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Peter Gartside
Knaresborough Technology Park
Manse Lane
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Sensors for Safety Ltd are always available via e-mail where we will reply to your request as quickly as possible.

About Sensors for Safety Ltd

Gas Detection Equipment

Sensors for Safety Ltd gas detection equipment solutions for all eventualities. Protection from gas hazards is not a one size fits all proposition. Systems are designed to provide the appropriate level of protection from the basic one channel, one gas system to the most complex multi-channel, multi-gas system.

The use of a gas detection system, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels of gas are detected can help to prevent explosions, injury to workers or exposure to toxic gases. Action can be taken and initiated automatically by the gas detection control panel to help prevent the gas level from rising further. This action could be the turning on of a ventilation fan, shut off of gas valves, shutting down a process or audible and visual alarms to alert or evacuate personnel.

Gas detection equipment can be purchased directly from our online store or if you prefer, please contact us with your enquiry or specific needs and we will be pleased to offer our proposals and most cost effective solution.

Gas Detection Equipment for the following Industries:
  • Automotive Industry
  • Boiler Rooms / Plant Rooms
  • Brewing
  • Car Parks
  • Chemical and Petro-Chemical
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Education Establishments
  • Facilities Management
  • Food & Drinks
  • Laboratories
  • Medical and MRI
  • Swimming Pools & Leisure
  • Switchgear / HV Transformers
  • Universities
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Water and Waste Water
Fixed Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems
Sensors for Safety Ltd supply a range of gas detection products to cover every application, ranging from a single channel, single gas detection system up to multi-channel multi-gas gas detection systems. We cover the complete range of flammable, toxic and asphyxiant gases for use in all industries.

Standalone Gas Detection System with Integrated Sensor
Sensors for Safety Ltd supply a range of standalone gas detection products to cover every application. We cover the complete range of flammable, toxic and asphyxiant gases for use in all industries. Feel free to browse through the data sheets or contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Portable gas detectors
Sensors for Safety Ltd supply and support all makes and types of portable gas detectors. Our latest addition is the low cost fully featured Senko SGT single gas detector - available to buy directly from our online store -

Gas Sensors
At Sensors for Safety Ltd our expertise covers gases across the full range of industries.

Gas Sampling Systems - Sensors for Safety Ltd
At Sensors for Safety we have a number of different gas sampling systems from single line to multi-point which sample from one gas to eight gases within the same control panel.

Sounders Beacons and Alarm Panels
At Sensors for Safety Ltd we offer a range of sounders, beacons and warning devices.

Power Supplies
At Sensors for Safety Ltd we offer a range of power supplies and battery backups.



S4S Guardian 1 system plays vital safety role in chemical spill

Case Study:

We were recently called to Repton Sports Centre in Derbyshire to quote for a replacement gas detection system - to replace an obsolete system that the manufacturer was wanting over £1000.00 just to turn up and look at!

We supplied, installed and commissioned one of our S4S Guardian 1 control systems complete with our Guardian Point Chlorine (CL2) gas sensor.

Two weeks after being installed there was a major incident where Chlorine gas was released causing several people to be treated for the effects of Chlorine.

If you would like a quote for a service of your existing system or to supply install and commission a new system please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

We are able to offer Maintenance contracts on all types and makes of gas detection including (but not limited to) Crowcon Detection Instruments, Drager, GDS Technologies, GMI, Honeywell, IGD, MSA, Seitron, Sensitron, Oldham & Zellweger.

As an experienced gas detection maintenance service provider, Sensors for Safety Ltd provides a streamlined management structure and delivers increased efficiency and value for money.
S4S Guardian Plus - The most versatile gas detection system

On a recent install of our S4S Guardian addressable gas detection system the spec for the job changed several times. With a conventional system this would have been a major problem, but with the advanced design of the S4S Guardian addressable system the changes required were very simple to administer.

The system: 15pt Natural Gas system for a large Hotel covering areas where the gas pipe runs through various rooms in to kitchens.

The install required over 200 metres of cable - a conventional gas detection system would have been nearer to 1000 metres.

The spec changed part way through the install where it was decided that each area required its own beacon if gas is detected in that area. We were able to utilise the sensor network to install addressable relays to indicate when sensors in a particular area where triggered. Again this saved 100's of metres of extra cable and all the man hours required to install.
Senko SGT disposable low cost single gas detector

Senko SGT single gas detector is the latest gas detection monitor to be added to our online store.

