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John Prydderch
6 Silkwood Business Park
Fryers Way
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About Stroma Tech

Stroma Tech is a leading provider of accredited testing, assessment and consultancy services to facilitate the development, refurbishment or management of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

Operating throughout the UK and Ireland, Stroma adopts a co-ordinated approach to building sustainability and compliance, identifying and implementing the optimal planned or remedial measures for meeting energy performance targets and compliance requirements.

The Stroma Group is a well-established organisation with a strong reputation in the building, energy efficiency, and compliance sectors. The Group unites a diverse, multi-skilled staff to deliver flexible solutions across the built environment and energy sectors.

Our Services Include:
  • Air Tightness Testing & Consultancy
  • Acoustic Testing & Consultancy
  • BREEAM Assessments
  • SAP Calculations & SBEM Calculations
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Reduction Consultancy
  • Contaminated Land Investigations

Pre-Construction Services
Reducing costs, minimising risk and keeping to tight timescales is essential for new construction projects. Multi-discipline Stroma Tech can provide a range of pre-construction services to meet planning application requirements and reduce construction risk. Early investment in these services is opportune to design risk out of construction projects and reduce the need for costly remedial measures to be undertaken at a later stage.

Building Performance Testing
It is often necessary to assess a building’s as-built performance, whether in response to legal requirements, e.g. the Building Regulations Part L & E, or simply to assess the efficiency of building improvements, such as fabric enhancements or retrofitted renewable technologies.

Stroma Tech delivers testing and monitoring services to assess the real-life air-tightness, acoustic or energy performance of a wide range of structures. Our experienced air tightness engineers and acousticians can also deliver consultancy services, or carry out remedial measures to ensure compliance.

New Build Compliance Assessments
New building developments are required to demonstrate compliance with a range of environmental standards, whether to meet legal obligations, planning policy or funding requirements.

Stroma Tech provides a range of sustainability assessment and consultancy services including BREEAM, CSH, SAP and SBEM calculations, Thermal Bridge Calculations and Part L 2013 compliance advice.

Existing Build Compliance Assessments
Property, facility and estates managers are facing increasing responsibility for complying with energy and sustainability legislation. Stroma Tech can provide a range of testing and compliance services to ensure that existing building estates fulfil these legal obligations. Whether private or public sector, single or multiple buildings, Stroma Tech can support organisations in achieving legislative compliance, cost-effectively.

Energy Management & Carbon Consultancy
Our expert energy consultancy team is dedicated to identifying opportunities to make real energy efficiency savings – whether for a large mixed used property portfolio or a single office building. Through an evaluation of your existing building stock, we can develop an integrated building energy management strategy considering: renewable energy feasibility, energy metering and monitoring systems, low and zero carbon technologies and energy brokering as applicable.

Our purpose is to assist businesses to comply with onerous environmental legislation, identify proactive measures to reduce carbon consumption, improve energy efficiency and importantly – deliver cost savings.

Health & Safety
Stroma Tech provides a range of Health and Safety services to help business and building owners and managers manage your health and safety responsibilities effectively. Our accredited consultants provide an objective review of your requirements to ensure you comply with health and safety regulations and to promote a positive health and safety culture.

Our team is also qualified to deliver a range of construction related health and safety services in compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015.

Contact our Building Compliance Assessment specialists
Get in touch with Stroma Tech and our dedicated team of building compliance assessment specialists.



Seminar: London Plan Zero Carbon standard

Stroma Tech is offering a free seminar on the London Plan's Zero Carbon standard.

On 1 October 2016, a new Zero Carbon standard came into effect for all new major residential developments in London, including carbon offset payments to achieve Zero Carbon Homes.

Our seminar covers the key implications of the London Plan's Zero Carbon standard, including the consideration of offset payments to bridge the gap between the 35% carbon emission reduction target and 100%.

Our consultants will be on-hand to offer advice on your Energy Statement strategy for the implementation of Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies and how to minimise your carbon offset payments and meet the 'Lean, Clean, Green' energy hierarchy.

Visit for more information and to book your place.
Stroma Tech celebrates the winners of the BREEAM Awards 2016

The winners of the BREEAM Awards 2016 were announced recently at the annual ceremony which took place on Tuesday 8th March at the London Marriott, Grosvenor Square. Stroma Tech attended as the Lead Sponsor to celebrate the finest examples of BREEAM projects and to promote the importance of BREEAM in the construction industry.

