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TPS Gates & Doors Ltd

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143 Harbour Road industrial Estate
GL15 4EJ

About TPS Gates & Doors Ltd

TPS are a family business with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We offer a quality service to our valued customers.

We supply and install complete systems, including all preparatory works. We maintain, repair and service existing systems.

Industrial Doors
TPS install, maintain, service and repair roller shutter doors, fast action doors and sectional doors in many areas of England and Wales. TPS repair and service B.I.D. Doors, Hormann Doors, Crawford Doors, Wessex Doors, Mavi Doors, Union Industries Doors, Klimate Doors and HAG roller shutters and many others.

Our experienced door engineers carry out servicing, replacing cables and drums, door motors and chains all over the southwest and south Wales. TPS have 20 years of experience carrying out industrial-door repairs and roller-shutter repairs. We can repair, maintain or replace your electric roller shutters and sectional overhead doors. Whether you have automatic shutters, electric shutters or manual shutters, TPS provide a fast service to keep your industrial doors maintained and reliable.

Barriers & Bollards
TPS install, repair and maintain all types of traffic barriers. If you have existing car park barriers that are in need of servicing, or require a new automatic barrier system, please contact us for advice. We offer a free survey for new systems, giving us the opportunity to discuss your requirements and recommend the best solution for your project.

TPS can install and repair entry loops, exit loops and safety loops. We also install and maintain all types of barrier controls, including intercom systems, card reader systems, keypads and traffic light systems. Our experienced barrier engineers can service and repair your traffic barriers and controls to ensure you maintain a reliable entry system at your premises.

If you have problems or breakdowns with entry barriers, loops or intercom systems, TPS can offer you a fast solution.
  • TPS install and maintain FAAC barriers
  • TPS maintain and install Came barriers
  • TPS install and repair Newgate barriers
  • TPS install and maintain Parking Facilities barriers
  • TPS maintain and install BFT barriers
  • TPS install and repair APT barriers
  • TPS maintain and install BENINCA barriers
TPS install, maintain and repair automatic rising bollards systems and controls. It is very important to ensure that you have the correct safety equipment connected to your automatic bollard system to safely control the entry and exit of all vehicles. TPS install traffic lights and safety loops to rising bollard systems to avoid accidents.

TPS install traffic lights and safety loops to rising bollard systems to avoid accidents sometimes witnessed on badly planned bollard systems.

If you are considering installing a bollard system at your premises, we would be very pleased to discuss your requirement, carry out a survey and provide advice and a detailed quotation for your project.

Docking Systems & Loading Bays
TPS install, maintain and repair Dock Levellers, Scissor Lifts, Docking Systems, Dock Shelters and Curtains. TPS install Wheel Guides, Buffers & Traffic Lights. Bridging the gap between vehicles and your loading bays, your dock levellers need to be reliable and safe. TPS engineers can repair, replace, service and maintain your bays, and provide a detailed service reports for your records

Gates & Automation
TPS install, maintain and repair all types of industrial gates, including industrial swing gates, cantilever sliding gates and tracked gates. Our experienced team of industrial gate engineers install, service and repair commercial electric gates and barriers.

We also have a manufacturing facility where our skilled fabricators design and manufacture bespoke gates to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need a complete system or simply a repair to your gates, TPS can provide a prompt service at competitive rates.

All Services
Conscientious service, prompt response and pride in our work. We are a family business that continues to grow by offering good service to our valued customers.
  • Industrial Doors
  • Dock Levellers & Loading Bays
  • Commercial Gates & Automation
  • Barriers & Bollards
  • Fencing Systems
  • Turnstiles (Full & Half height)
  • Security and Fire Doors

Reviews & Testimonials for TPS Gates & Doors Ltd

5 star review
October 01, 2017
Just want to say how delighted I am with the newly installed gate. Looks great and runs very smoothly and has been done in 'good time.’ So thanks again to you and your team for a great job right through from initial enquiry
Testimonial by
A Harrison
5 star review
August 05, 2017
Excellent workmanship – your engineers were a credit to the company
Testimonial by
Pamela Smith
5 star review
June 08, 2017
We felt we also wanted to relay our appreciation on your companies professionalism, advise and workmanship, we are delighted with the end results and really feel the gates have not only enhanced our property but given us the security we were aiming for, so once again thank you to you and your team.
Testimonial by
Nigel Simons
5 star review
January 01, 2017
Could you also pass on my thanks to Mr Charles & Mr James, both engineers were polite, helpful, and hardworking…an excellent job carried out by them both
Testimonial by
I Mossley
5 star review
September 09, 2016
We would like to express our thanks to you and the team for providing us with such a fantastic pair of new gates. Alan and Luke did a fantastic job in recreating the old piers and the finished job is excellent. We are absolutely delighted and have no hesitation in recommending TPS
Testimonial by
D Hill
5 star review
September 06, 2016
Many thanks for the fantastic job your team did. The intercom looks fantastic. Much appreciated
Testimonial by
5 star review
June 05, 2016
Dave did a great job on the installation last week, he certainly worked very hard
Testimonial by
D Bingham
TPS Gates & Doors Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.


