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George Beattie & Sons Ltd

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01236 823 201
Mr Alan G Beattie
Auchinvole Castle
G65 0SA

About George Beattie & Sons Ltd

George Beattie & Sons Ltd was founded in 1990 and following in the Beattie family foot-steps involved in the demolition industry for many years, is recognised throughout the construction industry in connection with demolition work of all types. With the passing of each year previous records have been broken and we are recognised as a company dedicated to providing work standards beyond question.

George Beattie & Sons Ltd provides a full range of demolition services including:
  • Total and partial demolition of single and multi-storey domestic, commercial and industrial properties
  • Dismantling of structural steel bridges
  • Facade retention to listed historical buildings as required by Historic Scotland and National Heritage
  • Licensed asbestos removal and disposal as specified by the Health & Safety Executive
  • Excavations and ground reinstatement including the removal of contaminated ground conditions.
George Beattie & Sons Ltd. will provide a complete solution for your demolition project.

George Beattie & Sons Ltd is experienced in the demolition of all types of structures that are no longer economically viable and such demolition must be carried out with a high degree of construction knowledge and expertise.

George Beattie & Sons Ltd has significant expertise in all aspects of demolition including:
  • Budget estimating
  • Structural assessment
  • Preparation of method statements
  • Risk assessments, and health and safety plans
  • Execution of the contract through to final completion and issue of health and safety file.
Dismantling and Asset Recovery
George Beattie & Sons Ltd considers that it is very important to differentiate between dismantling and demolition as it is a common misunderstanding that they are very similar. This is far from the truth.

The scope of dismantling projects carried out by George Beattie & Sons Ltd includes but is not limited to:
  • Structural Steel Framed Refining/Processing Plant
  • Structural Steel Framed Pharmaceutical/Chemical Equipment
  • Coal Mining Equipment
  • Factory Manufacturing Equipment
  • Storage Tanks & Silos
  • Structural Steel Framed Pedestrian Suspension and Rail Bridges
Diamond Drilling & Cutting
George Beattie & Sons Ltd has established a diamond coring and cutting division with a reputation for high quality services tailored to suit the individual project, budgetary and timescale criteria.

Services provided include:
  • Diamond coring
  • Track sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Chasing
  • Robotic demolition
George Beattie & Sons Ltd has considerable experience in bulk excavations within the construction and demolition industry. We have established a reputation for high quality services tailored to suit the individual project, budgetary and timescale criteria.

Façade Retention
George Beattie & Sons Ltd understands the intricate nature of façade retention and has had great success on a number of projects in Scotland. Masonry façade retentions are the most usual in the urban environments and George Beattie & Sons Ltd prides itself in taking great care in all aspects of façade retention.

Asbestos Removal
George Beattie & Sons Ltd is a licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor with many years of experience in the surveying, encapsulation, removal and disposal of asbestos materials from a considerable variety of buildings, including industrial and residential buildings and fire damaged structures, operating with trained teams, specialising in the removal of all types and forms of asbestos in full conformity with current statutory requirements.

Typical items containing asbestos materials are:
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Profile roof sheeting
  • Thermoplastic floor tiles
  • Artex plaster
Construction is facing enormous pressure to find ways to conserve and make best use of our increasingly scarce natural materials. Recycling materials from demolition projects is more economical than disposal and can result in reduced project costs. One way to do this is to recycle materials, the major source of which is from demolitions. Providing the materials are suitable for their intended purpose, there is no reason why they cannot be recycled in line with building regulations.

Plant Hire
George Beattie & Sons Ltd has a considerable fleet of plant, equipment and tools available for hire to the construction industry and DIY market alike and may be provided with or without experienced qualified operators.



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