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Paul Reilly
6 Harman Avenue
Woodford Green

About RedCopters

Redcopters Ltd provides professional aerial photography services using unmanned drones (also called UAVs). Our multi-rotor helicopters allow Redcopters to shoot stunning aerial photographs and videos for industrial, survey, promotional and media use, at costs much lower than aerial photography from conventional manned aircraft.

Redcopters’ expertise covers not just aerial photography from unmanned aircraft, but also the photographic and film-making skills needed to make best use of these machines. Redcopters was set up to focus on the end result – images, sequences and surveys that capture the key features of the subject. We undertake a very diverse range of photographic assignments, from photographing broken slates on inaccessible roofs, through promotional videos to providing an aerial record of one off events such as festivals.

Aerial Surveying and Roofs by Drone
The building inspection and surveying industries are starting to appreciate the benefits of small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as tool for surveying buildings, especially roofs and other inaccessible locations. Redcopters’ unmanned multi-rotor helicopter provides an alternative to conventional access methods for high or awkward locations, such as towers, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms (MEWPs).

Our drone is licensed to fly in built-up areas, so we can operate across London and most other towns and cities. Used regularly, Redcopter’s’ aircraft can provide monitoring of construction progress and can provide evidence of structural damage for insurance claims or valuations.

Property and Development
It is often difficult to appreciate the full extent or character of a property from ground level, and the cost of aerial photography from conventional aircraft is prohibitive for all but the most high value properties.

This situation has now changed; low cost photography from our small unmanned aircraft makes aerial images and videos affordable for a much wider range of properties. Anything from a quick ‘pop-up’ to take a few photos to a fully edited ‘fly-around’ promotional video for the website is achievable using Redcopters’ technology, giving both estate agents and their clients a new range of options.

Visualization and 3D
Architectural Visualization creates synthesized views of new buildings and their surroundings from computer models, prior to construction, using computer generated imagery. Developers, architects, construction firms and promotional companies, as well as local authorities, have all found the benefits of being able to present exactly what a new building will look like, as well as the views from balconies, roofs or towers.

We also provide a service for 3D modelling, which includes using a set of precision aerial photos as the starting point for creating a 3D model, a point cloud or a virtual landscape.

Advertising and Promotion
An aerial photograph or film provides an eye-catching and unusual view that attracts customers and stands out from the crowd. Tourist attractions, houses, golf courses, offices, facilities and hotels all stand out from the crowd when shown in their surroundings and to their full glory. Aerial photos are also often the best way to inform clients how to get around your site, as well as providing spectacular images for marketing and promotion.

Media and Film
The Redcopters team understands the needs of film-makers, and the demands and constraints under which they work. Our role is to provide the expertise and facilities for aerial footage while working seamlessly with the film maker and their team. The use of small airborne cameras opens up shots that have not previously possible. Not only that, but now a director can see instantly from the ground what is being filmed, thanks to our live video downlink.

Aerial photos of fairs, sports, races, garden weddings and receptions, and other outdoor activities are great records of important events and often provide a promotional tool as well.

We can provide event planners, organisers and participants with a record that shows the entire event, and our shots from the air provide instantly eye-catching and irresistible part of that record. For instance, this video clip shows how Redcopters provided an extra aerial dimension to coverage of the 2013 European Slalom Skateboarding Championships.

Promotional films and Documentaries
Use a promotional film to attract customers to your business! It’s not as expensive as you think. Redcopters staff have over 20 years of film-making experience. We provide a full film-making service (either with or without aerial shots).

We will work with you to plan, shoot and edit your film. After discussing your requirement and vision, we can create a script, conduct the filming, source music, conduct interviews, record voice-overs and deliver a polished and professional film for your website, DVD or any other medium.



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