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Bishop Lifting Services

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Ben Gates
Bishop, The Sling Centre, Rhymney River Bridge Road
CF23 9AF

About Bishop Lifting Services

Bishop's Lifting Equipment Store
Bishop, being a full LEEA member, has been supplying lifting equipment worldwide for the last 33 years. Bishop has it all from eyebolts to cranes as per your specific demand. We deliver a range of quality lifting equipment that you can buy online in a few clicks along with a comprehensive hire service.

We welcome your enquiries to assist you in your range of lifting needs. The variety of services we offer ranges from hiring, testing, inspection, design and even manufacturing. Get in touch today to learn how we can assist you.

An Array Of Lifting Gear Products To Enable Lifting Safety
As a reliable lifting equipment store, we believe in quality lifting equipment supplies and provide you with an array of lifting gear product options. We have the most comprehensive and professionally designed industrial lifting equipment in stock that ensures safety lifting across multiple applications.

General Lifting Equipment Services

At Bishop, our well-trained and experienced engineers conduct regular lifting inspections with the client having the option to utilise RFID technology. As the inspection process is executed, a RFID chip is attached to the equipment and the complete details of the inspection are contained on it.

Our customers have the utmost trust in our lifting equipment services due to our engineer’s qualifications, amount of experience and our full membership of the LEEA. Our staff can conduct thorough examinations both at our premises or on site.

Repairs & Testing
At Bishop, we provide lifting equipment services governed by the rules specified by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998). Following the major rules applied under LOLER together with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).
  • The owner of any company or industry that deals with hoisting equipment is responsible for conducting revised testing and repair of those products under the safety rules. The companies and individuals who own and operate lifting equipment are placed under LOLER obligations.
  • For ensuring safety while lifting or hoisting loads, suitable arrangements must be made under the supervision of experts.
  • Under LOLER, the equipment used for carrying out heavy duty tasks must be adequate according to the type and weight of the load. Moreover, the equipment must be tested and examined properly before usage.
  • All records and details regarding the lifting equipment must be kept and maintained by the person who is responsible.
Bishop is a one stop solution to supply the best quality hoisting equipment. The best part of our services is that we will always keep quality and safety as our primary concern. The hoists offered can cater for all lifting needs up to a safe working load ( S.W.L ) of 20 tonnes (20,000 kg).
  • Lifting Slings
  • Lifting Points
  • Magnets
  • Clamps
  • Shackles
  • Lifting Hoists
  • Trolleys
Warrior 12v electric winches and 24v electric winches are fully compliant with EN 14492:1. They have been designed with the professional operator in mind. The electric range of Warrior Winches have a 10:1 drum ratio a 2:1 rope ratio and double rope fixing.
  • Entry Level Winches
  • Premium Winches
  • ATV/UTV/Trailer Winches
  • Worm Drive Winches
  • Hydraulic Winches
  • Industrial Winches
Lashing, Rigging & Hardware
At Bishop, we have a vast stock of different rigging, lashing and hardware. All products are compliant with BS EN standards and all other statutory documentation. Our range includes snatch blocks, carbine hooks, eyebolts, thimbles, ratchet chains, loadbinders and wire rope grips.

At Bishop we supply a range of Jacks from quality manufacturers such as Steerman. Steerman hydraulic toe jacks are the perfect solution when working in confined spaces. They are generally used for the positioning of machinery and other engineering applications.

Height Safety Equipment
Bishop supply a huge range of safety equipment helping to minimize the risks of working at height. Quality is important to us so we only supply equipment from the best manufacturers in the field of height safety. Your safety is our priority and as such our height safety equipment is provided by manufacturers such as Yale, Ridgegear, Kratos and IKAR.

Materials Handling
Bishop are suppliers of material lifting equipment. We have been supplying MHE and other material lifting equipment for over 30 years. You can be sure that we have the materials handling equipment to fit your requirements.


Products & Services

Hooks and Jibs

Spring Balancers

Pallet Trucks

Machine Moving Skates

Safety Harnesses

Hydraulic Pullers

Hydraulic Jacks

Chain Cutters

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Cylinders

Stainless Steel Shackles


Wire Rope Grips

Eyebolts UK

Carbine Hooks

AC Winches

Industrial Winches

Hydraulic Winch

Worm Drive Winches

Entry Level Winches

Premium Winches

Manual Hand Winches

Trailer Winch

Lifting Beams

Cable Pullers

Spreader Beams


Lifting Hoist

Lifting Shackles

Lifting Clamps


Lifting Points

Lifting Slings

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