from)
  • Hallway (from)
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Prices
  • £20
  • £25
  • £30
  • £25
  • £30
  • £25
  • £5
  • £10
  • £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m

Our Services

Maintaining a healthy enviroment in your home is one of the most inportant tasks! ProLux Cleaning‘s professional carpet cleaning will relieve you from this obligation from now on! Our well-known steam cleaning is used exactly for that purpose.

ProLux Cleaning‘s innovative technology help‘s our cleaners to maintain the highest level of efficiency in sanitizing and stain removing in the mattress cleaning! And everybody knows that a clean mattress equals a good, healthy sleep each and every night!

Trust professional deep steam cleaning services for your persian, oriental or woolen rugs. We have about 8 years of expierence cleaning rugs. Our prices for professional deep steam cleaning are most affordable on the cleaning market.

We, Prolux Carpet Cleaning in London, are here to help you take care of your elegant living room set. We offer best quality leather sofa cleaning services without the heavy price tag. We want to give you the enjoyment of having nice looking sofa and armchairs without paying a fortune.

ProLux Cleaning London specializes in expert upholstery cleaning. We are one of the most recognizable cleaning companies with thousand satisfied clients due to our exceptional upholstery cleaning procedures! Our expert cleaners use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products when performing upholstery cleaning of any kind.

Maintaining the upholstery of your vehicle is very important, especially in our fast-moving pace of life! This is why our Auto Upholstery Deep Cleaning teams are entirely mobile! We will do the cleaning wherever this might be suitable for you, at the exact time, convenient for you – at home over the weekend, at work, while you‘re at the office…

Prolux Carpet Cleaners provide professional carpet cleaning services in all London areas. The reasons why you have to choose deep steam cleaning method because is proven for removing stains at all kind of carpet materials and keep them in top condition.

Reviews & Testimonials for ProLux Carpet Cleaning

5 star review
December 10, 2019
Had my car interior cleaned. Friendly and accommodating considering I called and changed the booking several times. Cleaner was very friendly and professional and arrived within the timeslot and did a great job. Car smells great and looks super squeaky clean. I'll be following up with the drying advice to get the seats dry. They are damp and not soaking wet so feel the job was done very well. Will edit this if I have any issues after the drying but so far very happy !
Testimonial by
Afra Harwood
5 star review
October 14, 2019
Had a really good cleaning service done today on my mattress.. And carpet in my bedroom. All stains were gone and I am very happy.. Ivo did a brilliant job! Thank you so much
Testimonial by
Lisa Sheppard
5 star review
September 02, 2019
Krasen cleaned my leather sofa today and was excellent. Thoroughly explained what was possible at the start, and managed my expectations in terms of what finish I could expect for the type of leather I have. Very friendly, professional and fun to chat to. Great guy and great service
Testimonial by
5 star review
September 01, 2019
Ivo has cleaned our carpets this morning and they have come up sparkling clean. There were marks from foot traffic which all disappeared. We could highly recommend him to others
Testimonial by
Jessica Penberthy
ProLux Carpet Cleaning. 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.


ProLux - Specialist In Carpet Cleaning

ProLux Cleaning has been on the cleaning market for over a decade now and has become one of the most trusted and recognisable cleaning companies in London!

Over the years we have mastered the craft of carpet cleaning and we would like to introduce our services to more and more people who are willing to have their carpets at home cleaned! With a team of mobilized technicians we cover all London areas and partially outside as well. Our machines are commercial ones, quite big and powerful, and are able to extract all the dirt, germs and bacteria that's accumulated in your carpets over the years.


How it works - the machine sprays hot water deeply inside the actual carpet with high pressure, most of which is extracted immediately after, leaving your carpets sanitized, refresh and very well cleaned! Deep Steam Cleaning is proven to be the No.1 method for removing stains as well, that indeed is one of the main reasons people can in touch with us. In more than 92% of all cases all stains do get removed. The remaining 8% are usually the older ones, which have already discoloured the carpet permanently. Those we leave out to carpet repair companies.

In essence, carpet steam cleaning is one of the ways to bring a new and fresh look to your home without braking the bank. We recommend getting this done every 4-6 months, especially for homes with babies and pets. This is a completely harmless cleaning method, as we are using only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that there is absolutely no hazard to the customer's health. If this sounds intriguing enough to you, and you are based in London, feel free to get in touch and join our family now!

CALL US ON 02033 186 387 OR VISIT
How Leather Should Be Cleaned

How Leather Should Be Cleaned

An innovative way of treating and cleaning leather items

As of late 2019, ProLux Cleaning has perfected how leather should treated and cleaned. Each and every one of our mobilized technicians is now equipped with special leather cleaning machines and cleaning solutions!
What’s the process?

First, of course, your leather items will be hoovered to make sure no dust or other particles stay onto the leather once the actual cleaning begins. To be able to clean the leather more deeply, a small and portable steam machine can be used by the recommendation of the technician in order to open op the leather’s pores. Once that is done, the technician will have a choice – to clean the items by hand or with a leather brush machine. The machine is used mostly when some stains are just too stubborn to come out from the traditional hand cleaning method. Most of the time however, cleaning it by hand does get us the perfect results that we’re aiming for. In addition to the ProChem cleaning products that we use, we recently discovered a new special leather cleaning solution which helps us achieve even better results! It replaces any unwanted smells with that traditional leather scent and is completely harmless and eco-friendly!
Restoring the leather back to life

Two types off conditioners will be applied by our technician – crème and oil. They will prolong the leather’s life and restore the item’s original look. Overall, the leather will be left more durable, shiny and elastic! Why waste a ton of a money on a new sofa, when there’s way more affordable options at hand – get in touch with us and get your free quote now 02033 186 387!
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