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Arch 416 Gordon Grove
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About Professional Titers Ltd

Professional Tilers in London
Tile services, such as regrouting tiles, conservatory floor tiling and using tile borders, are offered by our experienced tilers in and around London. Our services include tiling flooring and walls, laying floor tiles on piped underfloor heating systems, and applying tile treatments can be completed by Professional Tilers quality tiling specialists and tiling contractors.

Bathroom Tiling
Need a tiled bathroom? Choosing the right bathroom tile for your dream bathroom is the very first step. Poor choice and installation of toilet tiles not only gives an ugly look, but also becomes the primary cause of home maintenance problems. If you are expecting the best tiling contractors in London, then Professional Tilers are here for you!

Our Bathroom Tiling Services
Our highly trained and professional tilers team can complete any small or large bathroom tiling job, including choosing right tiles with bathroom tile paint, according to bathroom designs and bathroom layouts. Professional Tilers’ scope of work includes:
  • Screeding
  • Waterproof to government standards
  • Floor preparation for installation
  • Grouting applications (small or large)
  • Self-levelling
External Tiling
Who said tiling was just limited to interior places? We at professional tilers also provide external tiling and beautify doorstep tiling, porche tiling and, yes, patio tiling London.

At Professional Tilers Limited our local external-tiling services are not just limited to pavements or internal-wall tiling, we also provide external tiling for shop fronts, restaurant fronts, bar fronts, exterior tiling for doorsteps. External tiled walls are known to make a powerful first impression on both your business visitors and visitors to your home. A well-accomplished exterior tiling can polish off or patio.

Floor Tiler London
Are you looking for the professional tilers in London floor tilers for either the domestic or commercial markets? Then you are at the right place!

Professional tilers are one of the more leading tiling contractor companies in London, where it has offered tiling solutions for many years. Our highly experienced, friendly and cooperative teams can install all types of tiles, including ceramic wall tiling, floor tiling, kitchens tiling, wet rooms tiling, bathroom tiling and all kind of walls tiling.

Interior Wall Tiling
At Professional Tilers we offer professional interior wall-tiling services that includes all type of services for domestic and commercial-grade tiling work. We are professional tilers a Professional Tiling Contractor London, covering all areas of London and the surroundings. We handle all type of wall and floor tiling. Whatever you choice is, our responsibility is to provide everything according to your needs and requirements.

Kitchen Tiling
Do you need a kitchen renovation to brighten up your kitchen area? Kitchens are the most important part of the house. Be it a commercial kitchen or a domestic kitchen, it is important you have an environment you can work in and prepare your foods. We at professional tilers can turn your old, dull and tired kitchen into a brighter and appealing area. A place where you can start to love to spend your time. Our kitchen tiling services include kitchen floor tiling, splash back tiling, kitchen design ideas and much more.

Toilet Refurbishment
With many years of experience in pub-toilet refurbishment and commercial washroom refurbishment, we understand that the requirements of each client can significantly differ from others. We understand your needs not only regarding budget, but also the functionality such businesses require. Whether it is pub-toilet refurbishment, public-toilet refurbishment, school-toilet refurbishment, office-toilet refurbishment or any other type of commercial-toilet refurbishment, we make sure that washroom tiles fit their required specifications.

Restaurant and Bar Tiler London
We at Professional Tilers offer restaurant and bar tiling services. If you are looking for the best local tile-service providers, Professional Tilers are here for you. All you need is to give us a call. If you need tiles replacing customer-facing areas or kitchen tiles, Professional Tilers are the right choice for all your kitchen tiling.

Wet-Room Tiling
Professional Tilers provide a solution for all types of tiling, and for wet rooms use both modern and classic wet-room tiling techniques. Do you need wet room tiling services? We are here to help you out. Whether you have a vision for what your new or remodelled wetroom could be, or are just ready to ask a few questions, professional tilers is the place to start. We offer a range of residential- and commercial-tiling services that are customised to fit your unique tiling vision.


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