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Onyx Security Ltd

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Mr Greg Cunnington
Onyx Security,Leigh House
Portland Road Rushden
NN10 0DJ
East Midlands

About Onyx Security Ltd

Onyx Security Ltd is a family run company and has over 19 years combined experience in the security industry, so you can be sure we have the knowledge and skills to carry out your specific requirements. Whether it be a commercial or domestic property we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

All our engineers are multi-skilled in all security sectors including telecommunications and IT. They are also CRB checked and regularly have their work inspected to make sure their workmanship is up to Onyx Security's high standards.

Onyx Security Ltd complies with the highest industry standards as shown by our SSAIB accreditation. Our SSAIB accreditation means we comply to all insurance providers and Police policy requirements. All our alarm and CCTV monitoring is handled by the UK's largest independent NSI Gold accredited alarm receiving centre.

Based in Rushden, Northamptonshire we operate within the UK and are dedicated to providing an excellent local customer service.

Intruder Alarms
A home alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent; 60% of burglars say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm. An intruder alarm is the first essential step to protecting your property.

The intruder alarms external siren is the first deterrent a would be burglar would see, this straight away reduces the risk of a break-in compared to a house with no outside siren. Burglars want an easy life, the quicker your alarm activates the quicker they will leave sometimes straight away once the sirens start.

Your intruder alarm can also call key-holders family/friends and the Police. This can help you be prepared for the worst but also a chance of catching them in the act. Whilst asleep you are at your most vulnerable and night time break-ins are the most traumatic. Your alarm system can protect you at night, and you can sleep sound knowing your family is protected.

CCTV Systems
It is crucial to take security seriously in this day and age. It is not just businesses and commercial properties that have a need for security, but our homes also. With crime and burglaries increasing it is important to consider your available security options.

CCTV is great tool for watching over your property and providing evidence for any criminal activities that may occur. When your alarm activates if it is monitored and informs you, you can then log in remotely on your mobile device and check your CCTV. This helps evaluate the risk and also whether you need to contact the Police or not.

Your CCTV evidence can be used to help convict criminals and answer many questions that you would not know without it e.g. entry routes/times/how many people etc.

Access Control Systems
Access control does exactly what it implies and does not give access to any unwanted individuals. These systems act as your personal bouncers. On open sites that allow public access e.g. schools, retail shops and commercial offices, it is important that that members of the public/criminals can not enter certain areas.

An access control system controls the access through a door/gate/barrier, normally by means of a pin code or proximity tag. Sometimes the access is granted remotely by a receptionist, member of staff or monitoring station. Intercoms can be used to talk to the owner of the property and tell them your business before they decide to let you in or not. These can also be integrated with CCTV so they can see who you are for security reasons.

Security Lighting
Don't be left in the dark when it comes to crimes committed against you. Illuminate would-be problems immediately and prevent any unwanted behavior on your property.

Burglars like an easy life, most importantly they don't want to be seen. Being flooded with 300watt+ of light as they enter the perimeter of your property will put them on edge and hopefully draw attention to them from yourselves or neighbours.

During the dark winter nights your security lights can also help you see at night when going into the garden or the car, this can help provide safety e.g. from slipping on ice. The security lights also work well with CCTV as the more light a camera has the better the quality of the image.

As with any electrical equipment, parts can break down and fail and it is a good idea to get them regularly tested/serviced. Your alarm system however is responsible for protecting your property and your family and so should be a much higher priority.


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