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Jaroslaw Biegaj
105 Conway Street
South east

About Joisthangers

JOISTHANGERS.CO is a leading online store in UK, specialising in supplying higest quality joist hangers, trus clips and girder hangers, timber connectors, restraint straps, nail plates and all other relevant products to help you build better, safer structures. Additionally, we sell builder's plastics, wall starters, window frame ties, bolts and nuts, screws, gallow brackets, struts and z-clips and also fencing brackets, shoes etc. Pre-galvanised mild steel products are offered as standard, but you can order most products in stainless steel.

Shopping at is fast, easy and safe. 1-2 day delivery is standard. Same day shipping can be arranged, if you order before 10 a.m. Our service would save you time and give you peace of mind.
  • Joist Hangers
    Joist hangers are designed to provide support underneath the timber beam, joist or rafter to provide a strong connection, to resist downward force and to provide structural stability.

  • Truss Clips & Girder Hangers
    Truss Clips, Girder Truss Shoes and Girder to Girder hangers in multiple sizes.

  • Timber Connectors
    Timber connectors are building accessories, specially designed to provide enhanced bolt performance in timber to timber and timber to steel connections.

  • Restraint Straps and Banding
    Restraint straps and banding is a set of high-quality products designed to reinforce connections between structural elements of a building, in horizontal, lateral and vertical restraints. The oth light and heavy duty straps are produced from galvanised mild steel, and also from stainless steel.

  • Beads and Mesh
    Angle Bead and Expanded Metal Lath including Ladder Mesh, Soffit Vent Mesh and a full range of Drywall, Paper & Corner Tapes.

  • Angle Brackets and Framing Anchors
    A full range of sizes and types of general purpose angle brackets and framing anchors to suit all applications. Made from galvanised steel and stainless steel.

  • Wallstarters & Ties
    Wall Starter systems and ties join new walls to existing masonry, suitable for both internal and external brick or block walls. Timber Frame Ties suitable for tying masonry outer cladding to softwood structural framework.

  • Bolts, Nuts and Washers
    Galvanised and Zinc Plated Bolts. Available in a Dome, Hexagon or Socket head and a range of bright zinc plated, galvanised and stainless steel nuts for use with bolts and studding.

  • Screws
    Galvanised screws, Zinc-plated screws and Stainless Steel Screws suitable for many internal and external applications. They have been specifically designed for ease of use and speed of application when used with a power tool.

  • Nails and Plates
    Suretwist Nails for securing insulation, Galvanised Square Twist nails for fixings hangers and Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank nails for external applications. Nail Plates and Connectors.

  • Builders Plastics
    Builder's plastics such as Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), Damp Proof Coarse (DPC), Temporary Polythene Sheet.

  • Fencing
    Post Shoes, Gravel Board Clips & Cleats, Arris Rail Brackets, Fence Clips, everything you need for fixing and repairing fence and fence panels.

  • Window Frame Cramps Ties
    A range of Screw Ties, Frame Cramps and Window Board Ties for securing window frames and window boards.

  • Miscellaneous Items
    Gallows Brackets, Herringbone Struts, Cavity Closers, Hip Irons.


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