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Kevin Allison
Clough Mill
Blundells Lane
L35 6ND

About TLD International

TLD International Ltd products have been at the fore front of protecting construction and agricultural plant equipment, for the more than 20 years.

The TLD Range Includes:
  • Tracklock
    A unique patented device designed to immobilise tracked vehicles.
  • Ramlock
    A unique patented device designed to immobilise wheeled vehicles as well as locking digger blades and booms, and any hydraulic cylinder.
  • Trailer Locks
    Tld Trailer locks have been designed to lock all forms of trailers, mobile compressors and generators. These locks all share the TLD design, philosophy, and simplicity of use. The locks are robustly constructed providing security through strength. To compliment these heavy duty security devices we supply van door locks, container locks, and a range of high security padlocks and chains. Advice and after sales support is always available from a member of our staff.

Track Locks
By securing the track of an excavator or other tracked machine the opportunity for the unit to be driven away or winched onto a trailer is minimised. In addition the TLD Track Locks are specifically designed to have a trailer attached to them which makes it almost impossible for the unit to be moved or lifted off site.
The can also be used in conjunction with TLD Security Chains to secure the machine to other equipment or any immovable object such as a lamp post or a telegraph pole.
Both products are supplied with the Key Differ option but Key Alike and Master Key options are available.

A simple , highly effective device which can easily be fitted in less than one minute to the steering ram of virtually any hydraulically steered machine, such as telehandlers, tractors, dumpers etc.
Fitted over a fully extended ram (on full steering lock) it is held in place by a steel retaining pin which is secured using a heavy duty box lock.

Trailer Locks
Compressors and trailers are highly susceptible to theft. The TLD Trailer Locks are highly visible and can be used in conjunction with the TLD range of Security Chains to secure equipment to immovable objects such as telegraph poles or lamp posts, making them extremely difficult to move or lift.
Both products are supplied with the Key Differ option but Key Alike and Master Key options are available.

Security Chains
TLD security chains are made from high quality British Steel, manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standard. They provide excellent value for those seeking maximum security. All TLD security chains are bolt cropper resistant with the larger diameter links providing a higher degree of resistance. With pear end links one end passes through the other.

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Track locks, Ram locks, Trailer locks, Security, Locks and chains.
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