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About Pure Vista LTD

The Specialist Manufacturer Of Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems
Pure Vista Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of frameless glass balustrade systems industry wide. Our goal is to diversify through innovation by enabling absolute vertical alignment of all glass systems throughout our entire product range.

We pride ourselves upon designing and manufacturing the most pioneering range of patented solutions for architectural glass installation. We use only the highest quality materials and fully test all of our products to meet all national and international building standards.

Our technical sales team offers knowledgeable design advice combined with technical drawings, installation guides and CAD downloads all available on this website.

We are happy to supply small domestic orders, commercial trade accounts or export partners, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirements you may have.

Posi-Glaze – Frameless Adjustable Glass Balustrade
Posi-Glaze is one the most technically advanced Aluminium Balustrade Channel Systems on the market today. Whilst developing this system, we determined that the fundamental drawback with balustrade products was the lack of ability to adjust the glass panels individually, once set into position. Posi-Glaze is the perfect choice for residential to light commercial installations where a 1.5kN frameless glass balustrade is desired.

Our high specification glass clamping mechanism locks glass panels into position effortlessly with four immobilising fasteners, per meter of channel. Thus making it possible to realign and even disassemble each individual panel, even after installation, should the need arise.

MEGA-Grip 3kN Adjustable Commercial Balustrade
Continuing to strive and further develop our product-base. We have modified our successful State-of-the-Art System; Posi-Glaze, and are proud to launch Mega-Grip; The Heavy-Duty Commercialised and Fully Adjustable 3Kn Frameless Balustrade System.

Mega-Grip’s motive for development was to create a product that primarily focuses upon Public Safety and Durability in large commercial constructs. We have taken the pioneering design features of Posi-Glaze and industrialised it to produce a reinforced specification. Mega-Grip has been produced specifically for vulnerable public spaces such as; Stadiums, Shopping Centers, Public Transportation Zones, Theaters and other such areas susceptible to a high profile of people traffic.

Mega-Grip Product Specification:
  • 3kN Loadings
  • Simple to install
  • No specialist tools
  • Durable
Pure Vista Blast Guard
We have recently undergone testing to provide a completely frameless glass balustrade system able to withstand the impact of an explosion. Our Patent pending blast resistant fixing method for the MegaGrip 3kN glass balustrade system is an incredibly quick method of providing maximum safety in public areas.

Pure Vista Bullet Guard
Bullet Resistant Glass Balustrade. Product Safety is at the heart of all our designs. Ensuring products are of the highest quality and do exactly what they are meant to do. We put our products through the most stringent tests to ensure they meet local building regulations.

Origin-R – Glass Balustrade Wedge System
Our Origin-R Glass balustrade system is designed to take loads up to 1.5kN. It uses a simple dry glaze wedge system to lock the glass into place. We have used the same idea from our original glass balustrade system, Origin Grip (since 2007), which was a 3kN system. As many projects do not require such a high load we have slimmed down the profile to a minimal 56mm and redesigned the internal glass isolator system to now be made up of less components.

If you need a frameless system with a higher loading capacity Origin-Grip is the solution. The Origin-Grip System will enhance any development it is built into. The strength and perfect simplicity of this system renders it the only choice, when comparing it to the contrasting traditional cumbersome post and rail systems that hold the same strength.

Spig-Lite Pro – Adjustable Frameless Glass Spigot System
Spig-lite Pro has been specifically designed for domestic balustrade fitting, glass fencing and partitioning, both internal and externally. Our new design has been developed with a strong focus upon ease of installation and aesthetics.

This Patented Glass Solution demonstrates a greater percentage of glass visibility. Spig-Lite Pro can be bolted directly into the substructure without the need for channel, ensuring a flawless appearance. Another complimentary benefit of Spig-Lite Pro is the free-flow natural drainage system, eradicating the added expense and design complications of drainage installation. Our channel free spigot system allows a 32mm gap between substructure and glass allowing the free-flowing dispersal of water.
  • 0.74kN less than 25mm deflection
  • Only 2 Spigots per metre
  • No need to drill the glass
  • Free drainage


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