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Allpile Foundations Ltd

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Paul Allison
Laws Street
Pembroke Dock
SA72 6DQ

About Allpile Foundations Ltd

Allpile Foundations is a family company providing specialist foundation services to industry & private clients. We have excellent coverage throughout England & Wales provided by our two depots, one in Romford, Essex serving London & the South East and another in Wigan, Lancashire serving the UK.

A Complete Range Of Piling Options
We offer a complete range of piling options- from minipiling rigs designed to pass through standard door openings to work inside houses & commercial premises, through to our 16 tonne Tescar CF4 capable of installing high capacity driven pre-cast & steel bearing piles.

Design And Construct Services For New Housing Projects
We also offer a design and construct service for new housing projects, ranging from small extensions to complete buildings. We can take your architects drawing and provide you with a finished fully engineered foundation ready for building.
  • Driven piles up to 323mm diameter.
  • Bored piles up to 600mm diameter.
  • Rock and concrete drilling.
  • Concrete rafts and ground beams.
Ask us about mini piling rigs. Get in touch today for professional advice or provide your architect's drawing so we can design and install your engineered foundations.

Send us an email now with your specifications, or give us a call on 01268 711 611. If you need local advice in the North of England, call 01257 253472 / 01257 368 515 to speak to our foundation specialists in our Northern office.

Mini Piling
When space is tight, but you still need a solid foundation for your construction project, call us to ask about our Mini Piling Rigs; they operate in the tightest of spaces. Operating sectional continuous flight augers & drop hammers, these machines can operate in only 2m headroom, will pass through a standard door at only 750mm wide & have remote power packs to reduce fumes & increase access. When you want bored pile diameters up to 350mm anywhere in England, but space is tight, get in touch with us.

Midi Piling
In more accessible situations the Mait Midi drill comes into its own. As an open bored piling machine this rig uses Kelly-bar techniques to install piles up to 500mm diameter and 16m deep whilst only weighing in at 6 tonnes. Its 1.5m width and 5m working height made this a truly versatile machine.

For driven piles, we offer a various range of rigs including Komatsu based rig for open site works, installing piles up to 325mm in diameter and load capacities in excess of 500kN.

Allpile Foundations operate Tescar CF4 rigs in either bored or driven pile configurations. These 16 tonne class machines are 2.5m wide and can operate in headroom of as little as 10.5m. They install up to 600mm diameter bored piles using Kelly bar techniques to a maximum of 32m below ground.

Although these machines have full size capabilities, they are relatively light and compact making them extremely versatile. They have lower ground bearing requirements to many larger rigs, making site preparation less expensive for the main contractor, and can access sites where larger low-loader transported rigs may find difficulties. Allpile Foundations Ltd are the piling contractors, offering a complete range of piling options throughout the country.

Ground Beams & Piled Rafts
Allpile foundations will carry the full foundation package installing the piles, excavating and constructing the ground beam or raft, ready for the building super-structure to be built off. Send us an email or give us a call - speak to our experts in Romford on 01268 711 611 or our Wigan office on 01257 253472 / 01257 368 515.

Micro Piling
Allpile staff have extensive experience in the construction of Pin Piles as a means of unpinning structures whether for domestic, utility or industrial applications. We offer a limited access and limited head room service on any project where access might be limited to the width of a wheel barrow.

Pile loads in the range of 40kN to 100kN can be achieved. As this equipment is small and can be man handled it is well suited for basement work, confined aspect projects or front porch extensions. In locations where high column loads are required and our small tracked rigs cannot gain access, we can offer a multi pin pile group to accommodate the engineers' requirements.


Allpile Foundations Ltd General Description

Allpile Foundations is a family company providing specialist foundation services to industry & private clients. We have excellent coverage throughout England & Wales.
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Allpile Foundations Ltd
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