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Environmental Noise Monitors
Cirrus Environmental specialises in the supply and installation of portable noise monitors, permanent and semi-permanent outdoor noise monitoring equipment for environmental noise monitoring and measurement applications.

Invictus Noise Monitoring Systems
The Invictus is our most advanced noise monitoring system. This latest generation of environmental noise monitors was purpose-designed for Acoustic Consultants and Environmental Health Officers to make environmental noise monitoring more efficient.

The Invictus also integrates seamlessly with our NoiseHub2 Software so you can manage your monitors from anywhere with different devices using the web based noise monitoring interface.

The Invictus Portable Noise Monitor
The Invictus is a purpose designed environmental noise measurement instrument designed for use in a wide range of applications from short term noise measurements to long term noise monitoring projects.

An Invictus can be used on its own as a portable environmental noise monitor or can be combined with other instruments and sensors to form part of a larger, more comprehensive noise measurement and management system. For medium and long term noise monitoring applications, the Invictus can be combined with a secure enclosure for wall or mast mounting.

The Invictus Semi-Permanent Noise Monitor
The semi-permanent Invictus installation is a purpose designed environmental noise monitoring instrument designed for use in a wide range of short, medium and long term noise monitoring applications. There are many applications where a permanently installed noise monitor is not suitable but where a portable instrument may be subject to damage or vandalism.

By using an Invictus noise monitor to make the measurements and adding additional security and power, we can build an instrument that is ideal for use over a few months or years, but which can be quickly and easily moved to a new location.

The Invictus Permanent Noise Monitor
The permanent Invictus installation is a purpose designed environmental noise monitoring instrument designed for use in a wide range of long term noise monitoring applications.

The noise monitor is housed in an standard street lighting pole, this makes the instrument ideal for sensitive areas where a standard Noise Monitor would be obtrusive, and minimises the risk of damage or vandalism. The Monitor is fully weather protected and the enclosure is sealed to IP65 standards. All connections to the unit are made by sealed, armoured conduit to prevent damage or water ingress.

CR:465 Galactus Noise Monitors
The ideal acoustic interface for airport & environmental noise monitoring systems. The CR:465 Galactus noise monitors are a range of high performance noise measurement units that have been designed for integration with external data loggers and environmental noise monitoring systems.

MK:427 Noise Sensor Outdoor Microphone
Integrated noise measurement outdoor noise microphone with a 4-20mA current loop. Unlike a conventional Sound Level Meter, the Noise Sensor simply converts the noise level in decibels into an industry standard 4-20mA output.

ZE:908 Preamplifier Power Supply
The ZE:908 is a small and lightweight power supply and acoustic conditioning unit for microphone preamplifiers with 4-20mA, AC & DC outputs. It is ideal for use as a front-end for data logging and analysis systems where a simple and accurate acoustic input is required.

Cirrus Environmental Service, Support and Calibration
A full range of support options for your cirrus noise monitoring system. At Cirrus Environmental we take great pride in our high standards of Service, Support & Calibration. Our in-depth knowledge of the Cirrus Noise Monitoring instruments, software and systems enables us to guide users through the operation of the equipment and rapidly solve any technical problems as well as allowing us to offer a wide range of Support.

NoiseHub2 Noise Management Software
NoiseHub2 Noise Monitoring Software provides you with a simple, sophisticated and feature-packed platform for communicating to, and managing data from, single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.

The NoiseHub2 Noise Monitoring System is the most advanced generation of environmental noise monitoring software.It was built using our 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of noise measurement instrumentation with the latest technology.


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