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Ellis Maginn
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About Recoup WWHRS

Recoup is the UK market-leader for Waste Water Heat Recovery systems for Showers (WWHRS).

We produce a portfolio of SAP-listed, highly efficient WWHRS products which extract waste heat energy from used shower water in order to pre-heat the incoming cold feed - recycling waste heat energy back into the DHW system. This simple solution offers one of the best ‘pound for points’ ratios of any SAP measure and is a true ‘fit and forget’ product, and can ultimately recover up to 67% of the energy that goes down the drain, each time a shower is used (regardless of heat source).

For new-build construction WWHRS can simply be used with a 'Fabric-first' approach, often in place of other more expensive SAP measures such as MVHR, Solar thermal, ASHP, PV or triple glazing, but for a fraction of the cost. It is an ideal option for residential housing, modular build designs, as well as student accommodation builds, hotels or leisure facilities.

Furthermore, it requires no complex installation or commissioning; no ongoing or planned maintenance; no end-user interaction; and has no moving or mechanical parts - just on-demand, passive energy savings with every shower.

We supply to many UK National housebuilders in England, Scotland and Wales, and have recently extended our Sole-Supplier Agreement with Barratt/DWH & Bovis Homes for the UK, and also extended our UK Supply Agreement with Redrow Homes for the 6th consecutive year in a row.

As well as being specified by some of the largest house builders in the UK and a range of independent developers, we also work closely with housing associations; commercial and leisure projects; SAP assessors; and architects and homeowners to help make savings whilst also meeting strict building regulations and legislation.

Our clients utilise WWHRS achieve exceptional energy savings, gain cost-effective SAP points and increased CO2 reductions at an affordable price. We offer the largest portfolio of WWHRS products to suit new-build residential and commercial projects; gyms & sports facilities; hotels and student accommodation; Passivhaus & retrofit, and a client-base that stretches across the entire UK construction sector.

New products are currently in development, with a number of new products due for release across 2018.

The Recoup Pipe+ HE is the most specified WWHRS product in the UK and is ideal for new-build housing. It is stocked and supplied by the major UK plumbers merchants including Plumb Center, City Plumbing Supplies (CPS), Plumbing Trade Supplies (PTS), Graham Plumber's Merchant, Plumbase & many Regionals and independent merchant suppliers.

The Easyfit+ is the most efficient stand-alone Horizontal WWHRS system available. It is designed to fit directly under a standard bath and is ideal for new-build apartments, flats & hotels, as well as retrofit applications, MEES, ECO and housing associations.

Our Drain+ range of WWHRS integrated wetroom drains, features the new Drain+ Duo HE. The world's most efficient horizontal WWHRS system. The Drain+ Duo range combines cutting-edge efficiencies with the ultimate in wet-room drain styling, function and aesthetics.

Our Tray+ DSS-S2 range of WWHRS integrated shower trays complete the portfolio and offer WWHRS options for schools, halls of residences, apartments, and ground floor showers.

Reviews & Testimonials for Recoup WWHRS

5 star review
January 02, 2018

“We’ve installed Recoup WWHRS for a number of our house builder clients to help achieve SAP compliance. The Recoup Pipe+ HE is the simplest product to install and also the easiest to purchase as it comes directly from the national merchants. Recoup’s technical knowledge and support have been great, and their toolbox session and technical presentation helped us understand the products, technology, installation, and why WWHRS is being used by housebuilders.”
Testimonial by
Richard Hartley - Contracts Manager, KA Watts Plumbing & Heating Ltd
5 star review
January 02, 2018
“As Energy & Sustainability Consultants working on a considerable number of new-build domestic dwellings, Carbon Futures have recommended the use of Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) on a high proportion of projects to efficiently meet the requirement to reduce the energy demand for water heating. In Scotland, Aspect Silver Level 3 (Energy for Water Heating) under Section 7 (Sustainability) of the Scottish Building Regulations, requires at least 5% of a dwelling’s annual energy demand for water heating to be from heat recovery and/or renewable sources with little or no associated fuel costs. We have found WWHRS to be a very affordable and efficient means of achieving compliance with this regulation due to its low cost, ease of installation and high efficiency. In SAP 2012, WWHRS such as Recoup’s Pipe+ HE, can achieve a carbon reduction of up to 11% for a typical 3 Bed dwelling, which is significant; especially as WWHRS has the added benefit of being a passive system, requiring no day-to-day interaction from the home owner and requires no planned maintenance.”
Testimonial by
Andrew Money - Director, Carbon Futures
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“We use WWHRS as an option on almost every 10% reduction requirement for local planning conditions. It’s a great technology that’s ultimately hidden from view with low investment and without any moving or mechanical parts or filters to go wrong, replace or maintain!”
Testimonial by
Robin Thom - SAP/SBEM compliance specialist, Green Heat Ltd
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“We have found that the Pipe+ HE product is an easy to specify component which has been especially helpful where there is limited budget for renewables like photovoltaics, or a need for some improvement to counterbalance some loss of performance under SAP when late client changes are implemented. We particularly liked the absence of moving parts, or need for an electrical supply, and recovering energy that would otherwise be wasted seems the best approach to take in accord with ‘fabric first’ principles.”
Testimonial by
David Bailey - Sursham Tompkins Architectural Services & Project Management
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“The presentation given by Recoup was both engaging and informative. It highlighted how this simple and cost effective product could offer a passive ‘fit and forget’ solution to help bring new build and conversion energy assessments back into compliance.”
Testimonial by
Alan Osborne - Technical Director, Build Insight
5 star review
January 01, 2018

