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We are proud to be one of the UK's top trade air conditioning suppliers and can cater for all your heating and cooling requirements, whether for home or work.

Here at Cooleasy we understand that without a satisfied customer base, a company will flounder. That's why we strive to be dedicated to our clients and offer a reliable, professional and friendly service.

Being part of Britain’s leading renewable energy suppliers, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices for all your heating and cooling needs, whilst ensuring your product will be cost effective and energy efficient.

Air Conditioning Heat Pumps Powered By PANASONIC & HITACHI
We stock the UK's widest selection of climate control products for all of your domestic and commercial needs.

Our Easy-fit split system air conditioning units, which are renowned for their elegant design and superior quality, use Toshiba motors and compressors, which offer outstanding reliability coupled with maximum efficiency.

Easy-Fit Air Conditioning In Your Home Or Office Has Never Been More Affordable:
  • No gasing required (already included in the Air Con system).
  • Systems come complete with pre-insulated and pre-flared pipes.
  • All system prices include VAT and Delivery.
  • Next-day delivery available on almost all orders placed before noon.
  • Friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone to help you place your order.
So, for top quality air conditioning systems in Cardiff, Swansea, Birmingham, Leeds, London or any location in the UK, don't hesitate to contact the friendly, professional team here at - we look forward to hearing from you!

Easy-Fit Installation
Our Easy-fit air conditioning units means they are pre-gassed, so whether your air conditioning installation is for domestic home or office use, our easy-to-follow guide on installing your air conditioning unit will take you through the installation step by step.

Our Air Con units have been installed into offices, server rooms, classrooms, bedrooms, lounges, living rooms, conservatories, home gymnasiums, loft conversions and even onto boats!

Professional Installation
Easyfit installation is not for everyone, and we are happy to offer a full installation service throughout Wales & West, or we could pass your contact details to one of our professional installers in your area, if you wish. We are happy to supply the unit to you, and you can contact an installer, agree the cost and arrange a convenient installation day. We keep a comprehensive database of qualified air conditioning installers and companies, and will pass on your contact details upon request.

  • D.I.Y Air Conditioning
  • Easy Fit Air Conditioning
  • Wall Mounted
  • Portable Air Conditioning
  • Portable Commercial
  • Ceiling Cassette
  • Console / Low Wall
  • Multi Split System
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Accessories
  • Installation Tools
  • Conservatory Cooling
  • Server Room Cooling
  • Wine / Beer Cellar Cooling
  • Midea Air Conditioning
  • LG Air Conditioning
  • Fujitsu & Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

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5 star review
April 20, 2019
Excellent Service. Ordered a Vision 3.1 System over the weekend and received a call on the Monday to say it would be delivered on the Wednesday. Driver called 30 minutes before he delivered and I received it before 11am. Installed it on the Friday after a quick call to technical regarding removing a couple of wing nuts, which was answered promptly and accurately. Easy install and all working fine
Testimonial by
Brian F 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Air Purification

Air Purification

The year 2020 has been a strange time for life on earth. Never in our lifetimes have we had to deal with a global pandemic, in the way we have had to deal with and adjust to living life with the Corona virus present in today's society.

One way to deal with the new way of living, is the ability to be able to breathe the cleanest air we possibly can, in both the home and the workplace.

AIR PURIFIERS helps to make this possible by eliminating bacteria, viruses and more.

Air Purifiers come in various sizes and shapes, available at different costs, depending on the amount of technology used within the product.

Here at Cooleasy, we take safety seriously and promote healthy living as much as possible. That is why we now stock and supply the brand new Air X Pro range of Medical Grade Air Purifiers!
With the ability to eliminate 99.6% of Airborne Bacteria, Viruses and Pollutants the AXP range is definitely not something to be overlooked...

These fantastic units have a Patented Multi Fan Technology to draw the air through an 8 Stage Filtration and Purification System comprising of:

*Initial filter net
*Ultra Efficient HEPA filter
*High Efficiency Activated Carbon (with a High Iodine value)
*High Performance Formaldehyde Catalyst
*Cold Contact Coal technology
*Silver Ion Antibacterial technology
*High Output Ion Generator to Destruct Viruses DNA
*High Output UV Lamps (Killing Airborne Matter)

There is also another layer of technology built within these layers.
They contain Negative Ion Refreshing Technology, which once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy!

The range is available for room sizes starting from up to 25m² all the way to 240m² these units are the perfect solution for the home or office space of any size.

A clear display screen, showing a change of colour (varying from Green, Blue and Red) depending on the quality of air within the environment, this system makes it easy to see when you can breathe easy!

With a variety of 4 input options from a touch display panel, remote control, Wifi control (via app) and voice control via Alexa and Google. It's easier than ever to control the quality of the air you are breathing!

When you combine all this information with the added fact that the AXP Air Purifier range has a working noise level down to just 35 db, it's hard to believe that these units start at just £349.98 including VAT and delivery!!!

