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Dave Mathews
Unit 2 Judge Court
Berry Hill Industrial Estate

About 1st Choice Metals

1st Choice Metals are an independant stockholder and processor of non ferrous metals and plastics, supplying trade, industry and the general public.

We are able to supply the smallest amounts of material as required by model makers and DIY enthusiasts, right through to large quantity orders for major users.

We welcome enquiries for any sizes, section types, or materials (i.e Phosphor Bronze, Copper, Polycarbonate, Perspex etc) that are not currently available on this website as not everything that we stock is listed here, and also through our extensive supplier network we can source most non-stock items for you within 24-48 hours. Please contact us with details of your requirements.

We believe that this flexibility, combined with competitive pricing and excellent customer service makes us the 1st Choice for Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Brass Online.

What Are Our Products Used For?

Aluminium Round Bar / Rod / Square Bar / Flat Bar / Plate
The majority of the above types of section are supplied in Grade 6082T6, which is a good general machining and engineering grade of aluminium. It’s machineability makes it an ideal material for turning, tapping, machining, cutting components such as dies, and tooling for all types of industry including; automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical.

Aluminium Angles / Channels
Aluminium Angles are commonly used as edgings or trims – they can be used to give your project a finished look, e.g covering the void between two adjoining areas of sheeting on a commercial vehicle body or covering a rough or damaged edge on a shelf. They can also be used to protect a vunerable edge from damage – i.e angle can be fixed over the external corners of a plasterboard or painted wall in a busy area – you will often see angle used in this way in Hospitals, Shops, Supermarkets and other venues that are subject to high volumes of foot and trolley traffic.

Aluminium Round Tubes / Square Tubes / Rectangular Tubes / Box Section
The smaller lighter tubes that are supplied in Grade 6063T6 can be formed or bent to create various shapes such as hooks or circles. They can be used as pipework and some sizes can be slid together to create a telescopic pipe. The box sections are often in long lengths on building sites as straight edges and also as screed bars. In addition, because both of the available grades 6063T6 & 6082T6 have good weldability, box sections are commonly used to make frame work for machines, trailers, cages, storage boxes / containers, racking & boats.

Aluminium Sheet
Most of the aluminium sheet that we stock is in grade 1050H14, which is a half hard grade of aluminium. This means that it can be bent / folded / formed with ease. Of course it is also lightweight and therefore is often found in the manufature and restoration of classic & sports cars, off road vehicles, coaches & buses, boats, horse boxes, trailers and architectural applications such as guttering and flashings.

Aluminium 5 bar Tread Plate
Also known as Chequer Plate & Kick Plate, our aluminium treadplate is supplied in grade 5754, and whilst this is still a bendable grade of aluminium it is also slightly stronger than the plain sheet that we have in grade 1050H14.

One of the most common applications for chequer plate is on off road vehicles, such as Land Rovers, Toyotas and other types of 4X4. Due to it’s anti slip qualities, treadplate is also used on fire escapes, stairways, walk ways, as flooring, and as a protective or aesthecic cladding to walls.

Stainless Steel Sheet / kitchen Splashbacks
All of the stainless steel sheet that we stock is in grade 304. This is the best grade for use in damp / wet areas, or for applications where it will come into regular contact with moisture i.e steam in kitchens. There are cheaper grades of stainless steel sheet / splash-backs available, such as grades 430 & 431. Whilst these grades do have their uses, they are magnetic grades and therefore if constantly exposed to moisture, over time they will rust and corrode – this will not happen with grade 304.

Brass Round / Flat Bar
All of the brass that we currently stock is in grade CZ121 – which is the best grade for machining. This makes it a good choice for engineering applications, but due to its colour it is often used to make decorative trims. Other common uses are the manufature of gears, door furniture (handles, letterboxes, knockers), push plates, boat fittings, washers, spacers etc

Acetal Bar
Our copolymer acetal bar is available in a choice of black or white. The acetal has many attributes such as, great chemical resistance, excellent machinability, and it is harder than nylon. This makes it a good all round engineering plastic. It is often used in the manufacture of bearings, spacers, bushes, rings, jigs & fixtures, weighing and packaging machines.


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