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ADR-Amison Dispute Resolutions Ltd

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01455 819 771
Amy Amison
The Paddocks
Wolvey Lodge Business Park, Cloudesley Bush Lane
LE10 3HB
England UK

About ADR-Amison Dispute Resolutions Ltd

Construction Adjudication | Dispute Avoidance in Construction | Pay Less Notice Advice
Amison Dispute Resolutions are construction law specialists that offer personal advice on how to manage and resolve a wide array of different disputes. We offer advice based on our skills, knowledge and experience within the industry and work alongside you in order to learn how dispute avoidance in construction is achieved by designing easy to follow procedure for your guidance.

Our core company principle at ADR aims to provide the best benefits we can to each and every clients individual needs and personal requirements. We are immensely flexible and will tailor our service to suit you regardless of how small or large the dispute may be. There is no one size fits all solution with us – we adapt to satisfy your needs and deliver the help you need to both avoid and resolve. Our specialist construction law dispute resolution services aim to provide adjudication process. We are able to provide a comprehensive dispute resolution solution or can offer help with specific areas to suit your needs and budget.

Construction Adjudication is a ‘dispute resolution process’ that is available to resolve disputes effectively on an interim basis. The process for construction adjudication requires a third party adjudicator to be appointed to oversee the process. Adjudication is appropriate for resolving a number of claims such as interim payments, delay and disruption of the works and breach of any contract.


Here at Amison Dispute Resolutions, we help our clients not only to manage and resolve disputes that have arisen, but also where possible to avoid them.

We can help with this in a number of ways. We work with each of our clients to look at their in-house procedures, the way they manage the contract from tender stage and risk assessing the terms that they are being asked to sign and advising on the impact of such terms, the ongoing management of the contract right to the end of a project and more often than not, beyond practical completion, agreement of final account and throughout the defects liability period.

  • Traffic Light Risk Assessment
  • Key areas with discussions and negotiations with Main Contractor
  • Full contract assessment
  • An Assessment on a contract setting out which clauses to be aware of, what they mean to you, particularly if they can be costly, what the risks are and what to do about those risks.

Risk Assessment of Warranties

Monthly Retainer personalized to our client’s needs
This is a service to provide day to day assistance with issues and enquiries. This service includes pre-contract advice and contract queries. The time spent on each issue will be capped at ½ hour. If further work is required, this will be quoted for before work is carried out.

  • Full Day
  • Half Day
  • Days to be spent in the office to assist with procedures and advice

  • Full Day
  • Half Day
  • Training programme as agreed to suit.

Whilst we work with our client to avoid disputes, sometimes they arise and our client’s appreciate the help to resolve them.

An alternative to litigation which is more formal than adjudication, but more flexible than court proceedings.

This involves the appointment of an expert who is familiar with the technical issues in a dispute. He is jointly instructed by the parties to determine the dispute between them. This is usually on the basis of written submissions only. The Decision is legally binding on the parties. The process is very informal and is usually a lot cheaper and quicker than other forms of litigation.

This is a non-binding process in which an independent third party, appointed by the parties, gives an independent assessment of the merits of the claim. There is no power to impose a settlement on the parties, however, the evaluation can often promote settlement discussions.

This process involves the appointment of an independent third party who assist the parties with negotiating their own settlement. The process is private and confidential and any settlement agreed as a result of the mediation will be binding on the parties. Mediation is widely used by the construction industry to resolve construction disputes.

Other methods of resolving disputes include without prejudice negotiations which can take place either at a meeting or by correspondence. ADR. Many of our clients find that our assistance at meetings has been valuable in finalising disputes that have been ongoing for some time.

The Protocol applies to all construction and engineering disputes (including professional negligence claims against architects, engineers and quantity surveyors) that are heading towards litigation.

If you have any other Questions or Enquiries please Contact Us!

ADR-Amison Dispute Resolutions Ltd General Description

ADR are construction legal consultants who specialise in assisting Subcontractors to not only resolve disputes, but avoid them, and increase their profitability with simple changes
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ADR-Amison Dispute Resolutions Ltd
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