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John Palmer
2 Alexandra Gate
Ffordd Pengam
CF24 2SA

About Drone Tech Aerospace

Drone Services Above & Beyond Others...

Aerial drone surveying excellence in:
  • Safety
  • Piloting
  • Software
  • Engineering
  • Drone Technology
So what's different about DTA from the thousands of other drone services providers?
DTA is strategically focused on the provision of technology leading drone services for engineering and construction applications. DTA has a team of fully qualified engineers, holding degrees in engineering and decades of relevant experience working in complex high technology R&D.

DTA develops its own proprietary custom drones enabling DTA to deploy systems using cameras, sensors, control electronics and software not available to its competitors who fly "off the shelf" drones. Think Paris-Dakar customised off-roader, versus consumer SUV.

DTA has worked for more than 3 years with the geomatics team of one the world's leading engineering consultancies to hone DTA's drone technology and processes to reliably and consistently deliver market leading Quality, Accurracy & Precision in drone topographical surveying and engineering inspections.

UAV Aerial Drone Surveys
Confusion in the use of the term "survey" is widespread in the drone services industry. Many companies use "survey" to describe the inspections process for buildings, industrial structures, wind farms, solar farms and more.

At DTA we prefer to keep things clear and we only use the term survey to describe services for topographical surveying of land, buildings, construction sites, quarries, mines and highways etc.

Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys
DTA volumetric surveys can accurately calculate your stockpile or earthworks volumes. The accurate measurements of material that you have available to sell, or volumes and resources needed for earthworks extraction etc. can greatly improve the effectiveness of your business.

A volume survey is a topographic survey variant whereby particular attention is paid to levels, break lines and likely increased volume due to excavation and transfer into trucks.

Aerial Drone Inspections
Making the inaccessible accessible! At the most basic level drone inspection services provide the ideal alternative to rope-access and other methods of inspection at height.
  • Higher Productivity
  • Safer
  • More flexible
  • Digital outputs
Drone Heritage Site Inspections
Inspections at height for heritage sites is inherently fraught with risk. Fragile structures simply cannot be inspected using rope access and so traditionally require very expensive tall cherry-pickers or scaffolding.

Using these traditional methods can itself inflict further damage on the site. Drones can be easily deployed with no requirements for any contact with the structure under inspection.

Drone Wind-Turbine Inspections
Wind turbine inspections using drones bring multiple benefits.
  • Higher Productivity
  • Safer
  • More flexible
  • Digital outputs
  • Software Analysis​
Aerial Drone Thermal Surveys
Energy conservation is vital in reducing business costs. Visual identification of thermal loss using infrared cameras is one of the best ways to identify areas needing attention.

Our aerial solution is fitted with a long range thermal camera capable of capturing imagery up to 1000 ft away. Coupled with our UAV solutions and expert piloting we are capable of capturing entire building envelopes and delivering the information required to eliminate unnecessary heat loss.

Aerial Drone Agriculture and Ecology Surveys
Proactive regular monitoring provides better knowledge of crop health throughout the growing season enabling farmers to proactively address crop issues with pin-point precision.

DTA UAV technology efficiently measures crop health delivering easy to understand crop reporting in the form of NDVI images. This allows analysis and diagnosis of various issues such as water stress, disease, insect infestations and poor soil nutrient values.

Aerial Drone Photography and Video
With your creative brief in mind, we can achieve the aerial shots you desire. Acquire professional promotional material for your business or function website or social media pages. It’s easy to get these stunning shots with Drone Tech Aerospace. We can film in HD, 2K, 4K video.

Aerial Elevated Mast Photography
Drones are great, but not always the best tool for the job. To enable close inspections and maintain safety and legality in obtaining elevated photography we may opt for the use of a mast system. Our elevated MAST is great for capturing aerial inspection imagery in tricky locations; overly busy or crowded areas or simply where drones cannot fly.

Reviews & Testimonials for Drone Tech Aerospace

5 star review
March 01, 2019
The people at DTA were very helpful with my request for a price on inspecting my roof when I had a leak recently. Price was reasonable and the photos delivered via the web were great, very high resolution and I was able to zoom right in and see everything that I needed to identify the problems. They advised on how they could fly the drone legally in my street and on the day the pilot was really professional and made us feel very confident that it was going to be done properly and safely.
Testimonial by
Richard E
Drone Tech Aerospace. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.



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David Field Managing Director 07716 453 575
John Palmer Director 07947 212 195

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