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Adam Clements
AcryliCon House The Knowledge Centre
Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road
MK44 3BY
England UK

About AcryliCon UK Distribution Ltd

Industrial Resin Floors

Reduce business downtime, overheads and maintenance with a long-lasting industrial resin floor from Acrylicon in the colour of your choice. Unlike many other solutions on the market, your daily trade will experience minimum disruption, as a floor from Acrylicon takes just 2 hours to cure – meaning that you can return to work almost immediately after installation. As well as being fully compliant with HSE guidelines, Acrylicon is guaranteed never to delaminate due to the unique chemical bond formula.

With a life-expectancy longer than any other industrial resin flooring on the market, the likelihood that your Acrylicon floor will need maintenance work is very small. We pride ourselves on providing a product of exceptionally high quality and minimising ongoing repair costs for our customers. By investing in commercial resin flooring from Acrylicon, you’ll be equipping your business with a floor of outstanding durability.

AcryliCon have been at the forefront of specialist flooring solution to the Aviation and Aerospace industry for over three decades. High strength, longevity and chemical resistance are just a few of the benefits that make our systems so desirable for these sectors.

Kitchen & Food Service
With a multitude of decorative finishes available, Acrylicon offers durable, reliable kitchen and food service resin flooring equipped with hygiene and safety properties.

Food & Beverage Factories
Acrylicon recognises that any renovation work can have an impact on daily operations. With this in mind, we have designed a 1-2 hour cure time which means that installation and downtime are kept at a minimum for all food and beverage resin flooring.

Resin Flooring For Retail
In a retail environment, your resin floor has to work hard. In fact, it is possibly one of the most demanding environments there is. For that reason, you need a resin system that can cater for a wide variety of demands, including:
  • Heavy footfall
  • The need to provide a clean, hygienic area
  • Slip Resistant properties
  • Abrasion, chemical and damage resistance
  • The requirement for it to look aesthetically pleasing

Engineering & Electronics
Acrylicon guarantees rapid installation and minimal downtime for all resin flooring installations in the engineering and electronics industry. With exceptional strength and durability, our resin flooring systems are faultlessly wear-resistant.

In any form of medical institution, cleanliness and hygiene are key to guarantee the health of patients. Our variety of hospital resin flooring systems are capable of not only dramatically reducing bacteria growth but will also prove durable in years to come.

For working environments based in the pharmaceutical industry such as laboratories and medicinal businesses, the need for easy to clean and hygienic surfaces is vital. With Acrylicon flooring, you can be sure of both as well as a multitude of further benefits.

Public Spaces
With an array of different public space resin flooring systems available, Acrylicon is able to create a bespoke installation plan to meet the requirements of each in-house public facility; all of which are manufactured to correspond with all HSE guidelines.

No longer are supermarkets simply a shop floor with aisles, there are now a number of different components such as delis and bakeries; all of which require a different form of flooring. Acrylicon specialises in supermarket resin flooring individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements.

Car Parks
It is imperative to opt for car park resin flooring that that is capable of withstanding a constant flow of heavy traffic. Acrylicon specialises in providing global clients with durable resin flooring solutions designed with slip-resistant properties to guarantee the safety of users.



AcryliCon UK Distribution Ltd General Description

AcryliCon UK Distribution Ltd specialise in installing and repairing floors in commercial kitchens, food production companies, retail, public spaces, automotive and engineering companies, laboratories, breweries and many more.
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