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85 Great Portland Street, First Floor

About Skypower Ltd

Bring your PR pitch or marketing video to life with striking footage of your work. Skypower works with a number of businesses in the construction and development sectors to capture high-quality aerial shots using specially designed drones. Equipped to capture 360° panoramic photography, HD photography, 3D mapping, surveys and exceptionally clear 4K videography, we are uniquely placed to curate a complete aerial solution to meet even the toughest of briefs.

As the age of VR becomes an ever-more dynamic reality, we are working with commercial clients to bring projects to life and allow clients to truly immerse themselves in the experience.

Take to the skies with Skypower's cutting-edge drones

❖ No need for expensive cranes or scaffolding rigs
❖ View areas that are not usually reachable
❖ Easily provide photographic evidence for required work
❖ Identify potential problems
❖ Environmental monitoring
❖ Views areas of interest that ground surveys can’t reach
❖ Aerial archaeological surveys

What can aerial survey drones do?

The footage captured using our specially designed drones can offer a whole host of productive possibilities. These include:

❖ CGI integration
❖ VR
❖ Visualisations
❖ Remote surveys
❖ Marketing materials
❖ Development progress
❖ Site reviews

At Skypower, we are proud to be different. With our extensive experience, well-respected pilots and technological expertise, we have been granted special permission to operate at up to 10m within congested and built-up areas such as cities and towns. This means you can trust us to capture top-quality photographs that most companies could only dream of coming close to.

Our services include:

❖ Drone photography from ground to 400ft
❖ Aerial drone filming
❖ 42-megapixel photography
❖ 360° VR
❖ Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
❖ Night-flight permission
❖ 4K DSLR videography
❖ High-resolution photography
❖ 3D mapping
❖ UK and overseas operation
❖ Offices in London and Wiltshire - covering the whole of the UK and overseas
❖ Indoor and outdoor
❖ 10m public liability insurance
❖ Live downlink
❖ 360° panoramas
❖ 3D mapping
❖ Thermal and surveys

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