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Unit 1, Martello Enterprise Centre
Courtwick Lane
West Sussex
BN17 7PA

About SafeSite Facilities

Since the company was founded in 2009, SafeSite Facilities has become an industry leader when it comes to making construction sites, event venues, highways and vacant properties safe and secure while protecting the public from harm.

We specialise in selling and hiring out purpose built barriers, fencing, and hoarding to fulfil a wide range of safety and security uses such as traffic management, perimeter security, worker and pedestrian safety.

We also offer construction site protection services such as security personnel, guard dogs, state of the art CCTV and alarms. Security cameras not only act as a visible deterrent they also capture vital evidence that may be used in the event of a police investigation. Our rapid deployment CCTV towers (RDTs) are a flexible option, particularly for sites that have no mains power. With a battery life of up to 21 days, the RDTs can be used on any site for full angled coverage. They also come equipped with an audio PA system so you can broadcast a warning message to possible intruders, as well as being able to communicate with your site staff. Our monitored alarms and CCTV systems are linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre where trained operators will monitor your site for any signs of trespass and notify you or the local police, if it is deemed necessary, immediately.

Speed ramps, anti-slip walkways, ground protection and mobile lighting towers are also available to buy or hire.

With SafeSite Facilities you’re not just getting the product we also have an experienced helpdesk and location crew who coordinate delivery and installation across the UK. We have gained accreditations from many of the major Health & Safety governing bodies so you can rest assured that your needs are in safe hands.

From start to finish you have an experienced team behind you who care about your workforce, your customers and the environment we live in. We source timber for our hoardings from sustainable sources and our concrete and water filled barriers are manufactured from recycled materials here in the UK.

We’ve built up a great reputation over the years so when you contact us we’ll make sure you have all safety and security options covered. Don’t just take our word for it, read our customers reviews online. Call or email us today for a free, no obligation competitive quotation.

See reviews at our Trustpilot page.


How to protect your site from the crumbling RAAC concrete

The nation often takes the safety and security of its buildings for granted, but the recent revelation about deteriorating RAAC concrete has brought concerns about unsafe structures into the national spotlight.

The Problem: Nearly 150 schools have been identified as having potentially hazardous RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) used in their construction, leading to disruptions, closures, and chaos just as the new school term begins. RAAC, popular for its lightweight properties and cost-effectiveness in older construction projects since the 1960s, has now been phased out in favor of more conventional concrete types like Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), High-Strength Concrete (HSC), and Ready-mix concrete.

Essex and Kent have been most affected, with 40% of the problematic schools located in these counties. Addressing the issue requires not only safeguarding the structural integrity but also securing the exterior to protect students and the public.

How SafeSite Facilities Can Help: SafeSite Facilities offers a range of products tailored for such scenarios.

Acrow Props: Acrow props, also known as adjustable steel props or post shores, serve as temporary support structures essential in construction and building maintenance. They provide vertical support to ceilings, walls, beams, and other structural elements, ensuring site safety and stability. Our acrow props are fully compliant with European BS4074 regulations and feature telescopic designs for height adjustments, making them suitable for various applications, such as:
Supporting beams and concrete during falsework
Lateral bracing for walls, columns, ceilings, and stairs
Temporary support for repairs, lintels, and canopies
Fencing and Hoarding: It's not just the interior of the building that poses risks; concerned parents and family members may inadvertently put themselves in danger by approaching damaged areas. SafeSite Facilities offers anti-climb temporary fencing to direct pedestrians away from hazards. Vehicle and pedestrian gates can be integrated into the fence line for access control. Steel hoarding can also be quickly deployed to shield a damaged building during repairs.
Water-Filled Barriers: In busy areas like schools and public spaces with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic, deploying water-filled barriers is an effective option for site security. These barriers, including the RB22, our most popular choice for this type of product, can be quickly assembled and feature optional mesh panels for added security. The GB2 heavy-duty barrier and Bison series provide robust solutions, with wind resistance and impact resilience capabilities.
The GB2 heavy duty barrier is the most cost-effective water filled barrier on the market. It can be used for quickly marking out extended areas on a construction site. Similarly, SafeSite’s Bison series of products can be used to provide a heavy duty and impenetrable presence on a site. This large barrier weighs 350kg when full and is also wind tested up to 75mph. As ever with our entire water filled range, added extras can be attached in the form of hoarding panels and both a vehicle gate and a pedestrian gate.
The Solution:

The concrete has also been discovered at two of the capital’s major airports with buildings at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports reporting traces of the substance.

Heathrow said it was taking “remedial steps” to mitigate any safety risk, while Gatwick said it was constantly monitoring affected areas. Both airports said passenger safety and flight operations would not be affected by the building materials.

