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Materials and Engineering Research Institute

Materials and Engineering Research Institute Contact Details

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0114 225 3501
City Campus
Howard Street
S1 1WB
Opening Hours
09:00 am-05:00 pm
09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm

09:00 am-05:00 pm



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About Materials and Engineering Research Institute

Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI)
MERI is a dynamic interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to addressing industrial problems through the application of fundamental science and engineering.

Our experienced team has a highly successful track record applying cutting edge research to find innovative solutions to industry problems.

Contact MERI for any materials analysis or testing need. Our experts can advise on issues relating to design, failure, corrosion, mechanical strength and coatings.

Consultancy projects can be as short and simple or in-depth as you like.

Our consultancy team has an excellent track record of working with industry to find solutions in a short deadline and to a high standard.

Infrastructure management
The Centre for Infrastructure Management (CIM, 0114 225 3500,, is based within the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) at Sheffield Hallam University. We offer consultancy and testing in the following areas:

Structural Testing
  • Large Universal Test Frame (300kN) with test bed 3.5m x 1m (static/dynamic)
  • ESH Tension & Compression Test Frame (600kN)
  • Avery Denison 300kN compression test for cubes, cylinders and prisms

Infrastructure Management
  • repair technology, rehabilitation and maintenance of built infrastructure
  • strengthening and corrosion protection for concrete structures
  • assessment of buildings for energy conservation
  • evaluation of renewable energy technologies in buildings
  • evaluation of novel insulation materials for energy conservation
  • Whole house (co-heating) testing
  • In-situ U-value measurements
  • Thermal Imaging for heat loss
  • Thermal conductivity of components

Concrete Manufacture/Testing
  • 1.5m x 0.75m vibrating table
  • Vibrating poker
  • Steel moulds - range of sizes
  • Concrete core drilling
  • High alumina core capping equipment
  • Diamond blade concrete saw
  • Microwave curing of concrete
  • pore fluid extraction for chloride analysis
  • Bond/pull-off testing

    Aggregate Testing Services
    • Speedy moisture test
    • Sieve shakers
    • Sieves
    • Riffle Boxes

    Fresh Concrete Workability Testing
    • Slump test
    • Flow table
    • Compacting factor
    • Vee-Bee Consistometer
    • Air Entrainment Meter

    Non-Destructive (NDT)
    • PUNDIT - pulse velocity measurement
    • Schmidt hammer test (Digital & Manual)
    • Protovale Covermeters CM5 and CM9
    • Demec strain gauges - full range of digital and analogue
    • Vibrating wire strain gauges
    • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDT)
    • Temperature/humidity probes
    • Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP)
    • Particle Size Analyser
    • Eltek Squirrel 1000 series - ideal for temperature/humidity measurement
    • Datataker Geologger DT615 - universal loggers
    • Drilling Resistance Measurement (Masonry)
    • Environmental chamber (small/large)
    • Salt spray chamber
    • Accelerated weathering station e.g. ultra violet radiation
      For further information, please get in touch (0114 225 3500, or visit

      Ceramics and glass
      Our ceramics experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and access to cutting edge spectroscopic and analytical techniques. This lends itself to the investigation and development of these fascinating and vitally important materials.

      Corrosion and structural integrity
      We offer expert corrosion analysis and testing services of all types of corrosion problems. Our experienced team of corrosion experts are at hand to analyse any degree of corrosion problem and with the help of our advanced corrosion testing facilities we can identify your problem and formulate a solution.

      Our areas of expertise include:
      • fatigue and fracture of materials
      • corrosion fatigue
      • multi-axial fatigue
      • fretting Fatigue
      • crack growth and monitoring

      Polymers and Nanocomposites
      We strive to develop materials that offer:
      • improved barrier, physical and mechanical properties
      • improved heat, corrosion and solvent resistance
      • weight reduction
      • enhanced recyclability
      • increased quality products with reduced production costs

      We specialise in:
      • materials modelling
      • polymers and nanocomposites
      • oilfield chemistry and cements
      • pharmaceuticals
      • packaging
      • paints and coatings
      • minerals and fillers



Products & Services

Structural Testing

Aggregate Testing Services

Infrastructure Management

Fresh Concrete Workability Testing

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