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About Pop Up Power Supplies® Ltd

Pop Up Power Supplies® Ltd offer a range of outdoor Retractable Utility Points which supply electricity, water and data points to outdoor spaces, public places and urban landscapes.

The power units are available in the form of Pop Up Power Units, In-Ground or Flip Lid Units, and Power Bollards. These retractable telescopic feeder pillars are ideal for various outdoor spaces such as town centres, markets, heritage sites, festivals, universities, sports stadiums, urban areas, holiday park sites, and park areas.

Pop Up Power Supplies® work closely with architects, town planners, developers, specifiers, stadium designers, festival organisers, contractors and other industry professionals. We can provide technical data, product information, design ideas and more, and are able to advise on a suitable pop up power unit for your project.

Our range of pop up power sockets are preferred among architects, town centre planners, local councils and market organisers due to their retractable nature. When they are needed they are raised out of the ground and provide a safe, secure and reliable outdoor power source, and when they are not needed they are simply lowered back into the ground. The In-Ground / Flip Lid Units can even be operated with the lid locked down, making them a popular choice for town centre areas.

The lids for the pop up power units are also recessed meaning they can accommodate various infills and can match the surface finish to its environment. So when they are lowered into the ground you wouldn’t even notice they are there.

Pop Up Units
A versatile range of retractable service units to suit every location. We offer a wide range of Outdoor Pop up plug sockets to suit most venues, dependent on usage and type of supply. The POP UP units are manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 and have an epoxy-polyester powder finish. Tops are available in stainless steel or cast iron.

The adaptability of our Pop up power sockets makes them suitable for all outdoor environments. The “Pop Up” feature of the units improves the quality and safety of the surrounding area.

Our Pop Up Power Units provide an outdoor power supply to many projects throughout the UK, including Wembley Arena Square, Covent Garden, Edinburgh Castle, The University of Exeter and many more locations. The pop up electrical sockets provide safe, silent, secure power to outdoor places.

Power Bollards
Our bollards provide a reliable and efficient outdoor power supply, in bollard format. The stainless steel bollards are elegant in design for street furniture, and provide a power supply for outdoor events.

A stainless steel bollard can provide between 220 and 400 volts and 125A of power. They are available with standard configurations plus additional equipment is available.

Our power distribution units are located throughout the UK providing reliable and safe power to outdoor events.

In-Ground Units / Flip Lid Units
Flip-open units for continuous unattended use. The In Ground Units IGU provides round-the-clock power for days, weeks or even months on end. It minimises the potential for damage owing to vandalism and harsh weather because it operates unattended with the lid locked down, with only the power cable protruding.

In Ground Units can be used in smaller spaces to supply an outdoor power supplyand telephone connection. They have a double locking lid and can be operated with lid locked down. The lids are raised manually and are gas strut assisted.

Pop Up Power Supplies'® range of IGUs complement their retractable telescopic feeder pillars and steel bollards, to offer a large range of outdoor pop up sockets and become your one-stop-shop for all your outdoor power requirements.



Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a secure and sensitive outdoor power source to Grade 1 Listed Chiswick House

The Chiswick House and Gardens Trust required an outdoor power source for the gardens area within the Grade 1 Listed site. They needed an outdoor power supply for various events they held throughout the year for visitors, however they did not want permanent units impacting on the beautiful aesthetics of the protected site.

The Trust contacted Pop Up Power Supplies®, who recommended the PUPS01 pop up power unit. The beauty of these power units is their sheer simplicity – the units offer a secure, stable power source and can be raised when needed and lowered back into the ground when not needed.

George Parker, Director at Pop Up Power Supplies®, commented, “When Chiswick House and Gardens Trust contacted us requesting an outdoor power supply, I spoke to them about our range of pop up power units. These units
are simple to install and only require a small digger to create the opening in the ground. This was important to the Trust as it meant there was minimal disruption to the gardens.”

The retractable telescopic feeder pillars supply a safe and reliable power source to seasonal events at the Burlington Pavilion within the grounds at Chiswick House. The units provide either a 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase sockets, all with RCBO protection.
Council Planners opt for Flip Lid Power Units to power their market days in Stamford

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied their range of Flip Lid Power Units to the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, to provide a safe, secure and discreet outdoor power supply for market stalls.

