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About Venta Acoustics

Specialists in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
The Venta Acoustics team of experienced acoustic consultants provide a professional and high quality consultancy service to a range of different client sectors across the UK and further afield.

We work on three simple principles:
  • Quick response times
  • Sensible and pragmatic approach to acoustic consultancy
  • Cost-effective services and proposed solutions to all noise and vibration issues.
We offer full scope noise control and building acoustic consultancy services including building and architectural acoustics, planning and noise, environmental impact and more.

We offer a wide range of noise and vibration consultancy services across a range of client sectors. We can use our experience to make your project run as smoothly as possible.

Building Services Noise
We provide specialised advice on building services acoustics by carefully assessing the proposed plant units and duct layouts, and by proposing silencer specifications which would ensure that internal acoustic conditions are comfortable and targeted to the function of an individual space (office, high-end residential, etc.)

Building & Architectural Acoustics
A sign of a successful project is a completed building which people want to use. Whether it is a living space, hotel, office, shop, restaurant, school or hospital, acoustics plays an important part in people’s perception of a space, and how warm or inviting they find it. We've all been to a restaurant that is too loud and nobody can hear each other, or an office which has no privacy. We can help you avoid these issues and make the space as useful as possible.

Construction Noise & Vibration
We have extensive experience of monitoring noise levels, from site visits to measure levels of a certain activity with a representative of the Council to check noise levels are acceptable, through to long term monitoring of noise, vibration and dust for the life of a project, along with email alerts should levels start to get too high, and regular summary reports.

Environmental Acoustics
Noise and vibration are often one of the major elements of impact to be assessed for a planning application. The same site needs noise and vibration assessed in a different manner depending on the proposed use of the land. With our in depth knowledge of the guidance and Standards as a tool for assessing the impacts of schemes, and our experience of dealing with Local Authorities, we can ensure that your assessment addresses all the relevant and required elements for your scheme.

Noise & Vibration Surveys
A noise survey report may be required for a variety of reasons. We offer expert acoustic surveys for all your needs including:
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Sound insulation noise surveys
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Industrial and commercial noise surveys
  • Building noise surveys
  • Monitoring of construction noise
We use professional grade (Class 1) sound level meters to undertake all our noise measurements with confidence. Our compact, battery powered equipment allow us to deploy for either manual or automated noise monitoring surveys rapidly with minimal site requirements.

Noise Assessment
Noise impact assessments are often required by Local Authorities to make sure that noise does not affect existing or potential new residents negatively. They are used to assess noise emissions from new fixed plant (e.g. condensers, fans, generators), indoor and outdoor operations (e.g industrial operations, sports, leisure, traffic) and confirm that it will meet the Local Authority’s requirements, and hence can be granted planning permission.

Noise at Work
We can undertake full on-site noise at work surveys for all your workers, be it office, warehouse or mobile workers.

Planning & Noise
Noise (unwanted sound) is a normal part of day to day life in the increasingly busy world we live in. Controlling the potential increase in noise levels is key to Councils and regulatory bodies, whether it involves making roads quieter or using planning control to make sure that new schemes are not going to disturb nearby residents.

Residential Sound Insulation/Testing
With careful design, noise from neighbours can be controlled and ensure future residents will not have to be impacted by noise from the adjacent apartment or house. We can advise from a very early stage as to how best to achieve the required level, or an improved level of sound insulation performance.


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Venta Acoustics Specialists in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Building Services Noise Building & Architectural Acoustics Construction Noise & Vibration Environmental Acoustics Noise & Vibration Surveys Noise Assessment Noise at Work Planning & Noise Residential Sound Insulation/Testing
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