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Marcin Wickowski
SW14 7JT

About Capital Holz100

What is Holz100?

“Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

Holz100 is a technology of construction, employing the use of prefabricated solid wood elements of the highest quality. Developed in Austria in the late 20th century, it has slowly gained a reputation as an eco-friendly, natural and sustainable construction material for the past 25 years.

Initially faced with scepticism from the industry, Holz100 structures have proven that traditional woodwork techniques and solid untreated wood are not only as functional as contemporary building solutions, but with the aid of modern analysis techniques, they have been found to be equally as good as - if not better and more effective - many other materials available on the market today.

  • Breathable yet airtight
    Because a Holz100 building components consist of pure wood, there is no necessity for additional vapour barriers. The wood "breathes" by itself and naturally controls the indoor climate, and resolves the issue of unnecessary heat loss.

  • Built to last
    Holz100 houses have stood untouched through numerous earthquakes in Japan and have defied the strongest of storms in Germany's coastal regions. Holz100 houses are even easily habitable after flooding. The resilience of this system opens new and fascinating possibilities for engineering multi-storey buildings in the housing and commercial sectors.

  • Fire safety
    It has been proven that solid wood construction resists flames longer than any other building material. Holz100 walls can be used as fire walls, as they have a very low heat transition factor.

  • Soundproofing
    Living in a noise polluted environment can affect the quality of your sleep. It is now more important than ever to be able to withdraw and relax in a quiet space. Thanks to double layer walls and ceiling and soundproofing, all Holz100 houses far exceeds the current norms. We redefine the standards of soundproofing.

  • Radiation shielding
    Holz100 almost entirely shields against high frequency radiation (e.g. emitted from telecom transmitters), whilst not interfering with the earth's magnetic field.

  • A lower carbon footprint
    In terms of insulation, Holz100 panels are approximately twice as good as solid or glued wood. It is possible to have a large wooden house (where walls are 30-40 cm thick) and still use very little energy. Holz100 houses hold the world record in thermal insulation with a staggering cool down time from 21°C to 0°C in 24 hours. This kind of insulation guarantees minimal heating costs.

  • Planning, assembly and completion time
    Planning is essential, and if done well, it allows for great customisation and high level of prefabrication. Cutting our wiring groves, sockets, windows, doors can be done in your factory. This minimises the amount of work needed to be done on site, and helps save money and time by raising the structure faster. The speed of construction is also a huge benefit in wet and cold climates.

  • How it's made
    Timber boards are layered vertically, horizontally and diagonally into compact assembly parts. Dust-dry beech wood dowels are driven through the layers to connect them. The dowels absorb residual moisture from the layers and swell up to permanently connect with the surrounding wood, just like branches to a tree. These dowels connect all the layers of wood into one massive thick block.

  • Wood harvesting
    Only renewable, FSC and PEFC certified timber, harvested at the right time, is used for Holz100. It is denser, therefore naturally more durable, and in contrast to many other wooden structures, unattractive to pests.

  • Feel good climate - long cooling time
    The mass of Holz100 provides supreme insulation, making your home pleasantly warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer, irrespective of the temperature and humidity changes outside. This natural air conditioning is a result of the walls, ceilings and roof being made of 100% wood. It is your personal retreat.

  • Your home, your health
    A perfect solution for people suffering from allergies thanks to "Moon Wood" anti-fungal qualities and natural reduction in household dust.

  • It is all about wood
    Sustainably harvested solid wood, untouched by chemicals for the best living experience, guaranteeing protection from mould proper ventilation. Our wooden-dowelled cross laminated technology guarantees a home that is warm, healthy and free from construction issues such as air leaks or thermal bridges.

Our mission is to bring tradition and nature back into the development industry in England, and prove that sustainable, solid wood prefabricated houses, fitted with the latest Smart Home technology, are not only good for you and your environment, but is the future of construction.

We are the only company in the UK partnering Thoma Holz100. Ready to develop buildings in a diverse range of architectural styles – bungalow, stand alone houses, extensions and pavilions, low-high rise flats or commercial and public objects – Holz100 is a perfect material for any usage.


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