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Tree Fabrications Ltd

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Darren Littlewood
Unit H14, Park Avenue
Sundon Park Road

About Tree Fabrications Ltd

Tree Fabrications is led by an experienced group of mechanical contractors dedicated to producing intelligent turnkey solutions for the construction industry.

Why Tree Fabrications?
  • Industry Competitive Pricing
  • Efficient Turnaround & Delivery Time
  • London based Mechanical Contractors
  • Bespoke To Your Requirements
  • Outstanding After-Sales Service
  • 24 Hour Service
100% Controlled Factory Environment
All works are carried out in a 100% controlled factory environment where our trusted workforce maintains the highest of national and international industry standards. Tree Fabrications will continue to service the growing requirement for pipework prefabrication, installation and various other off-site build solutions.

Our Services

Pre Packaged Plant Rooms
In today’s construction industry there is a steadily increasing demand for the off-site prefabrication of plant rooms in new build and refurbishment projects. Our team of engineering experts specialises in crafting bespoke single and double module plant room solutions for private clients and commercial businesses throughout London.

Tree Fabrication plant rooms are purpose-designed in separate sections permitting safe road transportation and seamless on-site installation. All planning and manufacturing stages are carried out in a clean and controlled factory environment and meet the highest of national and international quality assurances.

Your pre-packaged plant room will be supplied to site, pressure tested, and ready to connect and run.

Off-Site Prefacrication Of Pump Skids
Avoid all the costly complexities that come with building a pump skid on-site; opt for a hassle-free specialist engineering solution which guarantees to provide top level project planning, an efficient turnaround time and a clean-cut fabrication and installation process.

It is our role to gain a full understanding of your project requirements and deliver a bespoke pump solution that will satisfy your pre-set goals, budget and timeframe.

We design and build pumping systems for clients in a variety of sectors and for a variety of purposes. Tree Fab pump skids are built with industrial equipment and can be tailored to your exact specification. All pump skids typically include a motor, pump and steel baseplate.

Prefabrication Of Multi-Service Modulars
Tree Fabrications provides the highest quality off-site build facilities for the prefabrication of multi-service modulars. We manufacture modular designs for a variety of services; all of which can accommodate thermal efficient panels, chilled beams, lighting equipment and a diverse range of other appliances.

Bracketry Modules
We provide a customised design and manufacturing service for various bracketry modules and deliver custom-made framework for a broad range of applications including pipe supports, fencing and architectural designs.

All stages of the prefabrication process are carried out in a controlled factory environment and meet the highest of industry standards.

Mezzanine Flooring Solutions
Tree Fabrications mastered the art of single and multi-storey mezzanine floor design and construction many years ago and continues to deliver strategic solutions to a variety of commercial premises including warehouses, distribution centres, cold stores, manufacturing plants and retail customers.

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring:
  • Increase Storage & Workspace
  • Cost Efficient & Fast Turnaround
  • Flexibility in design
  • Lightweight, economic steel structure
Prefabricated Spool Pieces
In the piping industry spool pieces are often referred to as pipe spools and are required, as standard, by construction companies of all sizes and sectors.

We use high-performance industrial equipment to ensure the finest outcome in the prefabrication of spool pieces and will custom-make them to suit requirements,
however complex.

CAD Design Services
Tree Fabrications uses the latest state-of-the-art 3D modelling software to create accurate virtual design representations of the planned project goal before the actual build is scheduled to commence.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) permits us to gain a much greater insight into the more finite workings of the project
and can provide an in-depth and incredibly accurate guide during the maintenance and assembling process.

We now have the facilities to see how the most intricate systems integrate and make adjustments accordingly before the
strategy is even implemented.


Tree Fabrications Ltd General Description

Tree Fabrications is led by a dedicated and experienced group of 24 hour mechanical contractors and guarantees expertise in all aspects of pipework prefabrication from precision planning and project management, to safe transportation and hassle-free installation
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