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Mr Mursel Mustafa
Unit 17 Stirling Industrial Centre
Stirling Way

About Woodcraft Flooring

Welcome to Woodcraft Flooring. Based in Hertfordshire, just north of London, we also cover Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Greater London.

Why Choose Woodcraft?
We’ve the expertise to help you decide on your perfect floor, a team of skilled tradesmen to customise and fit it to your exact requirements, and an after-sales service which includes free maintenance for three years.

Your Initial Options
We offer floors in five hardwood species, the base products for each one sourced from a single, carefully-vetted supplier. We recommend Oak, but you can also have Ash, Maple, Walnut or Wenge. When it comes to the type of floor, you can choose from engineered or solid planks, parquet blocks, or panels. We usually recommend an engineered floor.

A Truly Bespoke Service
We don’t keep stock. We’ll order what we need to make your floor, finish it by hand to your specifications, then fit it.

Our Approach
Modern technology has brought many advantages to the flooring industry, from improved glue formulas that create stronger plywood, to the machines and presses that quickly and efficiently cut wood and shape it into planks. Our European suppliers utilise cutting-edge techniques to bring us high quality timber planks, ready to be oiled and installed as a wooden floor. What sets us apart from our competitors is what we can do with that raw product.

Our Showroom
We are based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Why not arrange a visit? Our showroom has over one hundred wood samples on show to give you an idea of the texture and colour variation that can be achieved. This is not a high street location: you’ll be able to see the machinery and tools we use, and watch planks being treated, coloured, oiled and distressed – all by hand. Come and see the process each plank goes through before becoming part of a Woodcraft Floor, and you’ll begin to understand our reputation for uncompromising high standards.

Our Promise
All our wood comes from managed forests that are FSC certified (with the exception of Wenge). All planks are finished with environmentally friendly oils and lacquers.

We are proud to have supplied and fitted distinctive wood floors for clients across Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. So far we’ve visited Ascot, Barnet, Birmingham, Cambridge, Gerrards Cross, Henley on Thames, Kingston, Oxford, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth, St Albans, Potters Bar, Wimbledon, Woking – and even Nice in France. We will travel anywhere within the UK – and indeed Europe – to design and fit your perfect wood floor!

Our Floors
If you’re considering a wood floor for your home or business, then see how we help our clients make the right choice.

Our Wood Floors: Ordering, Installation and Maintenance
Wood flooring is available with almost endless combinations of texture or grade, grain, and colour finish. The sheer number of options on offer could mean that you find yourself struggling to make a decision on the perfect look for your home or business. We have built our business via personal recommendations. This is partly because we spare no effort to help you make the right choice, and to pick a floor that’s just right for you – one that you will be happy with for years after it’s been fitted.
  • Engineered Flooring
    Unlike solid flooring (where, as the name suggests, each plank is one piece of wood), an engineered floor board consists of a top layer of hardwood such as Oak, and a base layer of plywood (which itself consists of multiple layers).

  • Solid Wood Floors
    When we talk about a ‘solid’ wood floor, we mean one where each plank of wood has been milled (cut) from a piece of felled timber. Although it has been shaped, kiln-dried and sanded, each plank is basically wood in its ‘raw’ form. This is the traditional way to make floor boards, and still far more common globally than the newer ‘engineered’ planks.

  • DIY Aftercare
    When it comes to oiled floors, we use only oils which offer ultraviolet protection, so sunlight will not damage your custom finish or lighten your floor. However, regular cleaning and maintenance with the right products is essential to maintain your floor’s natural beauty and prolong its life. Plus, it’s vital to know what – and what not – to do to care for your floor properly.

  • Our Custom Finishes
    When we say that we offer ‘bespoke wood flooring’, we really do mean that it’s possible to have something unique for your home or business. Every floor we install is made to order. We do not have stock; our workshop is full of planks that are going through different stages of treatment to become a ‘one-off’ floor, finished the exact way the client wanted it. Here we outline the different ways in which the appearance of your floor can be tailored to your specific requirements.



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Herringbone Wood Flooring

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herringbone flooring Watford

Herringbone Flooring Watford

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Herringbone Flooring London

Herringbone Flooring London

Herringbone flooring London

Herringbone flooring Watford

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