“Not only is this a cost efficient solution for house builders, but the service offered to SAP assessors is second to none. The support and advice given by these guys is superb. If you haven’t yet used Recoup and their products in your solution package, I can highly recommend that you do.”
Testimonial by
Alix Haigh - Technical Manager, Aggregate Industries
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“Including WWHRS really does make a difference in terms of being able to reduce the need for high-end insulation products which can save developers a small fortune.”
Testimonial by
Keith lane - Sap Assessor, HiPCEA
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“Gusto Homes have been designing and building low energy homes for almost 20 years and we always try to use simple, low maintenance, cost effective systems. The Recoup Pipe+ HE system fits in well with our approach and will give our customers long term energy savings without incurring maintenance costs.”
Testimonial by
Steff Wright - CEO, Gusto Homes
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“I was surprised by the results achieved by the Recoup Drain+. We were dubious at first whether it would make a difference but it does”
Testimonial by
Rob Ironmonger - Site Manager, T&B Contractors
5 star review
January 01, 2018
“The Recoup Pipe+HE is by far the most innovative product within our supply chain, also sitting comfortably from a commercial and customer acceptance perspective. The technology sits squarely within our ‘fit & forget’ ethos which we feel is essential for not just giving CO2 savings in theory, but delivering real benefit in reduced CO2, and reduced bills, for our customers.”
Testimonial by
Stephen Wooldridge - Sustainability Manager, Barratt Developments plc
Recoup WWHRS. 5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings.



Continued Success with Redrow Homes: Six Years in a Row!

Continued success with Redrow Homes as Recoup WWHRS are chosen as named supplier for Redrow Homes for 2018. Confirmation arrived today that Recoup have been selected, as a named supplier by Redrow Homes in 2018, for Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) for Showers.

This is to be Recoup’s sixth continuous year of supply to Redrow Homes, with the rolling supply agreement originally signed in 2013. This long-term partnership is a testament to Recoup’s overall competitive pricing; product efficiency; ease of installation; and service delivery.

As one of the UK’s leading residential housing developers, Redrow Homes purpose is to create beautiful homes efficiently, responsibly and sustainably, delivering a high-quality lifestyle to their customers. Redrow has a proven track record of constructing award-winning homes throughout England and Wales. Redrow uses WWHRS technology in a number of their new-build house types and was one of the first UK housebuilders to do so, as part of the AimC4 project. In fact, Redrow has risen to third in this year’s NextGeneration Sustainability Benchmark – an independent, industry-specific initiative which benchmarks the sustainability performance of the UK’s top 25 housebuilders.

National and Regional housebuilders are now specifying WWHRS systems on new homes as a way of achieving Part L target carbon emissions in the most cost-efficient way. The table below highlights the relative £’s to points ratio of WWHRS compared to other SAP-listed measures.