An important consideration for Council Planners for Stamford was that they required a stable, effective power source for outdoor stalls on market days which then could be lowered back into the ground to preserve the beauty and integrity of the historic town.

Pop Up Power Supplies® were contacted, and recommended their range of In-Ground Power Units. Manufactured in high-grade mild steel, and hot dip galvanised to BS EN:ISO1461, these outdoor power units were perfect for the market days at Stamford. Prior to these units, outdoor stalls were embroiled in unsightly trailing cables that were a hazard to not just the workers but the general public as well, not to mention the risk of electrocution too. The new Flip Lid Units can power the outdoor stalls safely as the lids are closed and locked down, preventing any public access.

Another benefit of the Flip Lid Power Units provided by Pop Up Power Supplies® is the fact they have such a limited impact on the surroundings. The covers of the power units are recessed so they can accommodate various paving and other surface material infill. They are also tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings.

The Council Planners were pleased with the performance of the In-Ground Units, as not only did they benefit from a safe source of outdoor electricity for the local market stalls, but also there was minimal impact on the integrity and beauty of the local area.
Pop Up Power Supplies® top of the league at Chelsea Football Club

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied nine retractable service power units to Chelsea Football Club. Stadium designers worked with the owners to specify an outdoor power supply which could power the specialist UV lighting equipment to promote the condition of the pitch at Stamford Bridge.

They specified the retractable telescopic feeder pillars from Pop Up Power Supplies® within the stadium arena, which provided a secure, silent and efficient power supply for the UV lighting equipment.

Installed by Springfield Engineers over a six week time-frame, the Chelsea ground staff now have access to multiple 63A three-phase IP67 sockets, all with RCBO protection.

The beauty of the pop up power units are that when they are not in use they are simply lowered back into the ground, and a section of turf is laid over the lid to give a seamless appearance to the pitch area.
Pop Up Power Supplies® helps to provide a safe and efficient outdoor power supply to Aberdeen University

Pop Up Power Supplies® were approached by Aberdeen University when they required an outdoor power supply for lawn areas within the campus.

Part of the Old Aberdeen Campus, King’s College is considered the symbolic centre of the ever-expanding university. Pop Up Power Supplies® offered their range of electrical feeder pillars to provide an effective outdoor power supply, and were installed in the outside lawn areas by The Kings College Chapel and Elphinstone Hall. The units provide a safe and secure outdoor power supply to marquees used for weddings and corporate events.

George Parker, Director of Pop Up Power Supplies® commented, “Aberdeen University is famous for its beautiful architecture and because of this they didn’t want power units around the campus being a permanent feature. Our pop up units were recommended as they provide the necessary outdoor power supply for their sporting events, and when they aren’t in use they are simply retracted into the ground by turning a handle.”

The pop up electric sockets are constructed using stainless steel and concrete and have a total weight of 450kg each. The cover units are made of stainless steel AISI304 and offer substantial protection to the power units when they are fully retracted.
Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units providing a safe outdoor power supply for Rugby Town Centre Historic Open Market – for over a decade

Pop Up Power Supplies® specified a range of outdoor power supply units to developers for Rugby Town Centre to provide an efficient and flexible power source for their historic open market days.

The PUPS01 and PUPS05 models were installed with a range of 16A and 32A power sockets in single and three-phase, complete with RCBO protection.

The units were installed in 2005 and have been used on every market day since – three days a week. Twelve years later they are still in good working, and although show some wear, they are still providing an excellent outdoor power source for the market stalls.
Pop Up Power Supplies® pop up plug sockets installed at Cutty Sark Historic Monument

A popular UK tourist attraction, the Cutty Sark boasts a busy events calendar where stalls and various stands occupy the paving area next to the famous ship.

The owners of the Royal Museums Greenwich contacted Pop Up Power Supplies® and specified their PUPS04 Pop Up Power Units. The units provide a safe and secure outdoor power supply with 16A and 32A IP67 sockets, with RCBO protection.

Importantly, whenever the power units are not in use they are simply lowered back into the ground simply by turning the handle. This was a crucial consideration for the owners, as in between such events and stalls the area needed to be clear of obstruction for the high volumes of visitors to the ship.

