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MSP Coatings Limited

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Unit 10 Kilkerrin Park
Liosban Industrial Estate
Tuam Road
H91 E2V6

About MSP Coatings Limited

FlexiStop, a liquid silicone one-part, two-coat system applied directly by brush or roller to almost all known roofing substrates, old or new. Cures quickly to form a seamless membrane, remaining supple and pliable between -60C & +200C: there is NOTHING European weather can do to it.

  • UV resistant; Fire Resistant; Vapour-permeable; Potable water friendly
  • Properly applied, FlexiStop is guaranteed leak-free for 35 years on Felt, Asphalt, Concrete, Asbestos, Timber, Slates & Tiles, Metals (all), on flat, sloped or vertical surfaces. Is suitable for tanking, roofing and tank bunding, ideal for tanking leaking balconies.

WeatherStop, a low viscosity silicone sealant prevents water penetrating porous brick, stone or concrete structures. Encapsulates asbestos fibres. Applied by airless spray, brush or roller.

GraffStop, anti-graffiti coating allows aerosol spray paint, permanent ink-marker, fly-posters etc., to be safely washed away without damaging the treated surface or removing the protective coating! GraffStop is “non-sacrificial”, unlike most anti-graffiti products that are removed during the cleaning process and have to be recoated each time. One treatment of GraffStop lasts for years!

"We are happy to recommend the products supplied, and the professionalism of the workforce at Multishield Protection." - Martin Keane, Proprietor, Blooms Hotel, Dublin 2.
"We have since had two of the worst areas resurfaced by Multishield Protection, using FlexiStop, with resounding success. We have further work to do on the roof and we will definitely be using Multishield Protection to do this work." Orla McKenna, The Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan.



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