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SC Eco Container Conversions Ltd

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88 Acton Road
BT63 6LF

About SC Eco Container Conversions Ltd

Based in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, SC Eco Container Conversation Ltd, is owned by well-known National Hunt Jockey Steven Clements. The aim of the company is to bring value to the society by recycling redundant containers and converting them into affordable homes for various purposes.

The goal is to build accommodation that is affordable, sustainable and at the same time energy efficient. We care about environment as much as we care about our customers. That is why the company provides eco-friendly solutions, such as sustainable insulation and an ability to customize the container home according to the owner’s budget.

Our services:
  • Planning, designing and engineering
  • Complete project management
  • Supervision of the conversion process and finishing steps
  • Delivery of a finished building

Sustainable Container Homes

  • Affordable - Container Homes are inexpensive to purchase and cheap to run due to compact size and well fitted insulation.

  • Flexible - Container homes come with next generation sustainable insulation as standard making them a cosy place to live in all weather conditions and parts of the world. These homes can be adjusted to customer’s taste and various features can be added based on customer’s wants and needs.

  • Eco-friendly - We can offer to power the off-grid container homes using solar panel to charge batteries. To make sure that these container homes could be used everywhere, we also offer a small backup generator for countries where sun is not sufficient enough to power the solar panels.

  • Mobile - Container homes can be quickly relocated when the owner decides to move.

Container Homes can be customized depending on customer’s taste and location. The interior is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and cozy environment for people to live and work in. Though many additional features can be added during the process of arranging the container, the following features and appliances come as standard:
  • Toilets (both chemical and main sewage options)
  • Standard power sockets
  • LED lights
  • Standard 3 ft wardrobe
  • Kitchen consisting of floor units and wall units (cooker, fridge and extraction fans included)
  • Lounge area with corner settee
  • Shower (extraction fans included)
  • Gas cooker with oven
  • Bedrooms with a single bed in each room (with storage space under the beds)

Container Homes are spacious and have room for all the essentials. Two bedrooms with single beds fitted in both ends of the container. In the center there is a spacious lounge and kitchen area with a corner sofa as standard. The bathroom is separated and can be entered from the kitchen/lounge area.

Conversion Process

1. Floors
In the beginning of conversion process Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation is installed on floor of the shipping container. 9mm OSB is laid over the Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation. Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation is added because it keeps the floor warm and reduces the noise.

2. Walls
Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation is attached to the back of timber frame, there are two 25mm airspaces between container wall and each side of Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation. This is designed to keep radiant heat inside the container. 12.5mm Plasterboard is installed onto the timber stud with 35mm lowE airgap between Plasterboard and Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation. 140mm Home Iso is installed between the stud walls in each bedroom for insulation and noise reduction.

3. Ceilings & Roof
All ceilings have timber cornice for security and cosmetic appearance. Home Iso is installed on the ceiling joists before the ceiling section is fixed into position. PVC ceiling boards are fitted under the ceiling joists with 35mm lowE airgap. The 140mm Home Iso insulation is installed which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Below the Home Iso is Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation to create Air-Green Hybride insulation system, approved by LABC. Air-Reflect® Reflective Insulation has Class 0 fire rating.

4. Windows, Door and Decoration
Door and Window areas are cut-out. Lining paper is added on the walls and is ready for decorative wallpaper to be applied. Double glazed windows and doors are fitted as standard. LED Lighting is fitted as standard.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom
Kitchen is fitted and securely fixed to 12.5mm plywood. Vanity unit and wall unit are also installed. Kitchen and bathroom walls are lined with 18mm OSB boards for strength and secure fixing of units.

6. Delivery
Container homes are very easy to move and can be delivered by lorry to any part of the world. They can be easily relocated depending on the project. Since they are so mobile, the owner can travel with his/hers home.


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