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About Knotweed

Welcome to Knotweed Services UK. We are the UK’s Japanese Knotweed Specialists. We specialise in the control and treatment of Japanese Knotweed throughout the UK.

We are members of the PCA and all of our services are reinforced with a ten year backed GPI warranty.

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd pride ourselves in the ability to provide bespoke Japanese Knotweed solutions for each individual client; as no two projects are ever the same. Therefore we adapt and cater exclusively to individual requirements. As the UK’s Japanese Knotweed Specialists, our no-nonsense, simple, understandable and affordable management plans have reassured and helped 1000’s through the buying, selling & development process and it is this approach which has been the driving force behind the success of our business.

Japanese Knotweed control is a difficult and specialist service. For successful Japanese knotweed removal and control for both residential and commercial sites – professional identification, surveying & treatment (including the legal disposal of controlled waste) should be entrusted to the professionals.

Knotweed Services are employed to take full responsibility of the Japanese Knotweed infestation (in line with our terms and conditions) making buying & selling property easier, as we provide all the documentation lenders/purchasers require.

Why Choose Us?
There are many different ways of treating, controlling and carrying out Japanese Knotweed removal. Our Japanese knotweed removal and control services are second to none. We cover nationwide. We are decisive and effective in our approach and we offer the most cost effective solution for your problem.

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd are experts when it comes to Japanese Knotweed removal. Our staff are highly trained, use innovative solutions and the most-up-to date research in this field.

The exemplary customer service, support, guidance, advice & services offered from our experienced staff has been the driving force behind the success of our business, ensuring that residential home owners and commercial land owners are represented, protected and well-informed. Our services and processes are uncomplicated, thus ensuring our clients are confident in the knowledge that Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd will take full control and responsibility of burdensome Japanese Knotweed removal for you.

Reviews & Testimonials for Knotweed

5 star review
November 11, 2020
First class service from enquiry to receipt of report. Would highly recommend
Review by
Karen Hall
5 star review
June 01, 2019
Testimonial by
Omer Durrani
5 star review
June 01, 2019
Google Review:
In my capacity as a sales and lettings agent in Birmingham, I have encountered Japanese Knotweed on several occasions and I use Knotweed Services on behalf of my vendors and landlords.
The free identification service available via the website/email/Whatsapp and social media platforms is ideal for my landlords (who have multiple assets) and Knotweed Services always respond promptly to all enquiries. Surveys have been booked within days of initial contact and reports & quotations are supplied within days.
The staff in the office are great and have been so helpful (Lorraine the Manager along with Clare and Elle who are very efficient and knowledgeable) – taking great care to talk my clients through the process of buying and selling property with Japanese Knotweed & implementing affordable Japanese Knotweed management plans. I would highly recommend this professional company for their specialist, Japanese Knotweed services and the excellent customer care.
A pleasure to deal with as always.
Testimonial by
Penny Talbot
5 star review
May 01, 2019
Google Review: I contacted Knotweed Services regarding a plant at a property I was in the process of purchasing. I was greatly impressed with their swift and efficient esponse.
Testimonial by
Gemma Jackson
5 star review
June 26, 2018
Selling my home and Knotweed showed up in the buyers survey. I emailed Knotweed Services on the Saturday morning and Lorraine called me 1st thing Monday. Not only did she set my mind at rest she also arranged for the surveyor to call the same week and I had all the documentation by the following week. Lorraine has been on the end of the phone every time I have had a query and so supportive. I would highly recommend this business for their customer service and professionalism.
Testimonial by
5 star review
June 10, 2018
This company is brilliant. Their professional approach scores the highest marks on site, where they deal with the knotweed problem, but also in their efficient office and paper work. I recommend them without any reservation.
Testimonial by
Nigel Semmens
5 star review
April 27, 2018
Could not be sure that I had Knotweed. After speaking to Lorraine Hicks she asked me to send some photos of the plant growing in my garden. This was done and in a short space of time, received confirmation that the plant was not Knotweed. Great service.

Testimonial by
Arthur West
5 star review
February 13, 2018
After discovering that a knotweed was growing in my garden I called Knotweed services to rectify the problem before further unwanted growth occurred.

They came out quick, I found Tom extremely friendly and all for a fair price.

Would 100% use again and recommend to anyone experiencing similar problems with knotweeds.
Testimonial by
Joe Hartley
5 star review
November 14, 2017
Very pleased with work carried out and ongoing services we have been given
Testimonial by
Maria Dennedy
Knotweed 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.




Yesterday, The County Court at Central London found the defendant, a RICS Chartered Surveyor, guilty of negligence for the failure to identify Japanese Knotweed during a Level 3 Building Survey. The defendant was ordered to pay the claimant significant costs and damages including excavation of the Japanese Knotweed & diminution in value of the property.

The claimants legal representation was none other than our friends at Charles Lyndon, who were the legal firm winning the historic encroachment of Japanese Knotweed case against Network Rail in 2018.

The case heard how the claimant had instructed a building survey to be conducted on a property they were looking to purchase and how, following the survey which had not identified Japanese Knotweed, recommendations were to proceed with the purchase.

Upon completion of the sale and the claimant occupying the property, it was not long before Japanese Knotweed was discovered by the claimants gardener.

It was identified during the proceedings that Japanese Knotweed was present in three different locations of the garden, which at the time of survey, would have been at its maximum growth (in leaf and flower). However, the surveyor (defendant) failed to identity the Japanese Knotweed and the characteristics of at least 3 years of previous growth which was estimated by the Japanese Knotweed expert witness. (Environet).

Surveyors – this case highlights your vulnerabilities and accountability and only emphasises that Japanese Knotweed needs to be taken seriously.