In summary, when facing hazardous situations like deteriorating RAAC concrete, companies like SafeSite Facilities offer a wide range of solutions to enhance construction site safety. Contact our sales team today to explore these options and make your construction projects safer.
Safety barriers: everything you need for protection

There is nothing more important than security and SafeSite’s safety barriers provide that for companies across the UK. Using our barriers, you will achieve a safe environment whether you need to control the flow of people, vehicles, or even water.

Security barriers are a familiar and widely used feature of best practice in the workplace, promoted in safety training and, above all, essential to the effective and safe application of laws and regulations.

The fact is you can't afford to skip buying safety barriers. When you do use them, you must use industry-recognised, tried and tested equipment. Failure to deploy barriers or the use of inadequate units can, in some scenarios, lead to a devastating loss of human life.

SafeSite supplies a comprehensive range of high-performance barriers in order to safely and reliably control the movement of people and vehicles and to prevent flooding. Market leading organisations across the UK rely on our barriers because they are proven, user-friendly and effective in keeping everyone safe.

Where can I buy the best road safety barriers in the UK?

To prevent vehicles from colliding with people and obstacles, use road barriers. UK tested, these interlocking barriers are commonly used to protect workers on construction sites from potential injury caused by vehicles and equipment.
The options that you have available to you for highway works or race track safety are as follows:

- Concrete Jersey barriers are an excellent means of controlling vehicular flow. You'll see these systems used extensively in car parks and to keep construction and road maintenance staff safe. We will handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We will suggest the right size and weight for your project and deliver the items to site – wherever you are in the UK.

- Steel barriers are great for enclosing excavations and directing vehicles around hazards or pedestrian walkways. These strong, versatile barriers can be used in conjunction with mesh fence panels and offer vehicle roll-on-roll-off stability. The options we have available (which are all crash tested are as follows:

Bull Barrier – crash and wind tunnel tested and can be used with steel mesh fencing.
Mass Barrier – a crash tested and can be used with mesh fencing.

Our water-filled safety barriers are high-visibility protective barriers that provide safety for pedestrians and construction personnel. Once filled with water these barriers form a tough and durable protection that is fast and straightforward to assemble. Better yet, you can increase the overall height of the system with the addition of fence panels. Plus, when these units are emptied, they’re light enough to easily re-arrange, transport and store. The water-filled barriers which are ideally suited to road safety are as follows:
- Evo 80 Road Barrier
- Evo 55 Road Barrier - can also be used with fence and gate.
- RB1000 – perfect for indoor and outdoor racetracks.
- Bison Barrier – can also be used with soli hoard, mesh or promotional panel
- Bison 800 Barrier – can also be used with steel hoarding.

Buy the best crowd safety barriers

Pedestrian barriers - seen across the United Kingdom - are one for the crowd. These popular barriers provide a cost-effective and portable safety measure for use when many people are expected to congregate.

They can control the direction and flow of pedestrians and ensure smooth crowd management at public functions. These barriers also offer secure vehicle entry points and keep people clear of prohibited areas. Pedestrian barriers are simple to disassemble, pack and convey to the next location.

Pedestrian barriers are built for effectiveness and durability. Acclaimed Smartweld technology guarantees a solid and robust structure that conforms to industry specifications for safety barriers in the UK. They feature a rigid base to provide stability and balance, plus a versatile interlocking mechanism.

Concord or cycle barriers are popular for use in conjunction with event signage and materials. The barrier offers a standalone, strong yet lightweight means of crowd protection that interlocks; additional safety is provided by its angled design. They can be quickly installed and offer the option for sponsorship or brand advertising.

Centipede and Turtlegate barriers offer a speedy way to section of areas of a site or location. These are a strong and study design that can be used on a myriad of sites and surfaces.
The barriers’ highly attractive feature is their size in storage, they collapse down to a fraction of the size and come in a range of colours and sizes. Search: 'SafeSite Facilities - expandable barriers' to learn more.

Safe Site Facilities donates the equivalent of £3,000 in food and monetary donations to local food banks

Each year the teams at Safe Site Facilities nominate a Charity to receive a donation from the business. This year, colleagues from across the business chose food banks to receive the funds. The Northern (Gretna) and Southern teams (Littlehampton and Rustington) dropped off essential items to foodbanks in Carlisle and Littlehampton and as well as donating £400 to Worthing Food Foundation and £2000 to the Trussell Trust.

More than 14 million people are living in poverty in the UK – including 4.5 million children. There are over 1,200 Trussell Trust food banks in the UK, and they provide nutritionally-balanced food to people in crisis. They also offer support to help people resolve the crises they face.

