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Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts

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Mark Gamble
4 Rupert Law Close
LE12 8PE

About Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts

Here at Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts we are specialists in the construction, maintenance and refurbishment of tennis courts and sports surfaces.

We provide tennis court construction for a range of clients including schools, local authorities and tennis clubs affiliated to the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association), and we can even provide design and installation services.

With a site visit, we can establish your requirements and build a plan to suit your space and budget. Using detailed plans and maps, you will be able to see how your new court will take shape.

Why choose us:
  • Constructing quality sports
  • Surfaces since 1982
  • SAPCA-approved contractors
  • Free quotations and site visits
  • We do all the work, so no outside contractors
  • All work fully guaranteed

Sports surfaces
When you need expert sport surface construction, then look no further than Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts. Our dedicated team have years of experience in providing sports surface installation for a variety of clients, all finished to the highest standards, with the greatest of care taken to meet your detailed requirements.

  • Tennis Courts
    We provide tennis courts for schools as well as Lawn Tennis Association clubs.

  • Netball Courts - Maximise the potential of your space with a multi-purpose surface.

  • MUGAS - Our courts are high quality, giving you a safe but fast-paced surface to compete on.

  • School track & field arenas - With a variety of surfaces available for track and field events, we’re second to none for athletic and event areas.

During our site survey we can establish your dimensions and provide a quotation. We even provide plans and maps for submission with your planning application, removing the hassle from the process.

Sports Surface & Court Maintenance
Whether you have an indoor or outdoor court, tennis-court maintenance is imperative to keep your surface in top condition. Here at Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts we provide sport surface maintenance to keep up optimal playing conditions.

We can clean and maintain a variety of surfaces including artificial grass carpet courts as well as macadam and sand carpet surfaces. For artificial grass and clay surfaces, we provide regular brushing and silica infill as well as power grooming and contra brushing.

Court Design Service
To get premier quality surfaces, you need premier court designers, and here at Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive tennis court design services. We ensure all your requirements are met – both budgetary and performance wise – when you choose us as your preferred contractors.

Our court design service is second to none, covering MUGA design, netball court design and tennis-court design. As part of the service, you will receive detailed visualisations and floodlighting Isolux Maps, where necessary. Our professional design services are free of charge and include plans as well as maps for planning permission.

To increase the amount of playing time you get on your tennis courts throughout the year, floodlighting is essential. Whether you need court floodlights to allow play to go on into the evening or to battle the short daylight hours in winter, here at Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts we can provide the latest technology when it comes to tennis court floodlighting.

Designed and customised to meet the regulations of individual sports, our teams create floodlights to meet your specific financial and performance requirements. We can produce detailed plans and Isolux Maps to indicate the illumination levels your court will receive, regardless of whether it’s for a new court or the refurbishment of your existing facilities.

Commercial Fencing
We are specialists in not only the construction, but also the maintenance and refurbishment of tennis courts and sports surfaces, including their fencing.

As part of our fully comprehensive service, we offer site visits in which we assess your project's area, establish your individual requirements and create a plan to suit your space and budget. We even provide you with the detailed plans so that you are able to visualise how the project will take shape.

Artificial Turf
For any sports surface requiring artificial turf, we have the knowledge, expertise and high-quality equipment to lay artificial turf in an efficient yet thorough manner, and at a competitive price. We work at a number of different properties, including schools, local authorities and tennis clubs affiliated to the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association).


Why Netball Court Resurfacing Matters

Over time, all sports surfaces become damaged or worn with frequent use, and while a used surface may be suitable to play on for a while, there will come a day when you will need to take steps to have your surface fixed. Netball courts are no exception, and netball court maintenance is very important to ensure a good, level playing field and a safe environment for the game. Netball court resurfacing matters, which is why Charles Lawrence have put together this rundown of the process and its benefits.
What is involved in resurfacing a netball court?
There is more involved in resurfacing a netball court than simply applying a fresh layer over a worn surface. Advances in the industry have resulted in many more developed materials being produced that are hugely beneficial for sports surfaces. You have the option to choose more porous materials such as polymeric rubber or macadam surfaces, and for a more functional space the surface can be further improved with non-slip coatings. Fresh paint work will also be beneficial as more pronounced court lines make for a more attractive and functional court. The quality difference between an old court and a resurfaced one is vast, especially if your court is older than ten years old and therefore not built using the advanced materials that we now have available.
Benefits of resurfacing
More appealing aesthetic
Less cracks and dents that can cause injuries and accidents, so creates a safer environment for players
Improved game of play - no more stumbling over potholes or the ball bouncing off at an odd angle after hitting a crack!
Improved drainage
More professional environment will attract new users
More hygienic as moss and algae growth will be removed.
Importance of maintaining the surface
Once you’ve had your tennis court resurfaced, it is important to take the right steps in maintaining it. Keeping on top of the general maintenance of your court will not only keep it looking good, it will extend the lifespan of the surface. You can do your part by picking up any rubbish or foliage that accumulates on the surface and using a hard bristled sweeping brush to remove any dirt and natural matter, but you should also hire a professional service to perform more advanced maintenance tasks and check on the overall condition of the court. A professional is much more likely to notice developing faults than you are, and the earlier they are spotted, the easier and cheaper they are to remedy.
Charles Lawrence have been providing professional sports court surface maintenance for 34 years, helping to keep tennis courts across the UK in the best possible playing condition. With our SAPCA approved contractors, free quotations and site visits and fully guaranteed work, you can rely on Charles Lawrence for an outstanding service. For more information on our sports surface maintenance, or to discuss constructing your own netball court, get in contact today - we’ll be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts General Description

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