Whether you are looking for an Air Purifier to use at home for personal use, to protect you and your loved ones, or in a business environment to protect you and your staff, visit to see the full range or call 0800 458 0101 and speak with one of our advisors for more information
Evaporative Coolers (Air Coolers)

Sometimes in life we all want something, but not everybody, for whatever reason is able to get that
thing they want.
This can be very relevant in the warmer summer months in regards to air conditioning. Here in the
UK, we never get hot weather long enough to ever fully adjust to it, so air conditioning becomes that
thing that we want!
But as mentioned above, we cannot always have it, so what to look at instead?
This is where the Evaporative Coolers come into play and show off their strengths!
Not sure what we are talking about? Allow us to enlighten you...
Sometimes these get referred to as Desert Coolers, Wet Air Coolers or the really old ones were even
sometimes called Swamp Coolers! This is because of the way in which they work. They are best
suited to an area with a through flow of air, so unlike air conditioning, you should have windows and
doors open – this avoids creating a swamp like feel to the area...
They operate by having air passed over (or through) a moist honeycomb material. The warm air
within the local environment will evaporate the water on the honeycomb and the air coming from
the unit will be colder than the air coming in – thus cooling the local area around the unit.
Think of it in regards to the way the human body cools itself – on a hot day the body sweats, the
water that is being perspired is heated on the surface of the body, so when it evaporates, it takes
the heat from your body as disperses it into the atmosphere, which cools your body naturally.
The great thing about this kind of unit is that they require NO installation from an engineer, are very
quiet in operation (almost silent in some cases), are lightweight and also portable!
All you have to do is fill the water reservoir with cold water (maybe even some ice to bring the
temperature down further), move the unit to the area you want cooling, plug it in and turn it on!
These types of unit may not bring the temperature down to the same as you can achieve from an air
conditioning system or unit, but at a fraction of the cost, with no need for installation or pipework to
vent off the excess heat, they are perfect for a reliable, cost effective way of cooling you down when
the temperature is getting to much!

You can see the full range available here -

We suggest taking a closer look at Glaziar Predator P20 – with a noise level of only 25db, a water
tank of 5.5lt, energy consumption of only 60W and the added feature of an insect attracting UV light,
you can enjoy cool air without being invaded by flying insects at the same time!

You can see this product for yourself here –

The Predator P20 is also on a summer sale price of only £129.98
Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary?

Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary?

Air conditioners serve a multitude of purposes, making them extremely important
appliances within the home or workplace.
A qualified, professional, F-Gas registered air conditioning engineer will correctly
install a system, allowing the user all the great benefits that air conditioning will bring.
There are numerous benefits the user should understand:
• Air conditioners reduce heat produced by appliances
• Filter the air circulating within an area
• Promote human efficiency
• Reduce damp and mould within properties
• Provide year round comfort with cooling and heating*
As well as the heat produced by human bodies, air conditioning can counteract or
even reverse the heat produced by computers and electrical appliances. All electrical
equipment, even small appliances such as coffee makers and printers, gradually
increase the temperature within a room/area. A smaller property will become warmer
quicker, and larger properties will experience an increase in temperature, purely from
the amount of appliances in use.
By using an air conditioner, you can combat the excess heat generated from
electrical appliances, to make a room/area more comfortable.
Air conditioners improve air quality, FACT!
By filtering the air circulating within an area, this creates a healthier, cleaner
environment. This is not only ideal for individuals or families with children, but also in
commercial environments where large amounts of people are working together for
many hours of the day.
The filtered air passing through the system becomes free of excess dust particles
and bacteria, promoting good health within the environment.
The removable filters fitted inside air conditioning units require regular cleaning to
continue correctly filtering the air passing through.
Maintaining a clean system is crucial to correct operation for both health and
efficiency, to get the greatest benefits.
Human efficiency can also be increased dramatically!
Various studies show that conditions within a working environment significantly
change how efficient a work force can be. With correctly functioning air conditioning,
more comfortable atmospheric conditions can be achieved with a view to making
people more comfortable and efficient.
As we all know, in warmer temperatures, a person becomes fatigued more quickly.
This is why an air conditioning unit or system can be such a valuable tool for
commercial property and business owners. By correctly controlling the temperature
and humidity within an area, the concentration and efficiency of a work force is

Whether using a portable air conditioning unit or a fully installed system, the user can
maintain a comfortable temperature of their choice. Also, excess moisture can be
removed from the air to ensure that humidity lies at around 50%. This has the added
benefit of killing mould spores and preventing damp within a property.
In short, and in answer to the title question of Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary?
The simple answer has to be Yes!
With all the added benefits that air conditioning can bring to all aspects of personal
and working lives, now might just be the time to finally think about getting air
conditioning yourself.
For assistance in selecting the correct unit or system for your requirements, contact
the staff at Cooleasy on 0800 458 0101 or visit

*Most newer air conditioning systems are also referred to as ‘Heat Pumps’ which
have the added benefit of working in reverse and providing heating when required.
So not only can you experience a cooler environment in the warmer summer months
(which is what most people think air conditioning was solely designed for), you can
now use your system year round and get heating in the cooler winter months.
This added feature makes air conditioning a viable solution to most consumers, as it
has year round benefits.
Portable Air Conditioning Units

Right now, the weather is changing and it feels like summer is
finally on it's way! What better time is there to get your
summer cooling solution sorted?
Here at Cooleasy, we have a wide variety of portable air
conditioning units in stock and available to buy online at
We’ve recently added some new products to our already
impressive line up, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice this

Portable units are a great
option when space or access is preventing having a full
installation of a fixed in air conditioning system.
You can still get the same cooling (and heating with certain
models) capacity for specific room sizes, or purchase a unit that
is capable to being moved from room to room, making these
extremely versatile!
Some systems even offer smart connectivity, making them
compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home!
What’s even better, is that there is no installation cost involved,
so you can get a cooling (or heating) solution for a price you can

See the full range available here- General Description

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