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Richard Andrews
27a High Street
SO43 7BE
England UK

About Andrews Design Construction

All Your Needs And Requirements In One Place
ANDREWS DESIGN Construction offers a wide range of architectural and construction services. With 39 years experience working on a range of projects within the European market, our services are oriented to meet our customers most demanding requirements. We can carry out every project from beginning till end with the use of traditional and modern technologies.

In addition to the larger construction projects we can also take care of your interior design needs, equipping rooms with all furnishings and devices down to the smallest details including placing knick-knacks on shelves. Our care and attention to detail ensure our customers experience full satisfaction throughout the years. To come by the final effect of our works we offer a long term warranty of 7 years.

ArtPierre Studio
Our Studio's main activities are: art design, stucco, fresco, gilding, art painting, run-in-situ plastering and non casual decorative assignments. We work with the use of all materials, both traditional and modern. We always take extreme care with the complex artistic realisation and renovation of historic buildings. We work on the basis of our own and long experience.

Bathrooms & Kitchens
We are bathrooms and kitchens specialists. We cooperate with appliance suppliers around the country and continent. To fulfil our customers expectations, we offer a wide range of services, which are competitive on the market, are all-round and exhaustive of all technological and regulatory requirements with an outstanding quality. We start with the design and arrangement, throughout construction process, plumbing and electrics installations, insulation, assembly of equipment and furniture, fitting tiles and assembly of ventilation and lighting, windows and doors installation as well.

Boat repairs
We have been repairing boats on the south coast since 2006. We have experience of both, large and small scale projects, having conducted work on newly built boats including Sunseeker, repairing mid-size boats (Sealine) and small boats including Chaparral, Manta and Atomix.

Windows, Doors And Conservatories
Building or renovating your home? We offer installation of the highest quality windows and doors on the market. Every installation can be carried out without drilling holes in the frame with the use of specially designed brackets and the use of expanding foam around a window or door frame. The offer is intended only for customers who use our construction services. It is determined by the whole quality process, from the design, through manufacturing to the installation. Surveys, free estimates, bespoke options, high quality performance and fitting.
  • German technology
  • Tilt & Turn opening option
  • Stronger uPVC profiles
  • Internal steel reinforcement in a frame and wing
  • Anti-burglary security around a frame
  • Microventilation
  • Double glazing k<1.0
  • Triple glazing k<0.7
  • Wide range of colours
Steel Constructions
Execution and delivery of structural steel elements directly to the construction site, according to the specification provided or measurements carried by us. Welded or bolted, protected against a rust with a high quality performance and detail. Most of sizes and shapes. All the services will be provided promptly. For typical works including steel channels or beams, we can prepare them within 3-4 working days with the delivery to your construction site.


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