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Brad Evans
20 Wentloog Road

About Master Trees Cardiff

We are Cardiff based Tree Surgeons, offering Tree Surgery & Hedge services at competitive prices. Master trees is a family run company available for residential and commercial tree care, we offer all aspects of tree surgery. We pride ourselves on a Professional, Prompt, Reliable service for all types tree and hedge work within Cardiff and surrounding areas.

From ongoing tree maintenance including tree thinning, pruning and hedge cutting to complete tree removal and site clearance, we guarantee you a first class result every single time. Safety is of paramount importance to person and property, as tree surgery can present numerous dangers. We plan your work, assessing all potential risks, in order to ensure that hazards are minimised and pride ourselves on our excellent Health and Safety record.

Tree Surgery
Master Trees Cardiff provide highly skilled qualified tree surgeons throughout Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and the Vale for all aspects of tree surgery. You may require permission from your local authority, if the trees have a tpo (tree preservation order) Master Trees Cardiff can provide you with help, advice and information on all aspects of tree surgery where necessary.
  • Crown Reduction
    Reduction in the length of branches specified in meters applying to both the height and width of the canopy reducing the overall size of the tree, whilst retaining an aesthetically pleasing shape.

  • Crown Thinning
    Removing selected branches throughout the canopy area to reduce the overall density of the trees crown area. The aim of works is to increase dappled sunlight through the canopy of the tree.

  • Crown Lifting
    Crown lifting is the selective removal of the lower branches of a trees crown to increase the distance between the base of the canopy and ground level. Allowing more light through and preventing obstructions.
  • Dangerous Trees
    24/7 Removal of dangerous trees available. This can be done with the use of a platform if the tree is too dangerous to climb. Lowering techniques are often used to dismantle the tree branch by branch.

  • Tree Felling
    We specialise in safe tree dismantling and removal when necessary and come equipt with the correct tools to allow us to do this type of job even in complicated spaces and close to buildings.

  • Tree Pollarding
    Pollarding has evolved from the ancient practice of Coppicing where by trees were routinely cut down to ground level so that they would re-shoot, this is a form of farming trees and is still widely practiced
Hedge Cutting
Master Trees Cardiff provide highly skilled qualified tree surgeons throughout Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and the Vale for all aspects of hedge care. Hedges can be difficult to keep under control yourself. Keep your hedges looking neat and tidy with a regular cut. Ideally twice a year without the summer period. We have a very good reputation for working to high standards in order to maintain the shape and quality of every hedge. Many of our clients ask us to return each year.
  • Trimming
    Most hedges are trimmed regularly to keep them under control. Time of year, amount trimmed and visual impact are all aspects which we take into account, leaving your hedges healthy & pleasing to the eye.

  • Reduction
    Hedges can quickly get too tall for their location, resulting in loss of light, space and sometimes neighbourly disputes. We can reduce the height of any type of hedge, making it more manageable & looking great.

  • Hedge removal
    In some circumstances you might want complete removal of a hedge due to overgrowth, space issues or even to replaces it with a maintenance free option such as a fence or wall.
Stump Grinding
Master Trees Cardiff provide highly skilled qualified tree surgeons throughout Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and the Vale for all aspects of stump removal.

we understand that tree stumps can be and eyesore and also a danger to health and safety, so we endeavor to remove the stump quickly and efficiently with the least possible disruption to your business or lifestyle.
  • Stump Removal
    When a tree has been felled we can remove the stump completely or simply treat it to prevent regrowth. Small tree stumps can be removed easily by hand tools is a process referred to as ‘grubbing out’. Larger tree stumps and their roots can be more tricky and we will occasionally get a mechanical digger in to grub out roots and regrade areas as necessary.

  • Stump Grinding
    Stumps of any size and in any location can be removed. We are expertly equipped with a range of stump grinders varying from large machines that can quickly grind even the largest stump, to compact models suitable for access through a house or narrow gate. The stump grinder carves the stump up into woodchips which are used to backfill the resulting hole, and left to rot down.


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