Are you confident in your ability to identify Japanese Knotweed? Why leave yourself vulnerable? Why not use PCA approved specialists in the first instance to conduct a Japanese Knotweed survey?

Knotweed Services not only offer surveys but we offer a free identification service which can be accessed via our website from any phone, device or tablet

Once on the website, simply click on the app icon you wish to use- WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and upload your pictures directly to us in ‘real-time’ (a fantastic resource if on site as we aim to respond immediately*). Alternatively, please complete the free identification form.

We will confirm if the suspect plant is JKW

*Normal office hours
Can I get a mortgage with Japanese Knotweed?

Discovering Japanese Knotweed on or around your property can be quite distressing. Knotweed Services UK understand that no one wants to be told their property is worth less because of an aggressive weed in their garden however Japanese Knotweed will inevitably devalue your property. Eradicating it yourself would be very difficult and would require lots of time researching the plant properly. It would also require you to purchase expensive equipment, that’s why we strongly suggest using a specialist contractor such as ourselves. We have the professional training and experience to effectively eradicate any Japanese Knotweed infestation.
Japanese Knotweed – can I get a mortgage?
Unfortunately Japanese Knotweed can affect your chances of getting a mortgage or even selling your house. This is how serious a problem Japanese Knotweed can serve up.Some lenders will refuse to give mortgages because of the destruction Japanese knotweed can wreak. The network of roots can penetrate the ground very deeply. In turn, house foundation, drainage systems and walls can be damaged.

Can Knotweed Services help me get a mortgage?
Don’t panic, the first thing you should do is take pictures and send us pictures using the form on this page. Our advice is free and you may be worrying for absolutely nothing at all. It should be noted that it is not illegal to grow Japanese Knotweed but it is imperative that you keep it under tight control and you absolutely must not let it spread into neighboring gardens – this could make you liable!

“If it’s judged to result in a ‘detrimental effect of a persistent or continuing nature on the quality of life of those in the locality’ then your authority can order you to spend thousands of pounds to dig it up and destroy it. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is also an offence to allow knotweed to grow in the wild.”
How can you help me get a mortgage?
If you employ Knotweed Services to professionally treat and remove your Japanese knotweed infestation we can help you get a mortgage or sell your property. When the treatment commences, we will issue you a GPI backed Japanese knotweed warranty for ten years. As a result this usually provides the mortgage lender the assurances and guarantees that they require to lend you money against the property.

Japanese knotweed continues to be featuring heavily in the news (radio, TV and news papers). The government has recently introduced laws and penalties for those that don’t manage their Japanese knotweed invasion. You can now be fined upto £2500 (£20,000 if you’re a company) and receieve an ASBO!!

Knotweed Services are delighted to announce that we are now working with 3 companies within the Fexco Property Services group.

Remus Management Ltd
Crabtree Property Management Limited
Ellis, Sloane & Co. Ltd
Fexco’s Property Services group manage over 50,000 properties across the UK.

They take the safety of their contractors very seriously and so Knotweed Services are proud we have demonstrated our commitment by successfully passing the Health and Safety vetting process.

We look forward to a long and successful working relationship with all at Fexco Property Services
Landmark Japanese Knotweed court case, against Network Rail, is successful!!!!


Today, a court of appeal has unanimously dismissed an appeal from Network Rail, resulting in compensation and diminution in value penalties being owed by Network Rail to 2 home owners, due to Japanese knotweed.

In a decision that could have more broad implications for landowners across England and Wales, 3 judges decided in support for two home owners whose properties had been impacted by Japanese Knotweed. (please see Knotweed Services story on the original ruling back in February 2017 )

Stephen Williams and Robin Waistell, who own two adjoining homes in Llwydarth Road, Maesteg, South Wales, made a claim against Network Rail, which owns the land promptly behind their properties.

Mr Waistell tried to sell his property in 2013 and was heard in court regarding the Knotweed attack in November 2016. The fruitful judgement didn’t happen until February 2017, however Network Rail appealed, and TODAY, on the 3rd of July 2018, 3 leading judges dismissed the appeal.

A lawyer at Charles Lyndon, Rodger Burnett, who has represented Mr Waistell since 2014, contended that Network Rail weren’t right in law. The interest was heard in the Court of Appeal toward the start of June 2018 and counsel for Mr Waistell, Mr Stephen Tromans QC, contended that the judge at first occurrence had taken excessively too narrow of a perspective of what constituted physical harm.

The Court of Appeal has decided that the mere presence of Knotweed in a bordering property isn’t in itself a noteworthy nuisance, except if it undermines to, encroach or has encroached already. When there is evidence that the Knotweed has encroached, this will straight away add up to physical damage and a noteworthy nuisance which implies a neighbouring property owner will be expected pay for the cost of treatment and the effect on the diminution of value of their property.

Rodger Burnett (Lawyer from Charles Lyndon) said that the decision has been an extraordinary outcome for Mr Waistell and all property holders around the nation.

‘For a really long-time landowners like Network Rail have paid inadequate respect to the effect that their inability to sufficiently treat Japanese knotweed has had on connecting properties’. He continued

‘associations like Network Rail will now consider their obligations important and expel the knotweed on their properties’.

So what does this mean for the general public???
As a homeowner/landowner you are legally responsible for Japanese Knotweed on your land; and as this case clearly demonstrates, you now have no option but to deal with the JKW infestation and ensure that a management plan is put in place by a PCA approved Japanese Knotweed Specialist.

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd are the UKs Japanese Knotweed Specialists- providing surveys, herbicide treatment plans/ excavation and removal packages.

If you are unsure you have JKW, please send us pictures and we can identify for free.

Please call 0121 720 0695 / 07961777164 or FREEPHONE 0800 689 4146

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