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Meritas Fire & Security Protection Limited

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Mr Steve Slade
Unit 18 West Station Yard
Spital Road

About Meritas Fire & Security Protection Limited

Bespoke Fire and Security Protection
We are an Essex based company providing fire and security solutions for your every need; we specialise in fire alarm system design and installation to complete security and maintenance services.

We also provide specialist services to the HTM code of practice for Ventilation Fire and Smoke Integrity Testing and Maintenance on motorised fire dampers (MSD) and fire dampers (FD).

Our aim is to offer first class fire and security solutions to meet your specific needs. We work with a number of commercial and business organisations such as; Healthcare Facilities, Schools, Facilities Management and SME companies, so you can be certain we have the experience, knowledge and know how to support your business needs.

Fire Extinguishers
Currently there are many different types of Fire Extinguishers available: Carbon Dioxide, Dry Powder, AFFF Foam, Water and Wet Chemical. Each one has been designed for extinguishing specific types of fires and also requires annual maintenance for each one which can be VERY expensive.

The Meritas MultiBlaze range of extinguishers which can be used on all fires in categories: A, B, E & F

Unique Benefits of the MultiBlaze fire extinguishers

Multi-directional – 360 degrees:
Our extinguishers can be used in any direction and can be held sideways or even upside down, so that fires underneath objects can be put out easily.

No re-ignition possible:
Our extinguishers also act as a cooling agent which prevents the fire from re-igniting, unlike powder extinguishers where the fire can re-ignite. The reason is that powder does not contain a cooling agent like foam or liquids. This means that a piece of burning wood or cloth which falls on powder can cause it to re-ignite.

Works on multiple materials at once:
Paper, wood, furniture, petrol, diesel, cooking fats, oil and even electrical fires (1000v@1m)

All of our fire extinguishers can cope with electrical fires from a minimum distance of 1m in addition to dealing with other types of fire. You are buying FOUR extinguishers for the price of one.

No propellant or aerosol is used:
The benefit of not using a propellant means there are no costs at the point of disposing of the canister (costs start at £25.00 plus vat per unit). The extinguishing liquid is completely bio degradable. The plastic canister can be thrown in the domestic waste once they have been used or their life cycle is up. Businesses and individuals have less cost of transport or storage as there is no danger of explosion, therefore they can be transported in hot cars or caravans.

Made of plastic instead of metal:
Children and the elderly can handle these extinguishers because they are lightweight (1.4kg).

Easy to handle with one hand:
The MultiBlaze extinguishers have a trigger like a gun and can be used with only one hand. Standard extinguishers require you to use both hands to hold and simultaneously direct the extinguishing agent at the source of the fire.

They do not inflate
Even when the pressure drops the extinguisher will not deflate, this is why the extinguisher has been sold to a number of large airlines in Germany.

Quieter and safer than CO2 fire extinguishers:
CO2 extinguishers are typically used for electrical fires. These extinguishers are very noisy when triggered. When CO2 is used oxygen is being removed which can cause suffocation in confined spaces if the user does not exit quickly. Also CO2 extinguishers are ineffective once oxygen is re-introduced (large open areas for example).

Other Services we provide include

Gates, Barriers & perimeter protection
Meritas design and install a complete range of commercial security gates and access control solutions. We provide a fast and competitive quotation solution for all types of gate automation along with a complete design service.

Fire Risk Assessments
The Fire Risk Assessment is to be carried out by someone who has primary responsibilities for the premises. This could include facilities managers, owners of premises and managers of buildings.

CCTV Systems
Our regional teams offer expert design and camera selection to ensure that when the moment arrives, it is captured on CCTV and can be used should you wish to prosecute.

Intruder Alarms
We are able to design, install & maintain all forms of intruder alarms from simple audible only systems all the way through to fully monitored systems.

Bespoke Solutions
Anything we design will interface amongst each other, operating timer delays from two milliseconds to two hours, input, output and controls that switch from 250milli amps to 100 amps for smooth door operation, building shutdown, lighting operations and perimeter control.

Ventilation Fire and Smoke Integrity Testing
Our experience and knowledge shows that, as the ducting is hidden above ceiling tiles and is out of sight, the maintenance and cleaning is often forgotten until an issue occurs. As a result; Fire Dampers (FD) are not inspected or tested in accordance with the HTM code of practice.

PAVA and Public Address System
Emergency Lighting
Access Control & Door Entry Systems
Online Training

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Reviews & Testimonials for Meritas Fire & Security Protection Limited

5 star review
September 04, 2018
Absolutely fantastic company and their fire extinguishers are truly brilliant. Perfect for families and businesses alike.
Review by
Georgia Cocks
5 star review
July 20, 2018
Excellent customer care and fantastic service as always!
Testimonial by
Danny Nevill
5 star review
July 13, 2018
Fantastic customer service, would highly recommend to my friends and family.
Testimonial by
Edward Harrison
5 star review
May 20, 2018
fantastic service, would recommend to all business owners!
Testimonial by
Connor Bulmer
5 star review
April 20, 2017
Excellent customer service! Highly recommended!
Testimonial by
Dan Morgan
Meritas Fire & Security Protection Limited. 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.



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Eco Friendly Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

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Meritas Fire & Security Protection Limited General Description

to offer first class fire and security solutions to meet your specific needs We also provide specialist services to the HTM code of practice for Ventilation Fire and Smoke Integrity Testing and Maintenance on motorised fire dampers (MSD) and fire dampers (FD).
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