(see link for table and full story: )

Comparison overview of the main SAP-listed measures used by UK house-builders
Redrow Homes using the Recoup Pipe+ HE products is just one example. 2017 has seen a record number of specifications for Recoup in both residential and commercial new-build projects. With sole-supply agreements in place with Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes & Bovis Homes, the Recoup Pipe+ HE is now the UK’s most specified WWHRS product.
Recoup WWHRS selected as Sustainable Technology Partner to Wates Group

Recoup WWHRS have been officially announced as a partner to Wates Sustainable Technology Services following 2017 Innovation Competition.

Earlier in 2017 Recoup_WWHRS was shortlisted by Wates Sustainable Technology Services and selected to pitch to a ‘Green Dragons’ Den’ style judging panel made up of representatives from the Wates Group and some of its market-leading customers. Recoup was required to demonstrate how our innovative and energy saving Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) for showers could address a specific set of sustainability and resource efficiency challenges.

Wates Sustainable Technology Services aims to accelerate the route to market for market-ready sustainable technologies by putting out regular calls for new technologies to join its marketplace. Once each technology has been screened through its rigorous selection process they are invited to become an approved supplier, enabling them to be promoted to relevant customers of the Wates Group through Green Dragons’ Den-style pitch events and in bids for new business. In particular, the new Easyfit+, Recoups’ stand-alone WWHRS solution for apartments, HA’s, affordable housing and retrofit will now be taken forward by Wates Sustainable Technology Services.

Key sectors, such as new build residential and commercial construction projects will now be able to benefit from the build-cost reductions and energy-savings that our more established products such as the Recoup Pipe+ HE have been shown to generate. We also see the Recoup Easyfit+ as playing a key role in opening up new markets and opportunities in the social and affordable housing sectors; retrofit and asset management sectors; and also new-build apartments, which all traditionally have been problematic for vertical WWHRS devices. As a stand-alone, under-bath WWHRS solution, the Easyfit+ offers the perfect mix of the highest possible efficiency, easiest possible installation, and affordability that has not previously been seen in WWHRS.

Dr.Zainab Dangana, Sustainability Research and Development Manager for Wates Sustainable Technology Services, commented: “During this process, Recoup demonstrated a solid technical knowledge and an understanding of the challenges that our clients face in terms of innovation, sustainability and adopting new energy-efficient technologies. We were particularly impressed with Recoup WWHRS’ credentials as a cost-effective, simple to install, ‘fit and forget’ technology that requires no planned maintenance and no end-user interaction.”

“By partnering with Wates Sustainable Technology Services, Recoup will gain the perfect platform to promote its products and technologies both across the Wates Group’s businesses and to our supply chain partners and customers.”

Having recently been selected to provide WWHRS as part of the standard specification to ‘Cardiff Living’: a ten-year partnership between Cardiff Council and Wates Residential, Recoup are proud to have the opportunity to work with the wider Wates Group across the many sectors within their business, including new-build residential, retrofit and commercial projects. ‘Cardiff Living’ is Cardiff Council’s flagship house building programme, which will see the development of 1,500 homes across 40 sites.

You can find out more about the Wates Sustainable Technology Services Partnership here:
1st Place Award for Innovation goes to Recoup Easyfit+

It was a packed night at the recent Norfolk Construction Excellence Awards, hosted at Norwich City Centre’s Open Venue.

Around 170 of the region’s top construction professionals had gathered together for the annual celebration of Constructing Excellence. The 2018 awards, featured a wide variety of categories including: Offsite Construction; SME of the Year; Client of the Year; and (the hotly contested) Innovation.

Recoup had submitted our latest product innovation, the Easyfit+ for the Innovation category – and WE WON!

2018 Norfolk Constructing Excellence Innovation award winner Recoup WWHRS. Ellis Maginn Recives awards from LanPro's Chloe Mikronis
In the words of the Club Chair, Catherine Guelbert-Thick: “This category split the judges and it was neck and neck all the way. However, Recoup (also winners of the innovation and SME categories in 2017) continue to push the envelope and offer a new product that is simple, cost-effective and sustainable. The evidence for energy management and conservation is without doubt”.

The Recoup Easyfit+ s the latest in WWHRS technology. A highly efficient horizontal WWHRS system designed to install directly under a standard bath or walk-in shower. This horizontal design allows for WWHRS to be simply and easily designed into new-build apartments or flatted developments, as well as residential retrofit, and commercial applications such as hotels or high-traffic shower areas, such as gyms and leisure clubs.

The Easyfit+ is SAP listed, and available to purchase directly from the main UK plumbing merchants and distributors.

Read more here:

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