3 Key features of an efficient food processing facility

Facilities that oversee the production of food must adhere to strict regulations to make sure that the produce is of the highest quality. The Food Standards Agency does provide guidance for these regulations, and here are three additional features that will aid your facility in adhering to these rules.

1. Effective ventilation and temperature control

When food is being prepared or manufactured it is important that the processing rooms remain at a consistent temperature; otherwise, the food quality could be compromised. To prevent this from happening, appropriate ventilation, refrigeration, and temperature control systems must be in place in any room that has food processed, stored, or checked. You may even need to invest in temperature controlled delivery vehicles for optimum preservation while in transit.

2. Anti-contamination measures

Preventing the contamination of the food being produced is absolutely critical to ensure that it meets all the necessary food standards regulations. Keeping the facility air-tight will make sure that there is no possibility of bacteria or chemicals polluting the produce. This can be achieved through the installation of doors that can prevent infiltration, with solid exterior walls that will not allow contaminants to get in while stopping temperature controlled, clean air from escaping the facility. Maintaining strict cleaning measures will also avoid the possibility of contamination.

3. Clear and easy-to-use distribution points

Once the food is prepared, it is important that it is quickly and efficiently distributed to prevent contamination and maintain the quality of the food. An appropriate docking system and loading bay will not only ensure the security of the facility but will also make the loading and distribution process must quicker and simpler to complete. They can also be an excellent tool to maintain the quality of the products that you manufacture.

TPS Gates and Doors installs top quality industrial doors, docking systems, and loading bays for any and all warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Visit our website for more information about the services we provide, or to contact a member of the team today.
Electric Gates: A world of style options

A secure home is a happy home, but home security starts well before you enter the property. An electric gate offers an easy-to-use, attractive, and secure alternative to cumbersome manual gates, whilst providing a great first line of home defence. By installing an electric gate system your family’s safety and wellbeing are protected, acting as an excellent deterrent for any unwanted intruders, whilst also allowing you to specifically control who enters and exits the property at any given time.
With multiple material and design options available, you can find the perfect solution to your security concerns without having to compromise on style.
Wooden Gates
The installation of a hardwood gate will ensure a durable and stunning, and natural looking finish that will stand the test of time. They can offer a wide range of designs and finishes, giving you the freedom to pick the perfect style to suit your personal needs – whether a simple, open frame to protect your family from a nearby road, or a close boarded gate for extra privacy and security. It’s important to keep sustainability in mind with this type of gate, however, so make sure that the materials are sourced from a sustainable, local supplier. Wooden gates will also need a treatment, or oil finish, to protect them against the elements, and it is likely that this will need to be applied periodically.
Bollard maintenance and care

Bollard maintenance is often overlooked. By nature, bollards are a hardy piece of kit – but without routine inspection and maintenance, even your bollard system can fall into disrepair and compromise your factory or warehouse security.
Bollard inspection

Your bollard system should be inspected around every six months. While the system shouldn’t have gained any significant wear and tear in this time, a frequent inspection will ensure that any problems are spotted and resolved as early as possible. During these inspections, you may find loose or missing parts which should be tightened or replaced immediately.
Environmental damage

Depending on the environment in which the bollards have been installed, you may come across wear and tear that relates directly to those specific conditions. For example, in cold areas or areas by the sea, bollards may be exposed to high amounts of saline through salts from seawater or de-icing solutions. High traffic areas are likely to attract high particle and pollutant levels which will damage the bollards over time.
Routine cleaning

As with inspections, cleaning should be undertaken every six months to maintain the condition of the bollards. A simple mix of soap and water will do just fine to remove any dirt that’s been accumulated over the previous six months. We recommend brushing the loose dirt off the bollard with a soft nylon brush, washing the bollard with a mild mix of soap or detergent, rinsing it off with water and wiping the bollard dry with a soft cloth.
Heavy Damage

Unfortunately, heavy damage may occur. Heavy damage refers to anything that affects the structure of the bollard such as visible dents, cracks, breaks or rust that fundamentally compromises the integrity of the bollard. These should be removed from service until they have been repaired or replaced – prolonging use could cause the damage to worsen between inspections
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Automatic gates supplier and installer in bristol. We also do servicing.
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