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Alicja Mzyk
15 Marlow Workshops
Calvert Avenue
E2 7JN
England UK

About The Soundproof Windows

We began with the sole purpose of sourcing the best solutions for those who are plagued by noise pollution. We wanted to find windows that could fit seamlessly into the wonderfully marbled tapestry of English architecture. But at the same time offer modern technology to keep unwanted noise at bay. Combining our collective love of carpentry and engineering, we have travelled far and wide to find you the ideal solution for your budget, your property and your problem.

Beautiful & Bespoke
By stocking products manufactured with the finest quality hard and softwoods, all of our soundproof windows and doors come with up to 20 years guarantee. Safeguarded against swelling and disease, they’re built just for you.

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee
All of our products come with up to a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee provided by the Consumer Protection Association. So you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

We have spent our time investigating the best noise reduction, acoustic glass and timber products available on the commercial market, so that we can provide you, the consumer, the best soundproof glazing products for your home.

Recommended for both their design aesthetic and their ability to deal with noise pollution, these products are simply the best you can get. From high performance soundproof windows and doors to secondary windows and bespoke units, they restore peace and tranquility to your home, whilst adding to the value of your property.
  • Soundproof Sash Windows
    We can thank the Georgian era for the fabulously simple design of the sash window, and thank engineers for combining traditional design with modern technology in their soundproof sash. With reductions of up to 45 dB, you can practically mute the drone of planes, trains and automobiles.

  • Conservation Noise Reduction Sash
    When planning permission is a concern, our bespoke sash windows can be tailormade to fit your home. Replicating the traditional look and feel of your original windows from the outside, our modern mechanisms and precision engineering deliver remarkable noise reduction values.

  • Soundproof Imitation Sash Windows
    Combining the appearance of sash with the functionality of modern casement, these imitation sash windows deliver superior reductions in noise of up to 51 dB in the triple glazed option. This is the same level achieved by installing noise reduction sash as well as acoustic secondary glazing (with 250 mm cavity).

  • Soundproof Casement Windows
    There’s an elegance to opening a casement window and letting the sunlight wash in. And there’s something special about shutting your windows and having the noise of the world outside disappearing completely.

  • Soundproof French Doors
    With these robust, highly secure doors, experience the pleasure of opening your property up to your garden in the summertime, and warmth in winter. And then there are the nights of silent, undisturbed sleep.

  • High Performance Tilt & Turn Windows
    Leading the line in noise reduction, these High Performance Tilt & Turn Windows are, quite simply, the best. They offer up to 51 dB noise reduction – more than any other timber window currently on the market.

  • High Performance Secondary Windows(Up To 50dB)
    When nothing else will do, these super high performance acoustic windows will ensure that those sleep disturbing sounds no longer creep in. By placing a whole secondary window inside of your existing frame, the results are truly astounding.

  • Noise Reduction Glazing
    The biggest contributing factor to reducing noise pollution through your windows, noise reduction glazing (also known as acoustic glass) is a specialised glass system designed to dampen and dissipate noise.

  • Soundproof Aluminum Windows
    With some of the highest noise reduction coefficients, aluminium windows are on the higher end of the price range, but are unbeatable if you suffer from serious noise pollution.

Noise Pollution Solutions by Source
Noise manifests in many forms, from aircraft overhead to tube lines below. Then there’s road traffic, passing trains, building sites and those noisy bars that dot the streets. By addressing your noise pollution solutions by the source, our soundproof windows and doors are proven solutions that work specifically for you.


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