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Gordon Wallis
Unit 5 Newmarket Mews
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About GRW Energy Cost Reduction

GRW is proud to offer a wide range of energy saving solutions to clients in Wakefield, Leeds and throughout the UK. As a business ourselves, we understand how important it is for our clients to manage their overheads – and the cost of light, heat and other power in commercial and retail premises can really add up through the course of a year.

Reducing your electricity and gas consumption has a direct impact on your profits, with less energy expense eating away at your finances. By conducting an audit of your current energy use and assessing your requirements, we can put forward a range of recommendations for solutions that will save you money, year on year.

Our comprehensive energy reduction services will:
  • Minimise energy waste
  • Minimise consumption
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Maximise power performance
  • Maximise potential savings
Our FREE energy surveys cover retail, commercial and industrial organisations, with no obligation to proceed. Let us show you the best and easiest way to save energy, save money and make a difference through Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Energy Review & Optimisation
Our energy reviews provide a comprehensive power ‘health check’ for your business, allowing us to identify the cheapest way of balancing your energy demands with your usage. By conducting a thorough investigation of your current system, we can design and commission effective alternatives for continued consumption and financial savings.

Voltage optimisation
Voltage optimisation regulates the power feed, so that it supplies energy at the right voltage for the equipment in use – which often requires less power than the supply provides. This results in waste, and subsequently means you’re paying for energy that’s not actually being used. Our energy audits will assess all relevant supply and demand factors, so we can advise on voltage optimisation, or alternative cost-saving solutions.

Tariff review & Smart metering
Whether used as a standalone solution, or integrated with our other services such as energy efficient lighting or heating installations, a review of your energy tariff can be a smart first-step in reducing your gas and electric bills.

Our knowledge and experience in understanding, analysing and interpreting complex billing documents and business tariff options will ensure that you’re on the right rate for your usage and market availability.

Energy smart meters
Smart meters provide real-time energy use data, so you can see what you’ve used, when you’ve used it, and how much it’s costing you. This allows you to take an educated approach to your energy consumption, identifying waste and implementing better practices to minimise the associated, unnecessary costs. This information will also allow you to calculate potential savings if you were to switch to another supplier or tariff. Smart meters are designed to send this data directly to your supplier – meaning no more meter readings, and much more accurate bills.

Lighting design
With lighting accounting for a large percentage of your commercial energy costs, it makes good business sense to install energy saving lighting on your premises. GRW offers a comprehensive range of energy management services to clients in Wakefield, Leeds and across the UK. Our free surveys and audits enable us to analyse your current usage and find the most effective ways to reduce your consumption, and therefore your costs.

Commercial LED lighting design and installation
We offer many types of commercial lighting and accessories, including:
  • LED lighting
  • Induction lamps
  • T5 fluorescents
  • Movement sensors
  • Full planning service
Heating review
Whether you’re a smaller business with just one premises, or a larger organisation with multiple sites, we’re happy to come along and conduct a no-obligation energy review, completely free of charge. This will give us a clear understanding of your current consumption levels, so we can put forward a range of options to reduce your heating bills.

What are heat recovery units?
Heat recovery units work in a similar way to air conditioning, providing a controllable air supply into your offices or warehouse – but the addition of a recovery element allows the heat from the air being extracted to be transferred to the incoming flow, warming it up as it moves into the building.

However, unlike air conditioning, heat recovery units don’t recycle old air, but instead take in a constant, fresh supply. This creates a much healthier environment, with the all-important bonus of much lower running costs.


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