Following its inception 25 years ago, BREEAM has provided designers, developers and investors with a sustainable approach to improve the environmental, social and economic impacts of their building projects. Testing, assessment and consultancy bodies, such as Stroma Tech, provide BREEAM Assessments, and a number of complementary services, to guide development teams throughout their entire project to help them achieve the highest BREEAM rating possible. With BREEAM certified buildings now existing in over 70 countries, this leading, environmental assessment method has shaped our current environment to create sustainably conscious buildings and communities by reducing operating costs, improving returns on investments and producing more comfortable developments for occupants.

The BREEAM Awards have grown in scale to celebrate all BREEAM certified projects from across the world. The 2016 ceremony awarded a number of international projects, across all categories of BREEAM, for demonstrating the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions throughout their BREEAM Assessments. These award-worthy projects set the threshold for future developments to replicate their commitment to achieve the optimum levels of sustainability and efficiency throughout the construction and operation of their building.

Attending as the Lead Sponsor for this year’s ceremony, Stroma Tech welcomed guests to the event with an opening speech from Managing Director, Rob Coxon, who discussed the importance of BREEAM for the construction industry. Under the hosting of broadcaster, John Sergeant, Stroma Tech presented the winners of their sponsored categories - the Mixed Use Award and the highly coveted Your BREEAM of the Year Award which received over 6,000 votes from the public.

The awards are a great opportunity for like-minded companies and industry professionals to come together to commend BREEAM’s achievements and to discuss the future of the built environment. Guests were able to experience leading examples of sustainability and network with pioneering, international BREEAM projects, from countries including Sweden, Turkey and France. Their success demonstrates the construction industry’s tenacity and commitment to global sustainability goals. Despite the UK government’s changes to policies such as Zero Carbon Homes and the Feed-In-Tariff, BREEAM has proved that environmental targets can still be achieved through innovative design and construction practices.

Rob Coxon, said, ‘We were very happy with our involvement as the main sponsor of the BREEAM Awards 2016, not least because it hopefully elevated our standing in the BREEAM worl
Stroma Tech proudly sponsors BREEAM Awards 2016

With the BREEAM Awards 2016 approaching, Stroma Tech is proud to be attending the event as the Lead Sponsor.

As a market-leader for providing accredited testing, assessment and consultancy services for the Built Environment sector, the BREEAM Awards are a significant event in Stroma Tech’s calendar. Stroma Tech is the BREEAM Awards’ Lead Sponsor, and will be attending the event to discuss BREEAM as well as presenting the opening speech and sponsoring award categories.

The BREEAM Awards recognise the efficiency and sustainability efforts of all BREEAM certified assessments. Every completed BREEAM assessment is considered for the awards for demonstrating a commitment to completing new-build and refurbishment projects to a highly efficient and sustainable standard. The top 5 ranking projects in each category of BREEAM will be shortlisted for the awards and the leading examples, who demonstrate a holistic approach to the sustainability and efficiency of their design and construction, will be selected as the winners.

With industry experts from all areas of BREEAM and the Built Environment sector in attendance, the event will be a great opportunity to learn valuable information on the importance of BREEAM and guidance on the building development industry. Stroma Tech will be contributing an opening speech and sponsoring the Mixed Use Award and the Your BREEAM of the Year Award. Industry experts from Stroma Tech will be in attendance to discuss BREEAM and the BREEAM Assessment services they offer.

Stroma Tech conduct BREEAM assessments for all building categories; Education and Higher Education, Offices, Industrial, Multi-Residential, Healthcare, Retail, Domestic Refurbishment and Other Bespoke Buildings such as Courts and Prisons. They have a wealth of experience in carrying out BREEAM assessments on ‘Excellent’ and ‘Outstanding’ rated buildings. In addition to BREEAM assessments, Stroma Tech provide a number of complementary BREEAM services, including Acoustic and Air Tightness Testing Consultancy, to help buildings achieve a higher standard of efficiency, sustainability and BREEAM certification.

The BREEAM Awards commence on the evening of the first day of Ecobuild 2016, Tuesday 8th March at the Grosvenor Square London Marriott, providing a great networking opportunity. Attendees can meet influential leaders of the sustainable building industry, including assessors, developers, contractors and architects. The ceremony will see the continuation of BREEAM’s recent 25th anniversary celebrations, with acknowledgement to the efficiency services that BREEAM and BREEAM providers, such as Stroma Tech, have contributed to the industry.

For further information on the BREEAM Awards, or any of Stroma Tech’s BREEAM services please visit or call 0845 621 22 22.
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