The PUPS04 retractable services supply units comprise of a stainless steel and concrete structure, weighing approximately 125kg each.
Exeter University benefits from retractable service units installed outside their Forum building

Planners and Designers for Exeter University wanted to utilise the space outside the Forum building for various open days and events. Considered the heart of the Streatham Campus, the popular area would be filled with outdoor stalls which needed powering.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied their range of PUPS01 pop up electrical feeder pillars, which were ideal for the University’s requirements. The pop up electric sockets provided a secure, reliable outdoor power source and could be fully retracted when not in use, therefore increasing the safety for students, lecturers and visitors in the area.

The pop up power units provide a 125A power supply in both single and three-phase plug sockets, all with RCBO protection.
Gravesham Borough Council specify Pop Up Power Supplies® power bollards for area outside their civic centre

Pop Up Power Supplies® were approached by council planners at Gravesham Borough Council, as they required an outdoor power supply for an area outside the local civic centre. Popular for various festivals and other events, the urban area required a solution that provided a reliable power source but also looked good and enhanced the surroundings.

A popular choice of street furniture, Pop Up Power Supplies® range of power bollards were specified at Gravesham in a button top style with hatch closure. The slim, elegant bollards are all located around the perimeter area next to walls, and as a result have a limited impact on the outdoor area.

The power bollards are robust, hard-wearing and constructed using AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel. They are available in a mirrored finish, powder painted RAL colour or custom paint finishes.
Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre

Developers at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre in Beckton, East London, required an outdoor power supply in an open area of the commercial development, which was to be used for smaller market stalls and entertainment events on an occasional basis.

The PUPS3030 Floorbox was the power unit of choice and eight units were installed in the open area outside the main shopping building. The power floorbox from Pop Up Power Supplies® was ideal for the Developers’ requirements as it has a small visible profile due to their covers being filled with the same paving material as the surrounding area.

Not only do the PUPS3030 Floorboxes provide a safe and secure power source, but the models fitted next to a vertical garden wall also provided a water connection so that maintenance staff were able to connect hoses for the watering system.

The PUPS Floorbox is ideal for areas where space is a premium. It operates with the lid locked down and closed, and can be left unattended when in use so there is no danger of any interference or vandalism.
Pop Up Power Supplies® provides a safe, outdoor power supply to Covent Garden

Pop Up Power Supplies® recently supplied six retractable service power units for installation in the Piazza at Covent Garden. The 450kg units are buried out of site beneath the famous cobbled piazza and are raised out of the ground when required by a turning handle. When not in use the units do not impact on the historic appearance of the Piazza as they are barely noticeable.

Covent Garden Technical Services Team needed a power solution for temporary stalls and events that are put on throughout the year. The solution was Pop Up Power® retractable service units, providing pop up electric sockets, located near to the Transport Museum and next to the Portico of St Paul’s Church in the Piazza. The flip top power units provide a safe, efficient and stable outdoor power supply.

The Covent Garden Services team staff now has access to a combination of 16A and 32A sockets in both single and three phase all with RCBO protection.

Pop Up Power® also supply electricity through In-Ground Units with flip lids and Power Bollards in a variety of designs to suit the surroundings.

Pop Up Power Supplies® Ltd supply retractable services supply units that provide electricity, water and air supply to public spaces, ranging from historic sites and market places to town squares and parks. Our pop up power sockets also provide legacy for special-purpose stadiums.
Pop Up Power Supplies specified at Ebbsfleet Football Club

Pop Up Power Supplies recently provided Flip Top Lid In Ground Service Power Units to Ebbsfleet Football Club.

The club recently bought high powered LED lighting so that they can germinate the worn out grass around the goal areas all year around.

Instead of running power cables from the clubhouse across the pitch to the goals they are installing Pop Up Power In Ground Units with flip top lids behind them so that a power source is near by.

The flip lid units are hidden out of site beneath the ground when not in use and easily accessed by lifting the flip open lid and plugging in for power when needed.

The Ebbsfleet ground staff now have access to multiple 16A waterproof power feeds?

The power cables are being installed by contractor YESSS and are part of an extensive refurbishment programme at the football club.

Pop Up Power also supply electricity through Pop Up Power Units and Bollards in a variety of designs to suit the surroundings.

For more information please take a look at our website or call us directly on 0208 227 0208.

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retractable service units that provide electricity, water and air supply to public spaces
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