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James Birch
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About Solecco Solar

Cutting edge roof tiles that generate energy to power homes efficiently.

Simply fitted in place of standard tiles and fully integrated into the roof surface, they create a clean contemporary finish.

Crafted using the finest materials, our innovative, low-carbon technology is an eco-asset that improves environmental performance, saves money on electricity bills and protects against rising energy costs.

Who We Are
A modern renewable energy company, with a fresh approach and a passion for design. We understand the importance of your project and specialise in adding value.

We’re proud to be different, by designing advanced systems that are barely noticeable on the roof. We believe the performance should stand out, not the tiles.

We collaborate with you to create bespoke solutions, that provide the highest quality performance with the lowest visual impact, ensuring that you always get the ideal package to compliment your project.

Catering for a diverse range of clients and project types, we supply products that you can trust and a service you can rely on, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your project is in safe hands.

Custom-build / Renovation
The ultimate home improvement, giving you all the eco-benefits and savings of highly efficient, renewable energy systems, without compromising on aesthetics.

Eco-Housing / Developers
Satisfy eco-building regulations and reduce the carbon footprint, without compromising on the aesthetics of your development.

Increase buyer appeal and add value by offering low running costs and benefit from using less materials and labour per project.

Installers / Contractors
Designed to make installation a quick and simple process with no extra materials or training needed.

All fitted above the waterproof membrane, reducing the need to return to site post-install and making it an ideal system for installers and contractors.

Local Authorities / Planner
Assist renewable core strategy targets by powering homes sustainably, meeting local planning guidelines through the minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Especially ideal for large developments and re-roof projects due to the quick install and site-wide cost savings on labour / materials.

Why choose Solecco?
  • Planning Friendly
    Helps ease planning issues by meeting building regulations and addressing visual impact concerns.

  • Seriously Discreet
    The low-profile system blends with the surrounding tiles, for a glare-free finish that complements the home's design.

  • Perfectly Compatible
    Ideal for combining with other green technologies, such as air source heat pumps and battery storage, whether grid-tied or off-grid.

  • Completely Adaptable
    The system is tailored to suit specific energy requirements. Up to 98% of the roof area can be covered, maximising total output potential.

  • Ultra Lightweight
    Adding only 5.8kg/m2 it places less load on the structure and makes it easier to handle, transport and install.

  • Low Maintenance
    The smooth tile surface just needs water to help stay naturally clean.

  • Extremely reliable
    Subjected to severe conditions to ensure durability and performance in a variety of climates and locations.

  • So Convenient
    Simply installed as part of the roof tiling process, reducing the amount spent on materials and labour.


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Manchester Electricians LtdThistle Loo Hire LtdPeter Wragge Supplies LtdSound Planning LtdLorryLoader Training LtdGrade 1 Hire & Sales LimitedYorkshire Loft LaddersBritannic Trade Frames LTDCadman Cranes LimitedScott Doors Ltd
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