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(CAS) Contemporary Acoustic Solutions

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01952 581455
Matt Baker
Unit D Halesfield

About (CAS) Contemporary Acoustic Solutions

A specialist modern and progressive acoustic solutions company with traditional values and 35years of expertise in building acoustic solutions.

We have dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of the midlands and provide a friendly and professional service to the whole of the UK.

CAS design, manufacture and install architectural acoustic solutions. Our speciality is large format high-resolution custom printed Class A absorbers and 3d profiled melamine (Basotect) foam products. We provide a wide range of wall & ceiling absorbers, enclosures and acoustic screens. Utilising our state of the art facility, we have a unique ability to create custom built solutions for all your acoustic problems.

CAS offer a comprehensive and inclusive service including:

  • ACOUSTIC TESTING – Nationwide team of qualified acoustic engineers.
  • DESIGN – Full in-house design capability blending contemporary design with technical output.
  • MANUFACTURING – ISO 9001 accredited, state of the art manufacturing facility.
  • PRINTING – In house printing and design studio.
  • INSTALLATION – Dedicated installation team.
  • MAINTENANCE AND AFTER SALES TEAM - to ensure your product continues to deliver for years to come.

What We Do
We create and supply sound control products for all aspects of building acoustics. We manufacture a wide selection of acoustic products for reverberation control and noise containment.

Acoustic Bricks
An exciting selection of bricks that come in varying colours fabrics and 3 different thicknesses. 25mm 50mm and 75mm. We love the designs created by these bricks.

Acoustic Rafts
A flexible absorber that is mounted to parallel to the floor or ceiling. Available in all geometric shapes and disc form. Raft absorbers can be factory modified to accept recessed light fittings of all diameters. Raft absorbers are ideal to create localised absorption in larger areas such as open plan offices, libraries, reception areas and canteens.

Acoustic Doughnuts
The free hanging Acoustic Doughnuts and discs create attractive designs within commercial and educational premises. By being hung from the ceiling Acoustic Doughnuts offer twice as much absorption, as the rear of the absorber is exposed and able to absorb sound energy reflecting from the ceiling. Doughnuts can be hung at varying heights with excellent visual and acoustic effectiveness.

Ceiling Absorbers
Ceiling absorbers are typically used in areas with low ceiling heights, or above hanging services for more understated designs. Ceiling absorbers can accompany all other absorbers when designing a scheme, an easy way to add extra absorption absorption with minimal visual impact.

Cub3d is an acoustic cube that offers exceptional absorption particularly in the mid and lower frequencies, this is provided by the additional thickness of the diagonal cross section of a cube.

When used free standing or free hanging they offer increased absorption due to increase surface area and the ability to the absorb sound waves on 6 planes and axes.

Custom Printed Acoustic Absorbers
Custom printed fabric wrapped absorber used to reduce echo with rooms and buildings, the product comprises of a technical melamine open cell foam wrapped in acoustically transparent fabric with a twist!

The fabric that covers the face, edges and rear return of the panel is custom printed with any image, pattern or Pantone colour you wish.

Free Standing Absorbers
Free standing absorbers have been developed to compliment current design trends in commercial premises. Specially designed for large open areas and smaller areas where the main construction of the area is glass and metal.

Jiggasaurus Rex
A Jig Saw shaped acoustic absorber, available in standard and custom profiles, that tessellate in block colours or to produce a real Jig Saw image. Fabric faced panels with bare edges allow for perfect tessellation. The Jiggasaurus Rex can be easily installed using both semi-permanent removable and permanent self-adhesive options.

Melamine Foam Sheets
Open cell, melamine foam sheets are extremely lightweight, flexible, easy to handle acoustic foam sheets with the highest absorption coefficients and safest fire certification – BS476 Class 0.

Self Adhesive Wall Discs
A fabric wrapped melamine circle absorber with a self-adhesive fixing ideal for fixing to walls and ceilings.

Basotect Melamine Foam
Basotect melamine foam is the best acoustic foam for making acoustic absorbers. That is why is forms the core of our best acoustic absorbers. Basotect® is a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. Basotect®’s characteristic feature is its three-dimensional network structure consisting of slender and thus easily flexed filaments.


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Acoustic Doughnuts, Acoustic Bricks, Acoustic Rafts, Ceiling Absorbers, Custom Printed Acoustic Absorbers, Free Standing Absorbers, Melamine Foam Sheets, Self Adhesive Wall Discs, Classroom and School Acoustics, Office and Boardroom Acoustic Solutions,
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