The Senko SGT is a low cost fully featured 2 year single gas monitor for the following gases:
Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen Sulphide
Sulphur Dioxide

• Lightweight & Compact
• Stores up to 30 events
• Maintenance Free
• 2 years of use
• IP-67
• Fast bump tests with Docking Station
• Visual, Acoustic and Vibration alarms

To launch our new product we are currently offering special discounts - either call our friendly sales team on 01423 206360 or visit our website @ for more details and to buy directly.
Sensors for Safety Ltd – Official Distributor for Senko gas detection products

Sensors for Safety Ltd are please to announce that they have been selected as official distributor for gas detection equipment.

Senko Korea was established in 2004 and is focused on producing portable and fixed gas detection equipment along with electro-chemical, catalytic and infra-red gas sensors.

As official distributors we are able to offer full back up support on all Senko products.
Calibration & Bump Test Gas

Sensors for Safety Ltd can now supply a full range of calibration and bump test gases for use with all fixed and portable gas monitors (delivery to UK mainland only until further notice). We also supply gas regulators and complete calibration kits for all makes and models of gas detection equipment. Please feel free to call on 01423 206360 or e-mail:
NEW - Low cost gas detection system

Sensors for Safety Ltd are proud to announce their newest low cost gas detection system to be added to their portfolio.
The GUARDIAN LITE addressable system is designed to be used in conjunction with BMS control panels and Fire Alarm control panels but can also be used as a standalone system. The system is designed to be used in all applications including Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas. With various options the Guardian Lite can be used as an addressable network of up to 64 sensors for flammable, toxic and asphyxiant gases. Additional panels can be added at various locations to enable real time readings prior to entry in to the area. Typical applications are Boiler Rooms, Plant Rooms, Car Parks, Loading Bays, Laboratories, Gas Bottle Storage, CHP's, Biogas Plants, Warehouse Storage Areas, Swimming Pool Plant Rooms, Ambulance Stations, Battery Charging Areas and many more.
The Guardian Lite can also be used as a sample system with the addition of a close coupled sample pump making it a very simple system to install.
For more information, please call 01423 206360 and speak to our friendly sales team.
S4S Gaswarden - Low Cost Gas Detection

S4S Gaswarden - Low Cost Gas Detection

Sensors for Safety Ltd are pleased to announce the addition of the Gaswarden gas detection system to their Online Webshop.

The S4S Gaswarden

The S4S Gaswarden gas leak detection system features remote sensors connected to the main control unit via a 3 core cable network. The control unit is an advanced design using the latest technology and provides a high integrity system whilst offering a significant cost saving over conventional gas alarm systems.
Standard sensors for use in commercial and light industrial applications such as laboratories, workshops, boiler plant rooms etc are available for monitoring toxic, flammable, oxygen or refrigerant gases. Each gas sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere for any hazardous conditions, on detection of gas the sensor will indicate the gas level status A1, A2, A3 by LED indication and sounder. Information received by the control panel from the sensor is then displayed, indicating the zone, gas type and alarm status. Alarm levels that are exceeded are then able to activate user selectable relays and appropriate control actions.

Gas Detection for Safety

It has been another busy week for the sales and service teams at Sensors for Safety Ltd.

The week started with confirmation of some large system orders for a national courier company to monitor Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in their loading bays to control the exhaust emissions from their fleet of vehicles. Our low cost S4S Gaswarden gas detection system proved to be ideal for this application.

Meanwhile, our service team were busy installing one of our Gasvac systems in a warehouse to monitor for leaks of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Methanol.
Sensors for Safety Ltd appointed distributor for Coster Controls gas detection & gas valves

Sensors for Safety Ltd are proud to have been appointed distributor for Coster Controls gas detection and gas valves. We can supply all Coster gas detection equipment from the RFG65 range with SRS sensors to UMD950 with IGS sensors. Also we can supply the domestic range of flammable gas and carbon monoxide detectors which are used extensively in high rise accommodation.
We are currently offering customers a service exchange on obsolete RFG751, RFG752, RFG753, RFG782, RFG100 control panels and SGR300/M, SGR300/P and SGR301 sensors.
For more details:
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01423 206360 or
New GasVac longline multipoint sampling system

Sensors for Safety Ltd are pleased to announce the introduction of our GasVac longline multipoint gas sampling system to our Webshop. The GasVac sampling system uses a unique micropore tube to sample from multiple locations at the same time, thus avoiding delays where standard sample systems sample sequentially over a period of time. For more information, please visit
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