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Gary Beck
Appledrum, Jeremy Lane
RH17 5QE
England UK

About Future Design Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve your living space or to make an investment in your property, we cover all aspects of building work from design to construction through to any ancillary requirements and finishing work. We can design maximum potential use of your space to suit your budget.

Our customers testify that our hallmark is:
  • The substance and quality of our craftsmanship
  • Ingenious and stunning use of space
  • Eye catching bespoke features to compliment the space and satisfy client needs and taste
  • Our tidy, efficient and conscientious service

We are now accredited by Check-a-Trade. Attention to detail and commitment to good client communication means we work to programme and budget and we only work with a handpicked team and subcontractors whose standards compliment our own.

The team’s accreditation and experience mean we can offer you excellent construction and design advice and we are happy to assist you with planning and building regulation issues.

Our selection of materials is always based on long lasting quality and value. If desired, we can also offer our clients clear comparisons of the environmental impacts, longevity and costs of different materials and systems so they can consider sustainable options that fit their budget. Please see our sustainability and eco build sections for more details. If you would like a free initial consultation and quotation, please get in touch.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Kitchens and bathrooms are the main spaces to increase the value and saleability of your home. For minimum investment you will get maximum return. Whatever the style of kitchen or bathroom you want, we can create it for you in your own home.

Renovations, Constructions & Modernisations
We can design maximum potential use of your space to suit your budget. We use experienced and reliable architects and engineers.

We have an established team of tradesmen to ensure the quality and consistency of work undertaken with an emphasis on maintaining a safe and clean working environment.

Our team's accreditation and experience mean we can offer you excellent construction and design advice and we are happy to assist you with planning and building regulation issues.

Bespoke Features
Our bespoke features will add a wow factor to any space – custom made features have a style and quality of their own.

They are both pleasing to the eye and to the pocket if you come to sell your property. Inevitably they are of a quality rarely found in shop bought equivalents.

We have experience in a broad range of such features for example polished concrete worktops inset with fossils and reclaimed oak fitted shelves and cupboards. We can assist you with design ideas and options for interesting materials and clever details.

In an industry infamous for being wasteful and high impact we strive to provide a refreshing alternative with our conscientious approach; We deal with our waste responsibly, recycling where possible. We carefully calculate materials needed so as to avoid producing unnecessary waste. We avoid excessive transportation by supporting local suppliers when possible.

We like to use materials from well managed sources to help ensure that resources can be passed on for future generations to use. -We work according to our client’s budget and values but we will vouch for the attractiveness and value of using reclaimed materials – reclaimed concrete is of no lesser quality but means you’re reusing a waste product instead of supporting a high impact industry and reclaimed timber provides the most beautiful unique features. See our gallery for inspiration!

Eco Build
Building sustainably is not just about doing what’s best for the environment. Buildings that are built to a high standard of sustainability create a healthier environment for their inhabitants and with the new SIP coding system; sustainability is increasingly becoming a selling point.

Eco builds that incorporate design features such as high quality insulation, triple glazing and heat exchange technology where you ventilate, can end up with very nominal heating requirements.
In addition to this, there are very exciting technologies on the market for domestic renewable energy systems such as solar hot water, solar power and ground or air source heat pumps. These systems can eliminate running costs so once they have paid off the cost of the initial investment they make eco building a very attractive financial investment.

Although we could never vouch for any government initiative, there are currently government incentives for installing such technologies – see for more information.

We are proud to be able to offer assistance to clients that wish to explore eco build options that may be appropriate to their project and budget.


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