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About Falconbridge Site Security Ltd

The company was formed by Alan Falconbridge, a highly experienced former senior installation engineer. Alan worked for a highly reputable and successful London based security company for several years, installing scaffold alarms and site security systems all over the UK. Although Falconbridge Site Security Ltd is a fairly new company supplying security services to the construction industry, the experience and installation techniques of our engineers comes from being in the trade for many years. Not only as senior engineers but also training many of the engineers in this field, currently working for other reputable companies in the UK.

We believe the use of reliable innovative technology, using the latest tools and tech, is a important component of any reputable company. We want to place your company first by only using the highest quality components and state of the art technology on all your projects including scaffolding, demolition, construction, ground works, heavy plant and buildings.

Here at Falconbridge Site Security Ltd, we have it all to fit your security requirements:
  • Wired mains powered building site & scaffolding alarms
  • Wireless, battery powered building site & scaffolding alarms
  • Wireless, battery powered CCTV with cloud and smart phone interaction
  • Construction site CCTV and intigrated alarm systems, with PA announcement
  • Home installations of high tech alarms and CCTV
  • Out of hours monitoring by a leading alarm receiving centre with full reporting

​Falconbridge Site Security Ltd, specialist installers of monitored scaffolding alarms, construction site security & CCTV. We have one of the best installation and secure platforms on the market. Securing scaffolding, building sites, demolition and heavy plant all over the UK.

Scaffolding Alarms

Wired Scaffold Alarm Alarm
Scaffolding alarms are becoming more in demand these days, insurance companies and clients are beginning to recognise that securing the scaffolding is a priority in today's society. Not only to protect the building from theft of expensive materials, for example lead and unwanted intrusion at points of the building that previously where not available, but also for health and safety.

Technology in the devices we use in our wired scaffolding alarms is of the highest quality and has not really changed much over the years, using quad beam, dual beam and dual lense PIR's. Due to the way these detectors work, false alarms are rare if they are installed and configured correctly. This is where experience and a thorough understanding of the equipment being installed is required.

Wireless Battery Scaffold Alarm Alarm
This type of system is ideal for installation on a site that has no power, like remote locations or blocks of flats. Fully intigrated GSM for monitoring via call or SMS. The control panel, GSM Dialler, keypad, siren and motion detectors are robust and tolerant to the British weather. Battery life can be up to a few years dependent on differ variables.

Quick to install once configured and can be relocated by the site contractors with a little guidance from us, without the need for engineer attendance. Lowering costs for phase move projects.

Site Security CCTV

Wired CCTV
Falconbridge Site Security Ltd are providers of construction & demolition site CCTV security systems, providing 24hrs a day high quality video recording and out of hours monitoring by a leading remote monitoring station. This is a low cost and more effective alternative to manned guards, not only providing video evidence of the event but the system cannot be open to corruption and fraud.

CCTV and Site Security services from Falconbridge are one of the best in the field, not only do we offer high end equipment and installation from our specialist CSCS qualified engineers but also one of the best providers of customer service and reporting to back it up!

Wireless CCTV
With the advancement in technology both in micro electronics and lithium batteries, wireless battery powered CCTV gives the opportunity to not only detect the intrusion but also the provision of confirmation and video evidence.

Again battery power can last for quite some time, approximately 2-3 years. The system has built in GSM which allows the connection to a cloud based server for video transmission. This video is then sent to various compatible devices and platforms, for multi user video verification and event handling.


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