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Mr Paul Jones
Unit 12 Clwyd Close Manor Lane
Hawarden Industrial Estate

About Orchid Flooring Limited

Orchid Flooring
Epoxy floor coatings have many benefits. They are seamless, hygienic and chemical resistant. This type of flooring is easy to clean, looks great and requires little maintenance. Epoxy flooring systems have very fast curing times and we can install a complete flooring system with minimum disruption or down time for your business.

One of the leading providers of epoxy flooring in the UK, Orchid Flooring are proud members of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) and fully subscribes to their Code of Practice. This means that we operate to very high standards and have quality assurance and rigorous staff training schemes in place

Line Demarcation
The addition of a well designed line marking scheme can help you to organise your working environment efficiently. Walkways, parking bays, gangways, workstations and aisles can be clearly demarcated using contrasting colours and hatching.

Line demarcation can be applied using rollers, brush or trowel to masking tape which have been carefully marked out, this method affords minimal bleed even on textured surfaces.

Floor Preparation
​Floor preparation is the key to any successful job and within the flooring industry this is imperative. Using our own Terrco grinders in conjunction with diamond grinding stones to afford us the best possible surface on which to install a coating. We utilise a variety of techniques to facilitate a maximum bond using specialist equipment, this allows us to clean off residues on the floor surface and any oils, greases or existing floor coatings and debris.

Floor Screeding
Whether the project is located in a new build or is a restoration job, we provide screeds for a variety of situations. We frequently repair cracks in the floor, pot holes and uneven floor surfaces. Whether it be a polymer screed, sand and cement or creating a fall or level the surface, we can provide the requirement specified whilst ensuring no trip hazards are left for our customers.

Damp Proofing
​When installing flooring systems we have to traverse the issue of moisture content in the floor slab. A liquid application of damp proof membrane enables protection for moisture sensitive floor finishes and facilitates protection on concrete and other cementicious screeds from substrates within the slab.

Concrete Polishing
​Concrete polishing is a flooring system that provides a long-lasting and low maintenance solution to any concrete sub-floor. The process involves the mechanical grinding of the concrete slab which refines the concrete surface with the use of the diamond grinding stones. The stones are increasingly refined to finer grades which progressively reveals a highly polished finish.

Epoxy Coating
​These systems provide a quick-to-apply floor coating which offers the client a simple yet highly effective solution. Our installation processes are simple, fast and effective yet ensure that disruption and access to operations are kept to a minimum. Sectors system can be utilised in: aerospace, automotive, manufacture, food preparation. Warehousing and storage,

Polyurethane Coating
Polyurethane coatings are fantastic for protecting against stains, damage, chemicals and solvents, oils and wear. It is available in a multitude of colours which is advantageous when demarcation of different flooring spaces are required.

Vinyl Flooring
​We supply and install vinyl sheet flooring from all of the biggest and most sought after names associated with the industry in a multitude of environments. Our vinyl fitters have many years of installing vinyl in vast array of situations and for a diverse catalogue of clients.

Carpet Tiles
​We supply and install carpet tiles from all of the leading manufacturer’s across the industry in a multitude of environments. Our fitters have many years of installing carpet tiles in vast array of situations and for a diverse catalogue of clients. Whether it be for a corridor, meeting room or office environment, we have a carpet tile solution for your specific requirement, whilst utilising all the manufacturer’s recommended tackifiers and peripherals to meet our self-imposed high standards.

Clip-In Rubber Tiles
​We supply and install rubber clip-in tiles in a multitude of environments. Our clip-in tile installers have many years of installation in vast array of situations and for a diverse catalogue of clients. Whether it be for an office environment, canteen, stand-up meeting area or storage space, we have a vinyl flooring solution for your specific requirement, whilst utilising all the manufacturer’s recommended accessories.

Entrance Matting
The correct entrance matting decision can be the difference in transforming a dull and dreary entry area to into a bright, modern, clean and welcoming entrance area. which is crucial to any commercial environment.


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