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Tom Hardy
37 Walker Mead
SG18 8GW

About UTD Ltd

U.T.D. Ltd was formed in July 2003 to invent, design, manufacture and supply to the market place a plastic injection moulded trestle or work platform to stand proudly alongside existing products within the access equipment range, such as the metal trestles or bandstands as more widely known in the building trade.

The invention was successful and immediately a patent was sorted and granted.

The UTD TRESTLE then underwent a full testing programme to achieve BSI standard approval, which again was granted and now conforms to BS. 2037:1994 Class 1 Industrial and BS.EN. 1004-2004, European Standard.

Have produced a revolutionary new product the UNIVERSAL TWIN DECK (UTD).

Offering it to the TRADE and DIY market as the complete answer to low level elevation work being lightweight and easy to maneuver.

If you are looking for a: Hop up, Bandstand, Odd job, Access platform, Podium steps or Trestle, then look no further, it is here and we call it: The UTD WORK PLATFORM.

A must for every TRADE and DIY enthusiast whether you are an: Electrician, Builder, Plasterer, Painter & Decorator, Bricklayer, Plumber, Double Glazier, Landscape Gardener, or a Jack of all Trades, Master of None, just trimming your privet hedge, the UTD Work Platform is the most versatile companion you will ever need!

The unit all slots together with no fixings, screws, or straps and can be assembled, height adjusted and dismantled with ease in seconds,concluding in a flat pack item for easy handling, portability, and storage.

Lightweight and ideal for running upstairs and assembling in the room, dismantling and flatpacking in the corner whilst working on the lower half of the room.

Easily transported it can fit in the boot of a car, lay on the back seat, or slide down the side of a van taking up very little space at all.

Once you have used this unique all purpose portable product you will find it hard to imagine how you ever did without it.

The unit consists of seven pieces:
  • Four Legs,
  • Two Crosspieces,
  • One Platform,
  • Which offers TWO individual height settings :-
  • Lowest = 350 mm
  • Highest = 500 mm
  • Length = 1000 mm (extendable).
  • Width = 450 mm

The 1000 mm length is extendable by fully interlocking the four hooks at one end of another platform, into the four gaps in between the four hooks of the original platform. Then fully interlocking the four hooks at the other end of that platform onto the top bar of another crosspiece already coupled with two legs in situ as to continue the platform along parallel in height with the original platform.

This can be repeated as many times as you require its length to become.

The Two Legs, One Crosspiece, and One Platform.
Will be available and can be purchased as an extension accessory kit.

The UTD WORK PLATFORM is manufactured in a glass filled reinforced nylon resulting in an extremely lightweight, rigid and robust product weighing a mere 9 kilos, utilizing its unique design which fully conforms to BS. 2037:1994 Class 1. industrial. and BS. EN. 1004 - 2004. European Standard.

Armed with this BSI approval and the BLUE LABEL,
The UTD WORK PLATFORM cannot be removed from its workplace by health & safety and fully justifies its importance on any worksite.



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