Unfortunately, the number of people accessing food banks is rising. In 2020 the Trussell Trust provided 1.9 million food supplies to those in crisis – a 18% increase on the year before. Post-pandemic numbers continue to increase and many of the food banks were overwhelmed by demand over the festive period. The Warwick Food Bank was so overwhelmed with donations that they asked the company to replenish their supplies mid-January instead.

Marketing Manager, Alex O’Loughlin was one of the Littlehampton-based employees involved in delivering the food, she said of the experience: “We were really impressed by the staff at the Food Bank, it was a pleasure to meet them and hear about all the important work they do – over and above providing food to those in need.

Safe Site Facilities have a history of being in involved in numerous charitable initiatives including sponsoring Ferring FCs under 23s team. We plan to continue working with the food banks local to our branches in Littlehampton, Carlisle, and Gretna throughout the year – in addition to other charitable initiatives.”

Safe Site Facilities provide road, rail, aviation, and construction site safety solutions. Having first been formed in 2009 the company have a huge amount of knowledge and experience and pride themselves on their solution-based approach to your safety needs. Call 0800 012 5352 to learn more.

You can find out more about the impact of the Trussell Trust, and their work during the pandemic here.
SafeSite Facilities set for major expansion

Safe Site Facilities has launched plans for significant expansion as a report says 250,000 new construction workers are needed in the next three years.

This increasing number of construction workers is anticipated to translate into greater demand for Safe Site Facilities' products that ensure site safety and security.

Industry leader

The company is already a leader in its sector, operating across the UK and beyond in site security and people safety products, such as fencing and traffic management barriers.

Safe Site Facilities continues to specialise in providing safe, secure and high-quality solutions for site protection, installing fencing for security, mobile CCTV, and alarm products designed to safeguard construction industry workers and equipment.

For instance, the road barriers and perimeter protection used in the upgrade of the A259 were delivered by Safe Site Facilities - just one of the hundreds of successful projects completed by the company in its short history.

The new expansion represents the latest phase in the company's impressive growth, having seen a significant increase in operations and staff since its foundation in 2009 as a small family-run business.

Ideally located

Although expansion has created satellite operations throughout Britain, the business maintains its headquarters in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

It's the perfect place for the company's base, says Managing Director Michael Knibbs:

"The proximity to established motorways and trunk roads means that Littlehampton is the ideal location for our headquarters.

"The local council have invested heavily in Littlehampton’s town centre and that, coupled with new residential developments and improvements to the A259 and A27, really supports businesses mobilised to thrive.

"Also, it’s a great place to live and work because of our location on the south coast and proximity to beautiful countryside including the South Downs National Park.”

Key founding values

SafeSite Facilities was founded with a commitment to world-class products, high customer satisfaction, and superb staff training.

Whilst growth is welcome for the organisation, it is also essential that it remains committed to these core principles, says Michael Knibbs:

"Our vision was to become a supplier of choice, where businesses could approach us with the problem, and we identify, supply, and fit the right solution. This fast-paced environment is where vital decisions are made swiftly, with safety paramount.

"Our ‘innovation-first’ approach has meant that our catalogue of products and services has expanded exponentially, to the extent that it's a challenge adding it all to the website fast enough."

Giving back

As the business steadily thrives, it continues to give back to the wider community. For example, SafeSite Facilities sponsors a local football team - Ferring FC U18s - who have been equipped with new shirts for their latest campaign.

Integral to the company's commitment to community responsibility is its proactive effort to create employment and stimulate the economy.

According to a recent Construction Skills Network (CSN) publication, over a quarter of a million new building site personnel are needed by 2026. The South East - where Safe Site Facilities is headquartered - is one of Britain's top five areas for projected economic growth.

The company is actively recruiting for new roles that deliver rewarding and engaging employment, explains Matt Haddon, HR and Development Manager:

"We are expanding our teams across the United Kingdom. We must recruit individuals who exemplify our values, including sustainability, innovation and excellence. We offer traineeships for new starters and are investigating other schemes to attract and retain the highest calibre people for our team.

“Of course, we look forward to our continued involvement in the community, getting involved in local causes and charities where we can. We don’t believe that our duty as a business stops at the office door.”

Qualified to grow

The business boasts numerous professional accreditations, including ISO14001 and a FORS Gold Fleet award. It also has several major residential and commercial clients, each of whom shares its goals for sustainability, responsible construction and social accountability.

Safe Site Facilities will never rest on its laurels, and this latest wave of expansion shows it. The company looks forward to welcoming new staff, the continual training of current personnel, and meeting new clients for excellent business relationships.

If you would like to learn more about opportunities at Safe Site Facilities or have a problem they can solve, visit:


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